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Tuesday, April 30, 2013



                 16,000 "abortions"!


                   GUILTY!  GUILTY!  GUILTY!


According to prosecutors, Gosnell routinely cut live babies in the back of the neck to sever their spines because he did not know how to do a proper abortion in utero.

On trial: Kermit Gosnell, pictured, is accused of killing seven babies at the Philadelphia Women¿s Medical Society clinic and a woman who was administered too much anesthesia



But at $3,000.00 a pop . . . who cares about guilt!

"They shed innocent blood, the blood of their sons and daughters. By sacrificing them to the idols of Canaan, they polluted the land with murder" (Psalm 106:38).
 ". . . you are guilty because of the blood you have shed. You are defiled because of the idols you have made. Your day of destruction has come! You have reached the end of your years. I will make you an object of mockery throughout the world" (Ez. 22:4).


Wow!  If they can kill a baby every fifteen minutes, that is $12,000.00 an hour.  So in an eight hour day they can make almost $100,000.00.

Currently there are 682 abortion clinics in the U.S.  If they each make $100,000.00 per day, this is a whopping sixty-eight million dollars a day.

And a lot of this money is paid by our tax dollars!

How does that make you feel every April 15 to be forced to pay for slaughtering babies?
We need more than a revolution in this country.  We need an entire house cleaning of the political hypocrites in Washington, D.C.

When the Bible says that the love of money is the root of all evil, it is right-on!

No wonder the abortion business is "protected" by the government.  No wonder they get so mad when they are exposed.  No wonder people who speak out get killed!







But because he is a black abortionist, this horrible tragedy is barely mentioned in the news.

















Everyone knows the name "Roe" in the Roe vs. Wade decision.
But hardly anyone knows Roe's real name: Norma McCorvey.

And hardly anyone knows Norma Mc Corvey's story.  The liberal press has made sure that we are kept in the dark about the fact that she gave her life to Christ and became a pro-life advocate.

Here are the facts in case you are interested:

Dr. Kermit Gosnell, 72, performed thousands of abortions over a 30-year career. He maintains that he helped desperate women and teens who had no other access to medical care.

According to prosecutors, Gosnell routinely cut live babies in the back of the neck to sever their spines because he did not know how to do a proper abortion in utero.

Gosnell is also charged in the 2009 death of a woman patient who was given anesthesia and monitored by two troubled medical assistants and a teenager. By that point, state officials had not inspected Gosnell's clinic since the early 1990s, prosecutors said.

"When people (who are) supposed to regulate these folks don't do it right, that's what happens," Assistant District Attorney Ed Cameron told jurors in closing arguments Monday. "Back alley abortions. Coat hanger abortions. That's what happens."

The jury is to begin considering the charges against Gosnell on Tuesday.

Gosnell's clinic has been shuttered, and two top state health department officials fired, since the FBI raided the clinic one night in 2010 looking for prescription drug abuses. Instead, they found Gosnell's nocturnal clinic in full swing.

Defense lawyer Jack McMahon argued that prosecutors who blasted the clinic as a filthy, flea-infested "house of horrors" in a 2011 grand jury report sensationalized the case to make headlines.

"This isn't a perfect place by any stretch of the imagination - but it isn't what they say it is," McMahon argued.

Eight former workers have pleaded guilty to murder or other charges and have testified to seeing babies move, breathe or whine.

Yet some said they did not consider the babies fully alive until they were charged after a 2011 grand jury investigation. McMahon has seized on that point and argued again Monday that the occasional spasms the workers saw were not the wriggling movements of a newborn baby. He acknowledged that jurors have seen graphic, even grisly, photographs of aborted babies and bloody medical equipment.

Jury still out after five days!  Here's why:


Monday, April 22, 2013






"Their minds are shut and they cannot think"
(Isaiah 44:18)!







LOGIC . . .












Hey . . . all you terrorists out there:
Move to the United States and become citizens.
Then blow up a bunch of people . . . you know, just for fun . . . even an eight-year-old little boy,
and then you "can't" be tried in a military court . . . because you are "an American citizen".

Folks . . . our political leaders need to step up to the plate and close all loopholes so these killers don't make us look like a bunch of dupes . . . and continue killing our people.

Is this too difficult to understand?  If our leaders are this stupid, then we need to get them out of Washington, D.C.

And . . . of course, the Muslims and bleeding-heart liberals, continue pounding the drum loudly that "Islam is a peaceful religion".

Oh, boy, just look at the facts.  What one group is responsible for blowing people to bits all over the world?  Is it the Jews?  No!  Is it the Christians?  No!  It is almost always the Muslims.

This Muslim lawyer just wrote an article.  Here is a quote from what he wrote: "“We strive every day to be positive, useful and energetic contributors to our society, but all it takes is the acts of  a couple of deranged murderers to ruin the reputation of 7 million people,” says Asad Ba-Yunus, a lawyer in Peekskill, N. Y.,  and a community activist.

"A couple of deranged murderers", Mr. Asad Ba-Yunnus? Since you are a lawyer, we know that you must be very intelligent.  A couple of deranged murderers did not do all the damaged listed in my other blog entry entitled "Fantastic News".  Muslims are responsible for hundreds of hideous acts like the Boston bombing.  Get a clue!

Me:  I've been abroad about 150 times during my lifetime.
I ALWAYS stand in line and wait at customs to come back to my own country.

Them:  They run right across our border with their burked women trailing behind.  I'm surprised that the border guards don't allow them to bring their camels with them.

Ann Coulter:

Read The Wall Street Journal article:

"Make No Mistake, It Was Jihad" by Michael B. Makasey

Read Mr. Asad Ba-Yunnus' full article:

A Quote from Don Boys:
“We Americans want to live in peace; however, there are some religious fanatics who teach that they must some day rule the world whether through personal conversion or political control. We will not permit that to occur. We are rather satisfied with our nation as it is. Therefore, from this date, supported by my Joint Chiefs of Staff and the U.S. Congress, the U.S. has made the following decision that is not dependent upon the approval of any other nation or entity.

“If and when any Muslim nation or Muslim group attacks the U.S. (excepting obvious small, independent, maverick attacks), U.S. bombers will immediately fly, at my command, to Saudi Arabia and bomb the two holy cities of Mecca and Medina. However, their payload will be pig’s entrails, discarded and spoiled hog meat, and tons of pig dung (provided enthusiastically by pig farmers in Iowa) that will saturate both cities from city limit to city limit. The land, buildings, and any people there will be totally contaminated.

“Muslims will not permit any non-Muslim to enter Mecca or Medina; however, after an attack upon America, Porky Pig, Miss Piggy, and their friends are coming to town. You can count on it. That is one promise I promise to keep.

“After thoroughly bombing both cities, one of our planes with a piggybacked block-buster bomb will put it down on top of the holy Ka’ba leaving, if I may quote Jesus Christ, not one stone left standing upon another. This is not desirable but it is better than bombing the two cities back to the Stone Age.

“We have no desire to kill or injure any person or drop bacon grease on anyone’s head, however, this is a commitment the American people have made through their representatives and we will not back off. There will be no further delay, discussion, or debate. After an attack upon us (and we confirm that the perpetrators were Muslims), the pig poop and bacon drippings will fall. Not pennies from Heaven but pork from Heaven!

“In kindness, we have made this decision hoping that no Muslim leader would want to stand before Allah and be held accountable for the total destruction of the Ka’ba and the contamination of the two holy cities of Islam.

“Our desire is to provide some assurance of a peaceful existence of American citizens-- Muslims and non-Muslims. We expect all Muslim leaders to announce this promise to every Muslim on earth.

Friday, April 19, 2013


Just "a normal American kid".

Are you kidding me?

A "normal American kid" does not set a bomb next to an eight-year-old boy and then blow him to smithereens!


This is called "jihad".  And it is a basic belief of Islam.

These bombers were not "radicalized", either.  They were merely practicing their beliefs as Muslims.

"They will have no mercy on helpless babies, and will show no compassion for children" (Isaiah 13:18).

Wake up, folks!  The media is blind, but you don't have to be.

There are tens of thousands of these trained terrorists (sleeper cells) waiting in our midst to do the "deed" when called upon to do so.

"Radicalized Muslim" is the new catch-word the media wants us to fall for. This time we are not "falling". "Jihad" is the real name and it is the basic tenant of Islam.
No Muslim has to be "radicalized" to set a bomb at the feet of an eight-year-old boy and blow him to smithereens. All he has to do is believe the Koran.

Hello, MEDIA!  We may be dumb Americans . . . but we are not this dumb.

The F.B.I. is now attempting to find all the members of these cells.

This is exactly what the Boston police told the residents!

Don't ever try to tell me that the Bible is not precisely accurate!

Oh . . . by the way . . . both terrorists were "peaceful" muslims.

"No more hurting people."

Talk about heartbreaking: This eight-year-old boy, Martin Richard, made the poster just a few days ago.
He was killed by the bomb at the Boston Marathon!

Here I am again . . . yelling into the wind!

The main difference between "Allah" and the real God:

"The thief's purpose is to steal, kill, and destroy.  My purpose is to give you a rich and satisfying life."--JESUS (Jn. 10:10)

These muslim boys were generously welcomed to the United States.  Our tax dollars gave them friendship, food, housing, and schooling.

People like them are ingrates!

Their "thank-you" was to kill a precious innocent eight-year-old boy, several other people, and maim and wound many others.


Our government needs to change its entire policy.  We must PROFILE.  We must not overlook the fact that many, many muslims hate us.  We must recognize that many of them have come to our country for the express purpose of destroying us.

More attacks like this will happen until we come to our senses, use common sense, and aggressively investigate MUSLIMS who show the slightest sign of hating us.

"If you  do not like the United States and its people, then we will make sure you go back to where you came from.  You are not wanted here!"

Being "politically correct" is literally killing us.

But there are left-wing-loonies who would rather be politically correct than keep Americans safe.

“When a man’s ways please the Lord, he makes even his enemies to be at peace with him” (Proverbs 16:7).
The "ways" of the United States of America no longer "please" the Lord.
We have murdered more than 50 million innocent children.
We have exported pornography to the nations of the world.
On May 15 of last year our President, Barack Hussein Obama, publicly condoned sodomy. And now our Supreme Court is trying to decide whether or not to make it a law of the land for two men to marry.
And these are just the top three!
“You have made a hedge about him, and about his house . . .” (Job 1:10).
For most of the years that the United States has existed, we have received protection from God. That "hedge" has now been lifted because of our national sins.
The solution is not tighter security.
The solution is for our nation . . . starting with the professed Christians . . to turn back to God.
And this is the only solution.

