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Saturday, August 11, 2012


“Then the Lord my God will come, and all his saints with him.” Zechariah 14:6

Ahmadinejad publicly announced today (August 17) that Iran will "cleanse the Middle East of the cancerous tumor of Israel".

"Israel's existence is an insult to all humanity!"
Only a nut-case could make a public statement like this.

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Russia, Iran, Syria . . . and CHINA are practicing the largest military war games that have ever been conducted in the history of the Middle East - - - 90,000 troops!  Yes . . . these exercises are taking place right now as you read this letter!

Of course, as usual, our press has remained virtually silent about it, which is almost impossible to believe.  How can the “news media” ignore such huge military maneuvers?

God says that that the nations of the world will send their armies to besiege Jerusalem.  And he says that he will gather all the nations to fight against his people.  But Jerusalem will be an immovable rock and those who attempt to destroy it will only hurt themselves.  The nations of  the world will be so engaged with the idea of Jerusalem that it will be to them like an intoxicating drink.

Israeli officials have asked President Obama to Israel discuss the seriousness of Iran's threats and getting "the bomb".

So . . . the big question:  Is this it?  Will these nations make war with Israel in the next few months?  Personally, I believe that this is merely the precursor to the final event.  In other words, what is taking place just off the coast of Tartus, Syria in the Mediterranean Sea is like a foreshadowing of the main incident.  The fact that Egypt allowed two of China’s huge battle ships to pass through the Suez Canal (which connects the Red Sea with the Mediterranean) so they can join the other three nations is startling, to say the least.

Russian Nuclear Attack Submarine - - - NOT off the coast of Syria - - -
but in the Gulf of Mexico!    An Akula vessel loaded with cruise missiles is one of the quietest in the Russian fleet.  It cruised the Gulf waters for more than a month before it was detected.

Israel must strike Iran soon before the Iranians have nuclear capabilities!   Mahmoud Ahmadinejad  has publicly stated that once he gets “the bomb” he will destroy Israel.  Behind these military maneuvers, Russia, Iran, Syria, and China are sending a very strong message to Israel.  Here is the message: “We are united against you, Israel.  If you attack Iran, we will attack and destroy you.”

Benjamin Netanyahu, Israel’s Prime Minister, and author of the must-read book, A Place Among The Nations, is conducting weekly Bible studies in his home with some of the most brilliant Jewish men in the nation.  Pray with us that God will give this group revelation wisdom during this crucial hour in world history and end-time events.  Also, ask God that he will pour out a Sprit of grace and prayer on the Jewish people (Zech. 12:10).  The Bible makes it very clear that “all Israel will be saved” (Romans 11:26).  Could these Bible studies in Netanyahu’s home be the seeds that will produce the conversion of the Jewish nation?  We know that God’s Word is very, very powerful and it is well-able to bring about amazing results.

Keep your eye on Turkey.  There are some Bible scholars who believe that Abdullal Gul Erdogan will eventually become the Anti-Christ.  At this point in time, who knows?  Our job is to “watch and pray”, as Jesus repeatedly told us to do.  From my observation, there are not many churches praying these days.  There are a lot of busy activities among God’s people in America, but very little prayer.  And some places where I speak the Christians are not even watching.  I’m amazed at how little information church people know about the world events that pertain to Bible prophecy.  Of course, it is not totally their fault.  The teaching they are receiving is shallow and almost meaningless in light of the staggering events that are taking place right before our eyes.  However, it is our personal responsibility to study the Bible for ourselves.

  Erdogan, Turkey's 25th Prime Minister

If the Muslims are not killing us, then they are murdering and butchering each other.  Syria and Egypt  are prime examples.  Bashar al-Assad of Syria has slaughtered 20,000 of his own people in his attempt to remain in power.  And one million Syrians have been displaced!  The frightening thing about this is that if he is willing to indiscriminately kill innocent civilians along with the rebels, what will his wrath be like when he joins forces with Russia, Iran, and China against tiny Israel?

So these are challenging days!

Another Scripture that supports the verse at the beginning of this letter is Revelation 17:14, “The Lamb will defeat them, because he is Lord of all lords and King of all kings.  AND HIS CALLED AND CHOSEN AND FAITHFUL ONES WILL BE WITH HIM!

Sitting in our safe Sunday School classes and church pews we don’t like to think about war.  But even more . . . we can scarcely imagine being a part of such a massive combat.  However, the Bible makes it very clear that we will have new bodies just like the Lord Jesus Christ and we will be involved.  The Lamb will defeat them because we will be helping him!

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In His Service,                                                        

Wesley Smith

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