We can write letters to our congressmen and senators, attend rallies, listen to great speeches, sit in committee meetings, and become involved in all kinds of “busy-work”. But none of these things will accomplish a hill of beans unless the church people repent first, and then our nation follows.

No matter how busy we get . . . it will all be in vain"

Katherine Russell, raised a Christian, began shrouding herself in Muslim garb in 2010.  She is the widow of one of the bombers.




“I will tell you what I will do to my vineyard: I will take away the hedge thereof, and it shall be eaten up; and break down the wall thereof, and it shall be trodden down: (Is. 5:5).

“I also will do this unto you; I will even appoint over you terror, (Lev. 26:16).

“The sword without, and terror within, shall destroy both the young man and the virgin, the suckling also with the man of gray hairs” (Dt. 32:25).

“. . . your terror is fallen upon us, and that all the inhabitants of the land faint because of you” (Joshua 2:9).

“A dreadful sound is in his ears: in prosperity the destroyer shall come upon him” (Job 15:21).
Several people will never hear again because the bomb blast blew out their ear drums.

“Terrors take hold on him as waters, a tempest steals him away in the night” (Job 27:20).

“There were they in great fear, where no fear was: for God hath scattered the bones of him that encampeth against thee: thou hast put them to shame, because God hath despised them” (Psalm 53:5).

“How are they brought into desolation, as in a moment! they are utterly consumed with terrors” (Psalm 73:19).

“Thou shalt not be afraid for the terror by night; nor for the arrow that flieth by day;” (Psalm 91:5).

“And they shall go into the holes of the rocks, and into the caves of the earth, for fear of the Lord, and for the glory of his majesty, when he arises to shake terribly the earth” (Is. 2:19).

" . . . and be not afraid of their terror, neither be troubled . . ."
(1 Peter 3:14).
Be sure to read Michael Mukasey's article:

Thursday, April 18, 2013


2.7 million
2.15 million
Median Income
% African-American
% Hispanic
% Asian
% Non-Hispanic White
Concealed Carry gun law
# of Gun Stores
84 - Dedicated gun stores plus 1500 - legal places to buy guns- Walmart, K-mart, sporting goods, etc.
Homicides, 2012
Homicides per 100K
Avg. January high temperature (F)

Conclusion: Cold weather causes murder

Tuesday, April 9, 2013





















Mungu Akumbariki (God Bless You)

This is why we do not release the name of the city relating to this story.
These Christians were all burned alive by Muslims.

Some religious church people don't like the truth and continue telling me that Islam is a "peaceful religion".  Read through this list and tell me how a person can possibly think Muslims are peaceful people.
Islamic Terror Attacks on Christians(Since 9/11)
This is a list of targeted acts of terrorism on Christian civilians and church workers by religious Muslims since September 11th, 2001. These attacks have nothing to do with war, combat or insurgency. The victims are innocent Christians who were specifically targeted and abused solely on account of their faith by those who claim their own religion as a motive.
There may be a few anomalies on the list, as it is compiled by keyword search from our main database. Neither is this a complete account of Islamic terror attacks on Christians since much of the violence goes unreported.
(Last updated on Monday, April 08, 2013)

Date Country City/State Killed Injured Description
4/7/2013 Egypt Cairo 1 29 Muslim radicals attack a group of mourners leaving a church, killing at least one.
4/6/2013 Egypt Khusus 7 17 Angry Muslims torch a church and kill seven Christians over alleged desecration.
4/3/2013 Pakistan Gujranwala 0 18 Eighteen Christians are injured by a Muslim mob whipped into a frenzy by a cleric.
3/31/2013 Nigeria Ataka 19 12 Muslim 'nomads' attack a Christian village, butchering nineteen people, including women and children.
3/28/2013 Nigeria Barkin Ladi 9 3 Nine Christians are machine-gunned during a Muslim raid on their village.
3/26/2013 Nigeria Riyom 36 12 Fulani 'militia' attack two Christian villages, hacking and shooting three dozen to death.
3/23/2013 Egypt Cairo 0 1 Muslim Brotherhood cadres abduct a Christian and take him to a mosque for a brutal round of torture.
3/18/2013 Nigeria Kano 41 44 Over 40 Christians are blown to bits by Shahid suicide car bombers in a brutal attack.
3/18/2013 Pakistan Kalaswala 0 1 A Christian missionary is severely beaten by Muslim extremists.
3/17/2013 Nigeria Torok 2 3 A Muslim fires on a Christian family, killing a baby and a 5-year-old and injuring three women.
3/14/2013 USA Vancouver, WA 0 2 Two people suffer knife injuries when a Muslim convert attemts to murder a non-Muslim to death over religious views outside a coffee shop.
3/10/2013 Nigeria Jama'are 7 0 Ansaru Islamists summarily execute seven 'Christian' hostages.
3/10/2013 Nigeria Dakata 5 3 Five Christians are shot to death by Islamic extremists while returning home from church.
3/10/2013 Libya Benghazi 1 0 A Christian arrested by Islamists for 'proselytizing' dies from 'natural causes' while being tortured.
3/9/2013 Pakistan Lahore 0 35 A Muslim mob rampages through a Christian neighborhood, burning more than 100 homes and injuring three dozen.
3/2/2013 Tanzania Dar Es Salaam 0 1 An Islamist attempt to hack a church bishop to death is thwarted by a guard who suffers horrific injuries.
3/2/2013 Egypt Cairo 3 0 Three Christian brothers are machine-gunned in their home by Islamists angered over a church-building rumor.
3/1/2013 Egypt Kom Ombo 0 23 Muslims firebomb a church on a false rumor of a conversion.
2/24/2013 Nigeria Fika 5 3 Islamists rampage through a Christian village, killing five people in attacks that included a church.
2/23/2013 Nigeria Aduwan 5 11 A baby and a 13-year-old are among five innocents slain when Muslim extremists rake churches with machine-gun fire.
2/23/2013 Nigeria Abuja 17 1 Fundamentalists storm a factory, separate Christian from Muslim workers and then murder seventeen of the former in cold blood.
2/23/2013 Egypt Alexandria 5 0 Islamists murder four Christians and a guard outside a church.
2/22/2013 Nigeria Kogom 10 2 Fulani Muslims hack ten Christian family members to death including five small children.
2/18/2013 Somalia Alanley 1 0 A 42-year-old Christian teacher and father of four is brutally executed by al-Shabaab outside his home.
2/17/2013 Tanzania Zanzibar 1 0 A priest is murdered by Muslim extremists on his way to church.
2/16/2013 Pakistan Lahore 1 0 A 45-year-old Christian is murdered in cold blood by a Muslim arguing religion.
2/11/2013 Tanzania Buseresere 1 0 A pastor is beheaded by a group of Muslim youth.
2/8/2013 Pakistan Pattoki 0 3 Three Christian women are beaten and tortured by a Muslim mob in their own home.
2/7/2013 Kenya Garissa 1 1 Islamists shoot two Christian pastors, killing one.
2/7/2013 USA Buena Vista, NJ 2 0 A Muslim targets and beheads two Christian Coptic immigrants.
2/4/2013 Pakistan Chaman 1 0 A Christian dies after being shot five times by Muslims angry that he would not embrace Islam.
2/1/2013 Egypt Alexandria 0 1 A Christian woman is stabbed on the street by Muslim hardliners.
2/1/2013 Nigeria Samunaka 15 1 Islamists attack and burn three churches, killing at least fifteen innocents, including two children.
1/28/2013 Turkey Istanbul 1 0 An 85-year-old Christian woman is stabbed to death by an attacker who then carves a cross on her body.
1/16/2013 Nigeria Jos 4 2 Four Christians are the victims of a Muslim drive-by.
1/16/2013 Algeria Tigantourine 2 6 Armed Islamists attack an oil field, killing two people they identified as Christians and kidnapping over a hundred workers.
1/15/2013 Norway Haugesund 0 2 A Muslim stabs two Christians who converted from Islam.
1/9/2013 Pakistan Bahawalpur 1 0 Muslim stab a 19-year-old Christian to death for seeing a Muslim girl.
1/8/2013 Iraq Mosul 1 12 A car bomb at a supermarket in a Christian area kills a medical student.
1/7/2013 Iraq Mosul 1 0 A female Christian teacher's throat is cut by dedicated Muslims.
12/31/2012 Syria Ras al-Ayn 1 0 A pregnant Christian woman is left widowed after her husband is beheaded by Islamic radicals and fed to dogs.
12/30/2012 Nigeria Kyachi 15 0 Islamists invade a church service on Sunday morning, tie up fifteen worshippers and execute them. (Follows similar attack elsewhere two days earlier).
12/30/2012 Libya Misrata 2 2 Islamists toss a hand grenade at worshippers leaving a Coptic church, killing two.
12/30/2012 Pakistan Ittehad Chowk 1 1 Gunmen fire at two Christian brothers in a targeted attack. One later dies of injuries.
12/28/2012 Nigeria Musari 15 0 Islamists tie up fifteen women and children inside a church, then slit their throats while shouting praises to Allah.
12/28/2012 Turkey Samatya 1 0 An 84-year-old Christian woman is stabbed to death by a Muslim in what is called a 'racist' attack.
12/27/2012 Pakistan Quetta 1 0 A Christian girl is shot execution style through the head.
12/26/2012 Sudan Buram 4 0 A 70-year-old woman and two children are among four Christians killed in an Islamic bomb attack.
12/26/2012 Nigeria Bachit 5 0 Suspected Fulani murder three villagers, including a married couple, in attacks on two Christian homes.
12/25/2012 Pakistan Iqbal 0 12 At least a dozen Christian men, women and children s are set on with guns and iron rods by a Muslim mob outside their church.
12/25/2012 Tanzania Zanzibar City 0 1 A Catholic priest is shot in the chest by Muslim gunmen.
12/25/2012 Nigeria Peri 6 4 A pastor and five worshippers are slaughtered in a Religion of Peace attack on a Christmas morning church service.
12/25/2012 Nigeria Rim 1 0 A Christian is killed in his home by Fulani gunmen in front of his family.
12/24/2012 Nigeria Maiduguri 6 0 Six people are killed in a Christmas Eve church attack by Religion of Peace gunmen.
12/18/2012 Sudan Eire 5 1 Two 4-year-olds and a baby are among a Christian family of five killed in an Islamic bombing.
12/8/2012 Somalia Beledweyne 1 0 Religion of Peace activists shoot 55-year-old Christian to death for leaving Islam.
12/6/2012 Nigeria Yankaba 2 0 Two Christian teenagers are executed by gunmen on a motorcycle yelling, 'Allah akbar'.
12/3/2012 Pakistan Lahore 1 0 A 72-year-old female Christian charity worker is shot in the neck by suspected Islamists.
12/2/2012 Nigeria Chibok 10 0 Religion of Peace proponents invade a Christian village in the middle of the night and massacre ten residents.
12/1/2012 Nigeria Gamboru Ngala 2 0 Two guards die when Muslims shouting 'Allah Akbar' burn churches.
11/25/2012 Nigeria Jaji 15 30 Two suicide bombers massacre fifteen worshippers at a Protestant church.
11/22/2012 Nigeria Bichi 4 2 Angry Muslims riot, burn churches and kills four Christians over a rumor of blasphemy concerning a t-shirt.
11/18/2012 Nigeria Maiduguri 1 0 An 70-year-old retired Protestant pastor is executed in cold blood by Islamic extremists.
11/17/2012 Sudan South Kordofan 3 3 Three Christian villagers are killed in two targeted bombing attacks by the Islamic republic.
11/16/2012 Syria Aleppo 20 60 Sunnis detonate a bomb outside an Orthodox church that leaves at least twenty dead.
11/16/2012 Somalia Barawa 1 0 A Christian convert is beheaded for leaving the Religion of Peace.
11/16/2012 Nigeria Maiduguri 3 0 Three Christian traders are shot to death by Boko Haram.
11/15/2012 Nigeria Madauchi-Zonkwa 5 0 Muslim radicals are suspected in the slaughter and burning of a Christian family in their home.
11/10/2012 Nigeria Gaidam 5 0 Five Christian iron welders are slaughtered in their own home by Boko Haram gunmen.
11/4/2012 Kenya Garissa 1 10 One person dies from splinter injuries when Islamists toss a grenade at a church.
10/30/2012 Syria Homs 1 0 An 84-year-old Christian is murdered by Sunnis.
10/28/2012 Syria Jaramana 12 69 Twelve people outside a bakery in a Christian district are exterminated in a targeted bomb attack.
10/28/2012 Egypt Cairo 0 5 Five Christians are injured by Muslims trying to block their way into church.
10/28/2012 Sudan Delami 1 9 The Islamic Republic of Sudan aerial bombs several Christian villages, killing a 1-year-old baby.
10/28/2012 Nigeria Kaduna 7 100 Seven worshippers are murdered when a suicide car bomber plows into a Catholic church during mass.
10/27/2012 Syria Deir Ezzor 5 24 Terrorists set off a car bomb in front of a church, killing five innocents.
10/25/2012 Syria Qatana 1 0 An Orthodox priest is horribly tortured and murdered by Muslim 'criminals'. His eyes were gouged out.
10/21/2012 Syria Damascus 13 29 A bomb targeting Christians on their way to church leaves thirteen dead.
10/21/2012 Nigeria Atagara 2 0 Two people are killed when Islamic radicals torch a church.
10/19/2012 Lebanon Beirut 8 78 A car bomb blast in a Christian suburb leaves eight dead, including children.
10/16/2012 Indonesia Masani 2 0 Jamaah Anshorut Tauhid murder two investigators of a church bombing by stabbing them in the neck.
10/14/2012 Nigeria Yogbo 30 0 Thirty people are left dead when Muslims resolve a "land dispute" by massacring thirty Christian villagers, mostly women and children.
10/14/2012 Egypt Abdelmassih 2 3 Two members of a Christian family are shot to death in their own home by a Muslim gang attempting to kidnap and convert a 24-year-old female relative.
10/14/2012 Nigeria Maiduguri 3 0 A family of three is cut down outside their church by Islamist gunmen.
10/10/2012 Nigeria Riyom 14 5 Three children and their mother are among over a dozen Christians are slaughtered during a Muslim raid on their village.
10/10/2012 Nigeria Dallyam 4 4 Muslim terrorists shoot four members of a Christian family at close range.
10/10/2012 Nigeria Barkin Ladi 2 0 Two Christians are machine-gunned while sitting in their car.
10/2/2012 Nigeria Mubi 26 15 At least twenty-six Christian students are singled out and executed by Islamists at their campus. Some are shot, others have their throats cut.
10/1/2012 Syria Said Naya 3 0 Three Christians are abducted and murdered by a Muslim 'gang'.
9/30/2012 Kenya Nairobi 1 6 A child is killed when Religion of Peace proponents toss a grenade into a church.
9/28/2012 Pakistan Youhanaabad 0 1 A protestant bishop is assaulted and by angry Muslims and beaten outside his church.
9/23/2012 Nigeria Bauchi 2 48 A woman and a child at a church service are murdered by a Shahid suicide car bomber.
9/21/2012 Pakistan Mardan 0 12 Thousands of burn down a Lutheran church and thrash a dozen Christians.
9/16/2012 Pakistan Hyderabad 0 1 Islamists angered over a Muhammad film ambush a nun and her driver outside a cathedral.
9/15/2012 Pakistan Karachi 2 4 Six Christians are shot at close range in their homes by Religion of Peace gunmen.
9/3/2012 Syria Jaramana 4 12 Sunni rebels are blamed for a car bomb blast targeting Christians in a residential neighborhood.
8/29/2012 Syria Zamalka 7 0 A family of seven Christians, including three children, are shot in the street by 'Liua Islam'.
8/28/2012 Syria Jaramana 27 48 Sunni terrorists are blamed for a car bombing attack on a Christian funeral that leaves twenty-seven dead, including children.
8/28/2012 Pakistan Karachi 1 1 Islamic militants open fire on a pastor, injuring him and killing a church member.
8/21/2012 Pakistan Faisalabad 1 0 A Muslim perpetrator is strongly suspected by the minority community in the targeted torture and murder of a 14-year-old Christian boy.
8/14/2012 Egypt Asyut 1 0 Salafis storm a Christian-owned store and murder the owner.
8/14/2012 Pakistan Sahiwal 1 0 A 14-year-old Christian girl is gang-raped and murdered by five Muslim men.
8/13/2012 Nigeria Gombe 1 1 A guard is killed during a Religion of Peace assault on a Catholic church.
8/10/2012 Nigeria Kombul 4 3 Four Christians are cut down in their homes by a Muslim raid on their village.
8/10/2012 Philippines Jolo 1 0 A Christian man is gunned down by Abu Sayyaf terrorists on his way home from church.
8/10/2012 Nigeria Kaduna 0 1 Muslim's yell 'Allah Akbar' as they set fire to a church and shoot at a pastor and his family.
8/6/2012 Nigeria Maiduguri 1 0 A church pastor is shot to death in his home by two Islamists.
8/6/2012 Nigeria Okene 20 9 Sharia proponents enter a church and open up on members with machine-guns, slaughtering at least nineteen, including the pastor.
8/5/2012 Philippines Maguindanao 1 11 At least one woman is killed when Bangsamoro Islamic Freedom Movement members overrun a Catholic village.
7/29/2012 Nigeria Kano 2 0 Two Christians are gunned down outside their homes by Boko Haram Islamists.
7/26/2012 Philippines Sumisip 5 22 Abu Sayyaf terrorists attack a Christian farming village, killing at least five.
7/26/2012 Egypt Shubra el Khayma 0 1 A Christian doctor is brutally blinded by Salafist Muslims after asking them to stop firing weapons in celebration.
7/22/2012 Syria Damascus 4 0 The 'Islamic Brigade' stops a car carrying a Christian family, force them out and then massacre them, including the two children.
7/22/2012 Philippines Tumahubong 0 4 There are four casualties when suspected Abu Sayaaf gunmen ambush a group of priests.
7/22/2012 Pakistan Hyderabad 2 0 Two Christians are shot to death by Muslim radicals.
7/8/2012 Nigeria Barkin-Ladi 23 1 Two politicians are among twenty-three Christians, including women and children, slaughtered by Muslims during a funeral for other victims of Islamic terror.
7/8/2012 Pakistan Kot Ghulam 1 0 A Christian laborer is pulled out of his truck and shot point-blank by a Muslim.
7/7/2012 Nigeria Kushen 80 300 Muslim terrorists attack twelve Christian villages and massacre eighty innocents, including fifty taking refuge in a church.
7/7/2012 Kosovo Pristina 2 0 A middle-aged Christian couple is found shot to death in their home in what is presumed to be a targeted attack by members of the Muslim majority.
7/6/2012 South Africa Philippi 14 0 al-Shabaab is suspected in the serial killings of fourteen Christians.
7/1/2012 Kenya Garissa 18 66 Muslims throw grenades into two churches and then shoot fleeing Christians. Some eighteen die in the massacre, including three children..
7/1/2012 Nigeria Maiduguri 9 0 Nine Christian construction workers have their throats cut by Islamists in a 'gruesome' killing.
6/29/2012 Egypt El Sharqiya 2 0 Two Christians are reported murdered by Muslim Brotherhood activists.
6/25/2012 Somalia Mogadishu 0 3 Three Christian converts are shot inside their home by Islamic fundamentalists.
6/17/2012 Nigeria Trikania 5 40 A Shahid suicide car bomber crashes through a church gate and blows up at least five Christians.
6/17/2012 Nigeria Zaria 34 125 Holy Warriors walk into two church services and detonate, leaving over thirty worshipers dead in the carnage, including at least ten children.
6/11/2012 Egypt Cairo 0 12 Several Christian students are injured by Muslims angered over their evangelism.
6/10/2012 Nigeria Jos 4 40 A Shahid suicide bomber detonates inside a church during Sunday morning service, killing at least four.
6/10/2012 Nigeria Biu 2 12 A woman and an usher are among two Christians machine-gunned by Islamists during a church service.
6/4/2012 Tunisia Tunis 1 0 Video surfaces of an execution earlier in the year in which a man's throat is cut for embracing Christianity by Muslims who offer prayers as they slice.
6/3/2012 Nigeria Bauchi 21 45 A Holy Warrior runs his car into a church service and detonates, taking out over twenty praying Christians. The responsible group later thanks Allah for the victory.
5/23/2012 Iraq Mosul 3 2 Extremists enter the home of a Catholic priest, murder his father and two brothers, and rape his mother and sister.
5/21/2012 Nigeria Benue 5 3 Five people in a Christian village are murdered by Muslim raiders.
5/19/2012 Nigeria On-Mbaagbu 12 5 Muslim 'mercenaries' storm two Christian villages and slaughter seven people, including a 2-year-old boy butchered with a knife.
5/15/2012 Pakistan Quetta 1 0 A Christian man is shot to death while walking home.
5/14/2012 Nigeria Adamawa 15 48 Fifteen Christian villagers are massacred by twenty Fulani raiders.
5/9/2012 Nigeria Rim 1 2 A Christian villager is killed by Muslim attackers.
5/9/2012 Nigeria Tahoss 7 1 Muslim activists set fire to Christian homes and then shoot those trying to flee, killing at least seven, including two children.
5/8/2012 Pakistan Dhamala 0 3 Three Christian women are 'beaten mercilessly' in their own home by a Muslim gang.
5/1/2012 Nigeria Riyom 6 6 Muslims raid a Christian village, setting fire to homes and shooting those who fled.
4/29/2012 Nigeria Maiduguri 5 6 The pastor is among five Christians shot to death by Boko Haram Islamists inside their church.
4/29/2012 Kenya Nairobi 1 16 A suspected al-Shabaab member throws a grenade into a church during Sunday service, killing a worshipper.
4/29/2012 Nigeria Kano 16 22 Sixteen Christians, including professors and doctors, are massacred by Islamists, who bomb their church service and then shoot them in the back as they try to flee.
4/25/2012 Nigeria Riyom 5 5 Four women and a 4-year-old child are among members of a Christian village hacked to death by Fulani raiders.
4/25/2012 Nigeria Abuja 2 2 Muslims shoot a Christian father and teenage son to death for 'not serving Allah' and also kidnap the family's two young daughters, ages 7 and 9.
4/12/2012 Macedonia Smilkovsko 5 0 Five young Christian fishermen between the ages of 18 and 22 are brutally slaughtered by a group of radical Muslims at a lake.
4/11/2012 Mali Timbuktu 1 0 A Christian leader is beheaded shortly after Islamic forces take control of the city.
4/9/2012 Nigeria Dikwa 3 0 A civilian and guard at a church are among three people shot to death by Boko Haram.
4/8/2012 Nigeria Kaduna 41 33 A suicide car bomber detonates outside a church celebrating Easter. Nearly forty people lose their lives in the carnage.
4/7/2012 Mali Timbuktu 1 0 A Christian leader is beheaded by Religion of Peace activists.
4/7/2012 Turkey Bahcelievler 0 1 Radicals rush into a church and assault a pastor when he refuses to embrace Islam.
4/4/2012 Nigeria Maiduguri 9 0 Islamic radicals fire on Christian traders at a market, killing nine.
4/1/2012 Nigeria Maiduguri 1 0 A Christian is shot to death by Islamists on his way home from church.
3/31/2012 Kenya Mtwapa 2 30 Two Christians are blown apart when Mujahideen toss a grenade into an outdoor worship service.
3/30/2012 India Nutangram 0 1 A 65-year-old widow is badly beaten in her own church by Islamic extremists.
3/26/2012 Nigeria Takum 2 2 Muslim 'mercenaries' attack two Christian villages and shoot a 22-year-old and an elderly man to death.
3/22/2012 Iraq Mosul 1 0 A Christian is kidnapped and murdered.
3/20/2012 Iraq Baghdad 2 5 Religion of Peace bombers kill two people with a blast at an Orthodox church.
3/20/2012 Iraq Baghdad 3 0 Suspected al-Qaeda storm a church and kill three guards.
3/18/2012 Nigeria Suleja 0 5 A church is firebombed during a service.
3/18/2012 Yemen Taiz 1 0 al-Qaeda gunmen murder an American teacher accused of being a 'Christian proselytizer'.
3/15/2012 Nigeria Nayi 10 4 A pastor is among ten people hacked and shot to death when armed Muslims raid Christian homes around a church.
3/12/2012 Nigeria Bum 2 3 Fulani raiders slaughter two Christian villagers.
3/11/2012 Nigeria Jos 11 22 A suicide bomber detonates at a Catholic church during mass, killing at least eleven worshippers.
3/11/2012 Nigeria Chugwi 3 3 Three Christians are shot dead by Muslim gunmen in a targeted attack.
3/6/2012 Nigeria Bilala 2 0 At least two civilians are killed as Boko Haram devotees blow up a church and a police station.
3/4/2012 Nigeria Benue 21 13 Women and children comprise the bulk of twenty-one members of a Christian farming community slaughtered by Fulani 'mercenaries' wielding machetes and burning homes.
3/4/2012 Egypt Abu Al-Reesh 0 2 Two nuns are injured when a Muslim mob of 1500 lays siege to a Catholic school on rumors of a church building.
3/1/2012 Iraq Sulaymaniyah 1 0 A Christian schoolteacher is gunned down by a Muslim student over 'religious differences'.
2/29/2012 Bangladesh Madarganj 0 3 Three missionaries are injured when a mob, stirred up by an Islamic seminary, throw stones at them.
2/26/2012 Nigeria Jos 4 38 A suicide bomber detonates during a church service, killing four worshippers including a woman and a father and 18-month-old child.
2/26/2012 Pakistan Kot Meerath 0 1 A Christian woman is brutally tortured and paraded for harboring alleged 'anti-Islam' views.
2/25/2012 Sudan Umsirdipa 5 0 Five members of a Christian family are killed in a targeted attack by the Islamic republic.
2/22/2012 Pakistan Faisalabad 0 2 A Muslim mob attacks a church and shoots one Christian while pushing another off the roof.
2/22/2012 Nigeria Maiduguri 1 0 Islamists slit the throat of a pastor's 75-year-old mother and leave a note in Arabic for her son.
2/19/2012 Israel Jerusalem 0 1 One person is injured when Muslims hurl rocks at Christian tourists from their mosque on the Temple Mount.
2/19/2012 Nigeria Sulieja 0 5 Sharia advocates set off a car bomb next to a church.
2/11/2012 Nigeria Potiskum 2 0 Two Christian brothers are murdered in cold blood by Islamists in white robes.
2/9/2012 Syria Qusayr 1 0 Sunni rebels pull a Christian family man out of his car and execute him in cold blood.
1/30/2012 Nigeria Potiskum 1 0 A guard at a church is picked off by Islamist snipers.
1/26/2012 Egypt Bahgourah 2 0 A Christian father and son are machine-gunned by Muslims after refusing to pay money.
1/24/2012 Norway Haugesund 0 2 Two ex-Muslim converts to Christianity are stabbed by three attackers shouting 'kuffar' (unbeliever).
1/23/2012 Turkey Istanbul 0 1 A Christian laborer is severely tortured with scalding water on orders of his Muslim employer.
1/22/2012 Nigeria Tafawa Balewa 9 12 Militant Muslims hurl grenades into Christian homes, killing some as they slept and then shooting others as they tried to escape.
1/19/2012 Egypt Kebly-Rahmaniya 0 2 A man and boy suffer gunshot injuries when a mob rampages through a Christian town, shouting 'Allah Akbar' and burning homes.
1/17/2012 Sudan Khartoum 0 1 A church evangelist is arrested and brutally beaten by police.
1/15/2012 Syria Damascus 3 0 Three Christians are killed in targeted attacks - two while waiting in line at a bakery.
1/15/2012 Sudan Rabak 0 2 Islamic militia force their way into a church and kidnap two priests, who are then 'mistreated' in captivity.
1/11/2012 Nigeria Potiskum 6 0 Six Christians, including a woman and a baby, are machine-gunned by Boko Haram while on a bus at a gas station.
1/10/2012 Nigeria Dalman 3 0 Three Christians are shot and hacked to death in a sectarian attack at a farming community.
1/9/2012 Nigeria Maiduguri 2 0 Religion of Peace activists shoot two Christians death in their own homes in separate attacks.
1/7/2012 Nigeria Maiduguri 2 0 Two Christian university students are murdered by Religion of Peace gunmen.
1/6/2012 Nigeria Adamawa 12 4 Islamists chanting 'Allah Akbar' barge into a church and massacre a dozen worshippers.
1/6/2012 Nigeria Mubi 20 15 Twenty Christians gathered for a funeral are machine-gunned at close range by Muslims shouting 'Allah Akbar'.
1/5/2012 Nigeria Gombe 9 10 Muslim gunmen spray a church congregation with machine-gun fire, killing nine, including the pastor's wife and several children.
1/5/2012 Nigeria Mubi 4 0 Four Christians are gunned down by Boko Haram.
1/2/2012 Tajikistan Dushanbe 1 0 A Christian dressed as Father Christmas is called an 'infidel' and stabbed to death by Muslim radicals.
1/2/2012 Somalia Cee-Carfiid 1 0 A Christian humanitarian worker is beheaded by Religion of Peace activists for leaving Islam.
12/29/2011 Egypt Assiut 0 5 At least five people are hurt when a Muslim mob burns Christian homes over a Facebook cartoon.
12/28/2011 Pakistan Plateau 3 0 A baby is among three members of a Christian family shot and hacked to death by machete-wielding Muslims.
12/25/2011 Nigeria Jos 1 0 Muslim militants fire on a protestant church, killing a guard.
12/25/2011 Nigeria Madalla 45 73 Religion of Peace bombers strike a Catholic church during a morning Christmas mass, slaughtering forty-five worshippers.
12/25/2011 Iraq Mosul 1 0 Muslim snipers pick off a Christian just outside his home.
12/24/2011 Nigeria Maiduguri 11 0 A pastor and his young daughter are incinerated when Islamists fire bomb three churches.
12/24/2011 Uganda Namasuba 0 1 A young pastor, who left Islam after having been born the son of an imam, is blinded by acid in a vicious Christmas Eve attack.
12/22/2011 Pakistan Lahore 0 1 A young Christian is stabbed several times after having been falsely accused of insulting Islam.
12/19/2011 Nigeria Ungwan Rami 5 6 Five Christian villagers are hacked and shot to death by Muslim raiders. The victims include a mother and her baby.
12/15/2011 Saudi Arabia Jeddah 0 6 At least six Ethiopian Christians are beaten when police storm a prayer meeting. Twenty-nine women are strip-searched.
12/14/2011 Iraq Mosul 2 0 Two more Christians are shot to death.
12/13/2011 Iraq Mosul 2 2 A Christian man and his wife are gunned down in their car by Jihad warriors. Their children survive with injuries.
12/11/2011 Nigeria Kagoro 1 2 Fulani extremists gun down a Christian mother.
12/11/2011 Nigeria Gombe 1 0 Muslim gunmen murder a Christian as he is putting gas in his car.
12/10/2011 Nigeria Jos 1 11 A young fan is killed when Islamic bombers target several Christian areas, including an outdoor viewing of a televised soccer match.
12/10/2011 Nigeria Kukum Gida 1 2 Muslim gunmen ambush Christian villagers in the middle of the night, murdering a 50-year-old woman.
12/5/2011 Kenya Nairobi 0 1 A 23-year-old Christian is beaten into unconsciousness by seven Muslims for the crime of leaving Islam.
12/3/2011 Iraq Zakho 0 32 Thirty-two people are injured during a rampage by fundamentalists against Christian-owned businesses.
11/30/2011 Egypt Ghorayzat 2 3 Two Christian brothers are murdered in cold blood by a Muslim mob rampaging through Christian homes and businesses.
11/26/2011 Nigeria Geidam 4 20 Islamic radicals descend on a small town, burn eight churches and murder four defenders.
11/25/2011 Pakistan Muzaffargarh 0 2 Two Christian women are beaten on their own land with clubs by a group of Muslim 'men'.
11/25/2011 Kenya Garissa 1 0 One person is murdered outside of a church by Muslim radicals.
11/24/2011 Nigeria Kwok 26 0 Twenty-six Christian villagers are shot and hacked to death by Fulani herdsmen screaming 'Allah Akbar'.
11/24/2011 Nigeria Barkin Ladi 18 1 A Christian family of sixteen, including children, is burned alive by Fulanis.
11/23/2011 Nigeria Yobe 2 0 Militants kidnap and kill two children to punish their father for being 'disloyal to Islam' by converting to Christianity.
11/23/2011 Nigeria Sabon Layi 4 0 A Bible teacher is among four worshipers slaughtered at a church by Muslim radicals.
11/23/2011 Pakistan Khurda Renala 1 0 Muslims torture and shoot to death a Catholic father of four.
11/21/2011 Nigeria Barkin Ladi 1 0 Islamic extremists behead a young Christian.
11/20/2011 Nigeria Razat 3 1 Muslims hack three young Christians to death at an illegal roadblock.
11/17/2011 Egypt Cairo 0 32 Islamic radicals violently attack a group of Copts, marching to a memorial for slain victims of another massacre.
11/17/2011 Nigeria Gargari 4 6 Three young girls are among four Christians murdered by Muslim extremists in their own homes.
11/16/2011 Pakistan Karachi 1 0 A pastor is shot in the neck and face in a targeted ambush.
11/15/2011 Israel Haifa 0 1 An 82-year-old nun is tied up and severely beaten by a gang of four Muslims, including a father and son.
11/10/2011 Philippines Carmen 1 0 A church elder and father of thirteen is beheaded by Religion of Peace activists at his farm.
11/6/2011 Pakistan Abbottabad 0 1 A pregnant Christian woman is tortured for three hours by police.
11/5/2011 Kenya Garissa 2 3 A member of the choir is killed along with an 8-year-old girls when al-Shabaab terrorists toss a grenade into a church.
11/4/2011 Philippines Malabang 2 0 Suspected Moro Islamists murder two Catholic roadside vendors.
11/4/2011 Nigeria Zonkwa 1 1 Nigerian Islamists shoot another Christian to death in a village raid.
11/4/2011 Nigeria Potiskum 150 200 Two-hundred militants shout 'Allah Akbar' as they slaughter one-hundred and fifty in a bombing and shooting rampage that targeted six churches and a police station. At least one-hundred and thirty of their victims were Christian.
11/3/2011 Nigeria Kaduna 2 14 Mujahideen gunmen attack a church, shooting two female worshippers to death.
10/27/2011 Kenya Nairobi 0 1 A young convert from Islam is left for dead after being severely beaten with iron rods in front of his church.
10/23/2011 Philippines Cabengbeng 5 8 Five Catholic plantation workers are massacred by Moro Islamists in a pre-dawn attack on their village.
10/20/2011 Nigeria Yelwa 1 0 Three Muslim soldiers break into a home and shoot a Christian mother of five to death.
10/20/2011 Nigeria Bauchi 0 1 A Christian boy is shot at a soccer match by armed Muslims.
10/16/2011 Egypt Mallawy 1 0 A Coptic high school student is beaten to death after refusing to take off his cross.
10/12/2011 Pakistan Korangi 1 0 A Muslim slashes a Christian mother's throat after raping her.
10/9/2011 Egypt Cairo 27 329 Military and Islamist gunmen massacre over two dozen Christians peacefully protesting a church burning.
10/9/2011 Philippines Zamboanga 0 13 Abu Sayyaf bombers injured thirteen people in separate attacks targeting Christians.
10/8/2011 Iraq Kirkuk 1 1 Muslim gunmen shoot an elderly Christian and a woman.
10/5/2011 Pakistan Mian Channu 1 38 A Christian trying to build a church orphanage is murdered by Muslims in a "land dispute."
10/4/2011 Nigeria Tanjol 1 1 Muslim militants gun down two Christian villagers.
10/2/2011 Iraq Mosul 1 0 Islamists murder a 30-year-old restaurant employee in a targeted attack against Christians.
10/1/2011 Iraq Kirkuk 1 0 A 60-year-old Christian is shot to death by Muslim assassins.
9/29/2011 Egypt Tamia 1 2 A guard at a church is taken out by a Muslim drive-by.
9/25/2011 Indonesia Solo 2 20 A teenage girl is among two worshippers cut to pieces by a Shahid who wanders into a church service and detonates a bomb packed with nails and bolts.
9/25/2011 Somalia Deynile 1 0 Islamists behead a 17-year-old whose family held secret Bible studies in their home.
9/22/2011 Nigeria Madala 5 0 Five Christian traders are executed by Boko Haram gunmen when they are unable to recite Quran verses as ordered.
9/18/2011 Nigeria Bitaro 3 8 Muslim activists raid a village, pull members of a Christian family from their home and then hack and shoot them to death. The victims included children.
9/14/2011 Pakistan Lahore 1 0 A 15-year-old girl is strangled to death by her uncle for a suspected affair with a Christian boy.
9/12/2011 Indonesia Maluku 6 80 Six people are killed when machete-wielding Muslims attack a Christian village on a false rumor.
9/10/2011 Nigeria Vwang Fwil 14 6 Fourteen Christian villagers from the same family, including a woman in labor, are hacked to death during a midnight Muslim raid.
9/9/2011 Pakistan Islamabad 1 0 A Christian imprisoned for 'offending the Quran' dies after being denied medical treatment by prison officials.
9/9/2011 Nigeria Barkin Ladi 9 0 A Christian father and his seven young children are among nine shot to death in a Fulani raid on their home.
9/9/2011 Nigeria Kunsen Gashish 3 0 Three Protestant farmers are hacked to death by machete-wielding Muslims.
9/8/2011 Nigeria Tsohon Foron 10 0 Muslim extremists murder a family of ten Christians.
9/6/2011 Nigeria Zakaleo 4 0 Four Christians are burned alive when militant Muslims set fire to their house.
9/6/2011 Nigeria Kuru 14 13 Fourteen residents of a Christian village are hacked and shot to death in an orgy of Islamic violence that lasts an hour.
9/5/2011 Nigeria Zakalio 7 0 Seven Christian villagers are murdered by Muslim extremists.
9/5/2011 Nigeria Dabwak 4 0 An elderly Christian couple and their two grandchildren are shot to death in their home by Muslim raiders.
9/5/2011 Nigeria Tatu 8 0 A Christian family of eight including the parents and six children are hacked to death by Muslim militants in their home.
9/4/2011 Pakistan Mariamabad 1 0 A Catholic pilgrim is kidnapped and murdered while walking to a shrine.
9/2/2011 Somalia Hudur 1 0 A convert to Christianity is kidnapped and beheaded by Muslim activists.
8/29/2011 Nigeria Jos 2 1 A pastor who preached religious tolerance is hacked to death by Islamic extremists along with his son at their church.
8/28/2011 Pakistan Faisalabad 0 1 A 64-year-old maid is beaten by madrassah students for hosting a Christian prayer meeting in her home.
8/27/2011 Nigeria Maiduguri 1 0 A Protestant evangelist is assassinated in his own home by Religion of Peace enthusiasts.
8/26/2011 Norway Jaeren 0 1 A Christian convert from Islam is scalded with boiling water and acid at a refugee center.
8/21/2011 Nigeria Bajju 2 3 Suspected Muslim radicals shoot two Christians to death in their homes, including a 10-year-old boy.
8/21/2011 Nigeria Riyom 6 0 Fulani raiders attack a Christian village, hacking six to death, including women and children.
8/15/2011 Iraq Kirkuk 0 14 Fourteen are injured when Muslims bomb a church.
8/15/2011 Nigeria Heipang 9 1 Seven children are among a Christian family of nine brutally murdered in their home by Muslim raiders.
8/14/2011 Pakistan Karachi 0 2 Two Christians are beaten to unconsciousness with iron rods after refusing an offer to embrace Islam.
8/14/2011 Pakistan Karachi 0 1 A Christian is beaten with iron rods after declining an offer to embrace Islam.
8/12/2011 Pakistan Bilal 0 12 A small group of Catholics are beaten by fundamentalists after gathering to watch a religious film.
8/12/2011 Indonesia Sepe 5 2 Jihad warriors attack a Christian village with bombs and knives, killing at least five residents and burning homes and churches.
8/11/2011 Indonesia Malei 1 0 A Christian is killed while trying to salvage items from his home after it is destroyed by a Muslim mob.
8/11/2011 Nigeria Ratsa Foron 6 0 Six Christians are hacked to death in the middle of the night by Muslim raiders.
8/8/2011 Egypt Minya 1 1 A Christian farmer has his throat slit in front of his son by a Muslim mob, who attack Christian homes and also severely beat a pastor.
8/5/2011 Pakistan Drigh Road 1 0 A Catholic man with children is the target of an attack that leaves his driver dead.
8/2/2011 Iraq Kirkuk 0 23 Two dozen are injured when radicals bomb a Catholic church.
7/29/2011 Egypt Minya 2 2 Two Christians are taken out by snipers while riding in a car.
7/25/2011 Egypt Samalout 0 6 A pregnant woman is among six Christians brutally assaulted with iron rods by a Muslim mob angered over a church bell.
7/10/2011 Nigeria Suleija 3 0 At least two women are among three Christians killed by a Boko Haram bomb detonated outside a church.
6/26/2011 Egypt Awlad Khalaf 0 3 Three Christians are injured when a Muslim mob torches eight homes on a rumor that one was to become a church.
6/26/2011 Senegal Dakar 0 24 About two dozen Christians are severely injured when a Muslim mob sets fire to their church during a service under orders from a local imam.
6/25/2011 Philippines Isabela City 2 8 Muslim militants are suspected of detonating a bomb outside a Catholic church that leaves two people dead.
6/21/2011 Pakistan Lahore 1 0 A Christian father of four who worked as a garbage collector is stabbed to death by an angry Muslim.
6/16/2011 Nigeria Damboa 4 1 Four children leaving a church are brutally taken out by a Boko Haram blast.
6/14/2011 Sudan South Kordofan 2 5 At least two church workers are killed when the Islamic republic bombs a village.
6/11/2011 Indonesia East Java 0 1 A young woman is kidnapped by Islamic hardliners on her way home from church, beaten, slashed, and held for two days.
6/10/2011 Sudan Kadugli 0 1 Islamists kidnap a pastor and torture him for two days.
6/10/2011 Pakistan Farmwala 0 1 A Christian boy is beaten for refusing to embrace Islam.
6/9/2011 Pakistan Landhi 1 0 A Christian civilian is shot to death by Muslim gunmen.
6/9/2011 Nigeria Maiduguri 2 0 A pastor at a Church of Christ and his secretary are brutally gunned down by Religion of Peace loyalists.
6/8/2011 Sudan al Shaeer 1 0 A Christian seminary student is shot to death in front of bystanders by agents of the Islamic government.
6/8/2011 Sudan Kadugli 1 0 A young Christian man is dragged to a market and slaughtered by the sword by men yelling 'Allah Akbar'.
6/7/2011 Nigeria Maiduguri 2 14 Two innocents bleed to death after Islamists detonate a bomb outside a church.
5/30/2011 Iraq Mosul 2 1 A Christian father of four is murdered by Jihadi gunmen along with a bystander.
5/24/2011 Nigeria Maiduguri 1 0 Islamists murder a guard outside a Catholic church.
5/19/2011 Egypt Cairo 0 3 Three Catholics are severely injured by a rock-throwing Muslim mob intent on preventing a church from opening.
5/16/2011 Iraq Kirkuk 1 0 Muslim kidnappers gouge out the eyes of a Christian victim and then cut off his head.
5/15/2011 Egypt Cairo 2 0 Two Copts are gunned down in a Muslim drive-by attack.
5/15/2011 Egypt Cairo 0 50 About fifty Christians are injured when a Muslim mob hurls rocks and homemade bombs into a peaceful protest.
5/9/2011 Egypt Cairo 1 0 A 60-year-old Catholic grandfather is beaten to death by enraged Muslims.
5/8/2011 Egypt Imbaba 1 0 Islamists break into a Catholic church and slit a member's throat.
5/8/2011 Egypt Imbaba 1 0 Salafists shoot the 16-year-old nephew of a Catholic bishop in the head.
5/7/2011 Egypt Cairo 12 232 Fundamentalists assault two churches with firebombs and gunfire, killing five Copt defenders and seven more in an ensuing rampage.
5/6/2011 Sudan Abu Shouk 0 1 After being spotted with a Bible, a female aid worker is arrested for apostasy and severely beaten.
5/6/2011 Nigeria Kano 17 3 Seventeen residents of a Christian village, including a pastor's wife and three children are massacred in a pre-dawn Muslim attack.
5/4/2011 Sudan Khartoum 0 2 A husband and wife survive a violent knife attack in their home after converting from Islam to Christianity.
4/30/2011 Bulgaria Pazardjik 0 1 A pastor who converted from Islam is beaten bloody in front of his church by a gang of Muslims.
4/30/2011 Pakistan Gujranwala 0 25 Twenty-five Christian men and women suffer injury following an attack by an enraged Muslim mob of about 350.
4/30/2011 Pakistan Gujranwala 0 25 Fueled by rumors of a Quran desecration, a Muslim mob of hundreds attacks a Christian village, burning homes and assaulting the innocent.
4/27/2011 Pakistan Hamza 0 3 Anti-Christian activists go on a spree, attacking a pastor, severely injuring his son and later raping a woman.
4/24/2011 Iraq Baghdad 0 7 Seven people are injured when Muslim activists detonate a bomb outside a church.
4/20/2011 Nigeria Bauchi 10 17 Women are among a group of young Christians murdered by a Muslim mob.
4/19/2011 Nigeria Kaduna 321 575 Angry Muslims go on a two-day bender, torching over forty churches and hacking and burning over three hundred Christians to death.
4/18/2011 Somalia Shalambod 1 0 A 21-year-old convert to Christianity is pulled from his home and shot 10 times by Islamists yelling 'Allah Akbar'.
4/18/2011 Egypt Minya 1 11 One Copt is killed by Muslim rioters, who throw a grandmother out of a second story balcony while shouting praises to Allah.
4/17/2011 Pakistan Gujranwala 0 12 Twelve worshippers at a Pentecostal church are pulled out and beaten by a Muslim mob.
4/8/2011 Nigeria Bogoro 10 0 Muslims armed with machetes attack a Christian village and burn at least ten people to death, including several who were elderly.
4/7/2011 Brazil Rio de Janeiro 12 20 A convert to Islam walks into a school and guns down a dozen children, apparently inspired by fundamentalist websites.
4/5/2011 India Motijil 0 1 A female convert to Christianity is stripped naked and beaten by angry Muslims.
4/4/2011 Ethiopia Worabe 1 1 Muslims beat a Christian evangelist to death and assault his pregnant wife.
4/3/2011 Nigeria Bogoro 2 1 A Muslim mob, angered over rumor of a local Quran desecration storms a Christian village and kills two people.
3/30/2011 Nigeria Jos 2 5 Fulani raiders attack a college and murder two Christians.
3/25/2011 Pakistan Hyderabad 2 0 A Muslim mob invades a Pentecostal church, burns Bibles and kills two worshippers.
3/23/2011 Israel Jerusalem 1 39 Palestinian terrorists leave a bomb at a bus stop which kills a female Bible translator and injures thirty others.
3/22/2011 Pakistan Hyderabad 2 0 After yelling abuse at worshippers outside a church, a Muslim mob opens fire, killing two.
3/21/2011 Nigeria Baten 4 0 Two women and two children are hacked and shot to death during a Muslim raid on a Christian village.
3/20/2011 Egypt Qena 0 1 A Christian has his ear torn off by Muslims enforcing Sharia law.
3/20/2011 Nigeria Jos 2 0 Muslim extremists kill two worshippers with bombs placed at several churches.
3/20/2011 Nigeria Jos 1 0 A Christian boy is shot to death by Islamic radicals.
3/14/2011 Nigeria Plateau 6 0 Five family members are among six Christian villagers slaughtered by Muslim raiders.
3/14/2011 Iran Evin 2 0 A Christian man and his Jewish wife are hung in captivity by Iranians.
3/9/2011 Egypt Cairo 9 150 Nine Copts, including a child, are killed and over a hundred more injured when a Muslim mob hurls firebombs and shoots into a group protesting a church burning.
3/8/2011 Ethiopia Asendabo 2 0 Two Christians are killed when angry Muslims rampage through their community, burning churches and homes.
3/4/2011 Egypt Sol 2 0 A Muslim mob, angry over a relationship between a Muslim girl and Christian boy, kills the two fathers and burns down a church.
3/2/2011 Pakistan Islamabad 1 1 A Catholic cabinet minister is brutally shot to death in his car after being accused of blasphemy.
3/1/2011 Ethiopia Oma 0 17 Seventeen students are beaten with rods and pelted with stones for distributing Bibles.
3/1/2011 Nigeria Maiduguri 1 0 A guard at a church is gunned down in an Islamist drive-by.
2/28/2011 Nigeria Dabwak 5 0 A Christian mother and four of her children are slaughtered in their home by Muslim militants..
2/24/2011 Iraq Baghdad 1 0 A 70-year-old Christian man is stabbed to death in his home by Muslim radicals.
2/24/2011 Egypt Wadi el-Natroun 0 19 Two monks are among nineteen injured when military forces storm a Coptic monastery with live ammunition.
2/23/2011 Egypt Assiut 1 0 A priest is brutally stabbed to death in his home by killers shouting 'Allah Akbar!'
2/22/2011 Oman Coast 4 0 A retired missionary couple is among four Americans taken hostage and executed in cold blood by Muslim pirates.
2/22/2011 Nigeria Borno 18 7 Eighteen Christian villagers are massacred during a Muslim raid.
2/18/2011 Tunisia Tunis 1 0 After receiving death threats from Muslim extremists, a priest is kidnapped and eventually has his throat slit.
2/15/2011 Nigeria Maiduguri 2 0 Two people are killed when Boko Haram gunmen attack two churches.
2/10/2011 Nigeria Alice 2 3 A father is among two Christians shot to death by militant Muslims in their homes.
2/10/2011 Nigeria Kuru 5 9 A 4-year-old is one of five Christian villagers hacked and shot to death by Islamic raiders.
2/8/2011 Indonesia Temanggung 0 7 A Muslim mob viciously beats a priest trying unsuccessfully to keep them from burning three churches and an orphanage.
2/6/2011 Pakistan Nut Kallan 1 0 A young Christian is tortured to death by several Muslims.
2/1/2011 Somalia Mogadishu 1 0 A convert to Christianity suffers deep injuries after being bound and assaulted with metal objects and rocks, then stomped.
1/31/2011 India Sopore 2 0 Two teenage daughters of a poor laborer are pulled out of their home and brutally executed by Lashkar-e-Toiba, reportedly for reading the Bible.
1/30/2011 Egypt Sharona 11 4 Very young children are among eleven members of two Coptic families shot to death in their homes at point-blank range by Islamic radicals.
1/30/2011 Nigeria Ayaruje 3 0 Three Christian villagers are hacked to death by Muslims with machetes.
1/29/2011 Nigeria Jos 1 0 A Muslim soldier deliberately shoots a 6-year-old Christian boy to death before he is taken down by other soldiers.
1/28/2011 Nigeria Jos 3 0 Two university students belonging to a local church are stabbed to death.
1/27/2011 Nigeria Barkin Ladi 14 8 Muslim raiders invade four Christian villages and hack fourteen people to death in their own homes.
1/27/2011 Nigeria Were 2 11 Islamic radicals kill two people and burn down several Christian homes.
1/23/2011 Nigeria Maiduguri 1 0 A guard outside a church is murdered by Islamic gunmen.
1/23/2011 Nigeria Jos 8 5 A woman and daughter are among six Christian villagers are hacked to death in the middle of the night during two separate Muslim raids.
1/15/2011 Iraq Mosul 0 1 A Christian doctor is brutally shot and seriously injured in a targeted hospital attack.
1/11/2011 Pakistan Lahore 0 2 Two Christian women are violently beaten and humiliated by a Muslim mob over claims they had 'abused' Muhammad.
1/11/2011 Egypt Samalout 1 5 A policeman boards a train and opens fire on a group of elderly Christians while yelling 'Allah Akbar.' A 71-year-old victim dies on the scene.
1/11/2011 Nigeria Kuru Station 19 3 Children are among the victims when Muslims attack a Christian village, hacking nineteen to death and burning their homes.
1/9/2011 Nigeria Borno 1 2 A guard at a church is shot to death in an Islamist drive-by.
1/7/2011 Somalia Warbhigly 1 0 Islamic militants slit the throat of a Christian mother of four.
1/4/2011 Pakistan Islamabad 1 0 A regional governor is assassinated at a cafe for appealing on behalf of a Christian woman jailed for blasphemy.
1/3/2011 Iraq Baghdad 1 0 A Christian woman who survived an Islamist church massacre a few weeks earlier is shot to death in her sleep.
1/2/2011 Philippines Maguindanao 2 3 A Christian farmer is gunned down while driving home.
1/1/2011 Egypt Alexandra 23 77 Twenty-three parishioners are incinerated by a Shahid suicide bomb attack on a New Year's Day church mass.
12/30/2010 Iraq Baghdad 2 13 Coordinated Mujahideen attacks against Christian families leave at least two dead.
12/27/2010 Iraq Dujail 1 1 Jihadi bombers take down a Catholic woman and injure a family member.
12/25/2010 Philippines Sulu 0 11 A priest and a 9-year-old girl are among eleven injured when Islamists set off a bomb inside a chapel.
12/24/2010 Nigeria Jos 86 74 At least eighty-six people are killed in a series of Islamic bomb blasts and attacks, mostly targeting Christmas Eve church services. The dead include choir members hacked to death.
12/24/2010 Pakistan Shahdra 0 1 A 12-year-old Christian girl is kidnapped, raped for eight months and forcibly converted to Islam.
12/21/2010 Nigeria Turu 3 2 Angry Muslims armed with swords and machetes assault a group of local Christian villagers, killing three.
12/19/2010 Israel Jerusalem 1 1 An American woman on a Christian mission is kidnapped, tied up and stabbed to death by Arab warriors.
12/5/2010 Iraq Baghdad 2 0 Four Holy Warriors bind and stab an elderly Christian couple to death in their home.
12/3/2010 Nigeria Nwachukwu 7 4 Christian women and children are slaughtered in their homes by Muslim attackers in a midnight raid.
11/30/2010 Iraq Mosul 1 1 Islamists rush into a Christian shop and gun down the proprietor brothers.
11/25/2010 Nigeria Kwata Zawan 3 1 Muslim radicals shoot three Christian villagers to death.
11/25/2010 Kenya Bardher 1 0 A 17-year-old girl is tortured and murdered by her parents for leaving Islam for Christianity.
11/25/2010 Egypt Giza 1 0 A 4-year-old boy suffocates when tear gas is thrown into a church chapel.
11/24/2010 Egypt Giza 1 68 Police shouting 'Allah Akbar' block a church construction and then fire on a group of Coptic demonstrators, killing one.
11/22/2010 Iraq Mosul 1 0 An elderly Christian woman is strangled in her home by Religion of Peace activists.
11/22/2010 Iraq Mosul 2 0 Two Christian brothers are shot to death in their shop by Muslim extremists.
11/22/2010 Pakistan Sargodha 0 1 A protestant pastor is beaten and set on fire by six Muslims who caught him evangelizing.
11/16/2010 Iraq Mosul 2 0 A 6-year-old Christian girl and her father are exterminated by Islamic bombers.
11/15/2010 Iraq Mosul 3 0 Three Christian brothers are brutally shot to death in their home by Religion of Peace advocates.
11/10/2010 Iraq Baghdad 6 20 Islamists blast Christian areas of Baghdad with bombs and mortars, killing at least six.
11/7/2010 Iraq Mosul 2 0 Two more Christian worshippers are murdered by Muslim gunmen in separate attacks.
10/31/2010 Iraq Baghdad 53 80 Forty-four church members and two young priests are slaughtered when Islamic State of Iraq Fedayeen invade a church, shooting members and tossing grenades into the congregation. Seven policemen are also killed.
10/26/2010 Nigeria Chewenkur 6 3 Four teenagers and two women are hacked to death when Muslims armed with machetes attack a Christian village.
10/24/2010 Iran Tehran 1 0 A devout Muslim beats his Christian relative to death for leaving Islam.
10/9/2010 Bangladesh Jhenaidah 0 2 An elderly Christian man and his son are beaten by Muslim villagers for refusing to return to Islam.
10/8/2010 Pakistan Punjab 0 2 An 80-year-old Christian and his elderly wife are beaten unconscious by Muslim attackers.
10/8/2010 Philippines Cotabato 2 1 Militant Muslims previously targeting missionaries kill two people and kidnap a woman.
10/1/2010 Pakistan Haripur 7 0 A Christian couple and their five children (ages 6-17) are brutally shot to death in their home by Muslim extremists.
9/18/2010 Kenya Nairobi 0 6 Six Christian missionaries are abducted, raped and tortured for three days by Muslims proclaiming the truth of Islam.
9/13/2010 Ethiopia Dufti 0 1 A group of Islamists stab a Christian who had left Islam.
9/12/2010 Indonesia Bekasi 0 2 Holy Warriors beat a pastor with a board and stab a worshipper in the stomach as there are on their way to church.
9/9/2010 Iraq Baghdad 2 2 Two people are reportedly killed when gunmen open fire on an Anglican church in an incident tied to a threatened Quran burning.
8/29/2010 Philippines Bukidnon 0 2 'Irate Muslims' throw a grenade into a Catholic church during mass.
8/27/2010 Iraq Mosul 1 0 The body of a Christian man is found several days after he is kidnapped.
8/25/2010 Pakistan Swat 3 6 Three Christian aid workers helping flood victims are kidnapped and murdered by Islamic fundamentalists.
8/21/2010 Ethiopia Addis Ababa 0 1 A popular church leader is brutally assaulted by Muslims with wooden clubs.
8/14/2010 Egypt Shimi 0 11 Eleven Christians are injured in assaults by Muslims stirred to anger by a local cleric.
8/8/2010 Indonesia Bekasi 0 12 A mob of hundreds of Muslims chase and beat Christian worshippers after disrupting their service.
8/7/2010 Afghanistan Nuristan 10 0 Ten members of a medical team, including Christian doctors, are pulled out of their cars and executed by devout Muslim fundamentalists, who spare an Afghan able to recite the Quran.
7/22/2010 Pakistan Rawalpindi 0 2 Two Christian girls are gang-raped by Muslims.
7/21/2010 Somalia Mogadishu 1 4 Islamic militants enter a Christian home, gun down the father in front of the family and kidnap his wife and children.
7/19/2010 Pakistan Faislabad 2 1 Two Christian brothers who were pastors, are accused of blasphemy and then brutally gunned down outside a courthouse while in chains.
7/17/2010 Nigeria Jos 10 14 Young children are among ten Christians hacked to death in their homes by Muslims, who also burn a church.
7/16/2010 Ethiopia Addis Ababa 0 1 A Christian convert is brutally beaten by angry Muslims.
7/16/2010 Dagestan Makhachkala 1 0 A Pentecostal pastor and father of five is shot in the head by Muslim extremists.
7/15/2010 Pakistan Sukkur 5 6 Five members of a church, including the pastor are brutally shot to death outside the building by Religion of Peace advocates.
7/13/2010 Pakistan Karachi 0 1 A Christian woman is raped and then thrown from a roof by a Muslim doctor.
7/5/2010 Nigeria Jos 3 0 Three Christian farmers are brutally slain in a 'mindless' attack by militant Muslims.
7/5/2010 Iraq Mosul 1 0 A 54-year-old Christian father of three bleeds to death after Islamists bomb his car in a targeted attack.
7/5/2010 Egypt Cairo 0 1 A Christian convert survives an attempt by Muslim radicals to behead him for leaving the faith.
7/4/2010 India Kerala 0 1 A Christian professor has his forearm and hand hacked off by Muslims for the alleged crime of insulting Muhammad.
7/4/2010 Nigeria Ganawuri 3 0 Muslims hack three Christians to death.
7/3/2010 Nigeria Kizachi 7 5 A school teacher and mother of six are among seven Christians brutally executed in their homes by Muslim raiders.
7/1/2010 Somalia Hudur 1 0 A Christian convert from Islam is publicly executed in a soccer stadium by Islamists, leaving behind a pregnant widow.
6/21/2010 Pakistan Punjab 5 0 Religious clerics lead a mob into the home of a Christian man and slaughter his wife and four children.
6/14/2010 Pakistan Peshawar 0 1 A Christian professor is badly beaten by his students for refusing to embrace Islam.
6/14/2010 Iraq Sammarah 1 0 A convert to Christianity is murdered by his own son and nephew for 'abandoning Islam'.
6/8/2010 Iraq Kirkuk 1 0 A Christian father is murdered outside his home by Islamist gunmen.
6/3/2010 Pakistan Sahiwal 0 3 A pastor and his pregnant wife are brutally assaulted by angry Muslims accusing them of evangelism.
6/3/2010 Turkey Iskenderun 1 0 A Catholic bishop is stabbed to death by a Muslim who says it was Allah's will.
5/28/2010 Pakistan Faisalabad 0 5 Muslims fire into a Christian community, hitting five innocents.
5/23/2010 Nigeria Jos 2 0 Two Christians are hacked to death with machetes by passing Muslims.
5/11/2010 Iraq Baghdad 5 16 A Christian community may have been the target of a double bombing that leaves five dead.
5/4/2010 Somalia Xarardheere 1 0 Islamists pull a 57-year-old Christian father of three from his home and execute him for running an underground church.
5/2/2010 Iraq Mosul 4 171 Four people are killed, and over one-hundred injured when Islamic bombers target buses carrying young Christian students.
4/28/2010 Pakistan Quetta 1 0 A Christian man is gunned down by suspected Muslim militants as he is washing a car.
4/24/2010 Nigeria Jos 5 0 Three Christians stabbed to death and two others hacked to pieces with machetes by a Muslim mob.
4/24/2010 Pakistan Karachi 1 0 A Christian police officer is kidnapped and brutally tortured to death by Religion of Peace advocates.
4/21/2010 Pakistan Sargodha 1 1 Two young Christian brothers (ages 12 and 14) are beaten with an iron rod by a Muslim yelling religious slurs. One dies.
4/19/2010 Nigeria Riyom 4 0 Four Christian farmers are murdered in their field by Muslim terrorists.
4/15/2010 Nigeria Boto 2 0 A Christian pastor and his wife are abducted by Muslims and burned to a crisp.
4/14/2010 USA Marquette Park, IL 5 2 After quarrelling with his wife over Islamic dress, a Muslim convert shoots his family members to 'take them back to Allah' and out of the 'world of sinners'.
4/13/2010 Philippines Isabela 9 7 Abu Sayyaf terrorists disguised as policemen attack a Christian town, shooting and blasting nine people to death and destroying a Catholic church.
4/13/2010 Pakistan Sargodha 0 1 A Christian barber is badly beaten and sodomized by an angry mob for cutting a Muslim's beard (on request).
4/8/2010 Nigeria Dakyo 2 0 A teenager is among two Christians stabbed to death by Muslim attackers.
4/5/2010 Nigeria Jos 3 12 Three Christians are killed when their peaceful rally is attacked by militant Muslims.
4/4/2010 Pakistan Punjab 0 10 Ten Christians are severely beaten by Muslim fundamentalists.
3/28/2010 Iraq Mosul 1 3 A 3-year-old child dies when Mujahideen bombers target a Christian woman and her three daughters in their home.
3/23/2010 Somalia Afgoye 1 0 Islamists execute a Christian father of ten children at close range in front of his home.
3/22/2010 Pakistan Rawalpindi 1 1 A Christian dies after being burned alive three days earlier for refusing to embrace Islam. His wife was also raped.
3/17/2010 Nigeria Dyie 13 6 Thirteen more Christian villagers are massacred by Muslim raiders in an overnight attack, including a mother and two children burned to death. Victims also had their tongues cut out.
3/17/2010 Iraq Mosul 1 0 A 55-year-old Christian father is shot down in cold blood.
3/15/2010 Somalia Mahaday 1 0 The Christian pastor of an underground church is hunted down like an animal by Islamists and shot to death. (He was not a convert to Islam).
3/12/2010 Egypt Marsa Matruh 0 23 Twenty-three Christians are injured when a Muslim mob attacks their community after rumors of a church construction.
3/10/2010 Pakistan Oghi 6 0 Six aid workers of a Christian charity are herded out of their office by Muslim gunmen and machine-gunned to death.
3/9/2010 Pakistan Punjab 1 0 A 36-year-old Christian is hacked to death with an ax after refusing to embrace Islam.
3/7/2010 Nigeria Dogo Nahauwa 528 600 Over five-hundred Christians, mostly women and children, are hacked to death by Muslim raiders with machetes in a night-time attack on their village. The killers yelled 'Allah Akbar,' as they chopped.
3/7/2010 Pakistan Lahore 1 0 A Christian man dies during a home invasion by Muslim gunmen.
2/27/2010 Philippines Tubigan 15 13 Women and five children (ages 1 to 11) are among thirteen gunned down by Moro Islamists sweeping through a Christian village.
2/27/2010 Egypt Teleda 0 2 A pastor and his wife are brutally gunned down by Religion of Peace advocate, angry that they are trying to build a church.
2/26/2010 Liberia Voinjama 4 23 A Muslim mob burns churches and kills at least four Christians.
2/26/2010 Pakistan Lahore 0 3 A Christian family is terrorized in their home by a Muslim gang. One girl is raped and the other stabbed four times.
2/23/2010 Iraq Mosul 3 0 A Christian father and his two sons are murdered in their home. They were relatives of a priest.
2/20/2010 Iraq Mosul 1 0 A 57-year-old Christian shopkeeper is kidnapped and brutally shot to death by Muslim kidnappers.
2/20/2010 Bangladesh Baghaichhari 8 200 At least eight people are killed when Muslim villagers riot against Christian and Buddhist neighbors.
2/17/2010 Iraq Mosul 1 0 Another young Christian is shot to death by Muslim extremists.
2/15/2010 Iraq Mosul 1 0 A 42-year-old Christian is shot to death in front of his store.
2/15/2010 Iraq Mosul 1 0 A 20-year-old Christian student is kidnapped and brutally murdered by Mujahideen.
2/14/2010 Iraq Mosul 1 1 Islamists enter a Christian businessman's home and murder him.
2/9/2010 Egypt Menoufia 1 0 A young Christian carpenter is gunned down at close range by a Muslim policeman in a suspected sectarian attack.
2/8/2010 Pakistan Punjab 0 1 A Christian man is beaten unconscious for refusing to embrace Islam.
2/5/2010 Pakistan Karachi 33 80 A Christian family and dozens of Shiites are blown to bits by Sunni bombers at two locations, one a hospital.
1/26/2010 Iraq Mosul 0 1 A Christian shopkeeper is targeted by Muslim gunmen and seriously injured.
1/22/2010 Bangladesh Netrokona 0 2 A Catholic humanitarian worker and his wife are attacked by a gang of Muslims.
1/22/2010 Pakistan Lahore 1 0 A 12-year-old Christian girl is raped, tortured and killed by her Muslim employer, a respected lawyer.
1/19/2010 Somalia Mogadishu 19 30 Women and children are among nineteen killed when Islamists launch multiple assaults on 'apostates and Christian backers.'
1/18/2010 Iraq Mosul 1 0 Islamic terrorists gun down a Christian man inside a grocery.
1/17/2010 Nigeria Jos 48 96 Muslim youth go on a rampage, hacking about 48 Christians to death after an attack outside a church. The victims include two pastors.
1/17/2010 Iraq Mosul 2 0 At least one of two men gunned down in a targeted shooting is a Christian father of two.
1/15/2010 Kenya Nairobi 1 5 A Muslim gunmen fires into a crowd, killing one Christian and injuring five.
1/12/2010 Iraq Mosul 1 0 A 75-year-old Christian is gunned down in his grocery story by Religion of Peace militants.
1/11/2010 Iraq Mosul 1 0 A 51-year-old Christian man is brutally gunned down while selling vegetables by the side of the road.
1/7/2010 Egypt Nag Hamadi 7 10 Six worshippers and one guard are gunned down by Muslim radicals as they leave mass at a Christian church. A 14-year-old is among the dead.
1/1/2010 Somalia Hodan 1 0 Islamists murder a 41-year-old Christian convert and church leader.
12/26/2009 Pakistan Punjab 0 2 Two young Christians are shot in the chest after refusing to convert to Islam.
12/25/2009 Pakistan Kalar Kahar 0 60 About sixty Christians are injured when a Muslim mob attacks them during Christmas prayers.
12/24/2009 Pakistan Peshawar 4 24 A suicide bomber detonates near a Christian school, killing four others.
12/24/2009 Iraq Mosul 1 0 A Christian is gunned down in front of his home by Islamists.
12/23/2009 Iraq Mosul 2 0 A bomb placed near an ancient Christian church kills two people.
12/17/2009 Iraq Mosul 1 0 A 30-year-old Christian man is shot to death in cold blood by Mujahideen.
12/15/2009 Iraq Mosul 4 40 Four Christians are killed when Islamic bombers target a church and Christian school.
12/9/2009 Iraq Mosul 2 0 Two Christian brothers are kidnapped and shot to death by Muslim terrorists.
12/3/2009 Pakistan Karol 1 0 A Christian man is shot to death by Muslims after refusing to 'embrace' Islam.
11/19/2009 Russia Moscow 1 1 An anti-Islam priest is assassinated in his own church by a suspected Muslim gunman.
11/14/2009 Iraq Mosul 1 0 A 16-year-old Christian boy is gunned down outside his home by suspected radicals.
11/14/2009 Somalia Mogadishu 1 0 A 23-year-old Christian convert is kidnapped by Islamists and executed with two shots to the head.
11/9/2009 Philippines Jolo 1 0 Abu Sayyaf militants cut the head off of a Christian school principal and leave it in a paper bag at a gas station.
10/19/2009 Somalia Galkayo 1 0 A Christian woman is murdered by Islamists inside her home for refusing to wear a veil.
10/18/2009 Egypt Attaleen 1 0 Muslims gun down a 61-year-old Christian whose son was dating a Muslim girl.
10/10/2009 Somalia Mogadishu 1 0 A Christian pastor is shot to death by al-Shabaab militants as he is returning home.
10/5/2009 Iraq Kirkuk 1 0 The tortured body of a Christian businessman is discovered three days after being kidnapped by Muslims.
10/4/2009 Iraq Kirkuk 1 0 A 55-year-old Christian nurse is kidnapped and tortured to death by Religion of Peace militants.
9/28/2009 Somalia Marerey 1 0 A 46-year-old Christian woman is shot to death by Islamists after being found with Bibles.
9/16/2009 Egypt Bagur 1 2 A 63-year-old Christian is stabbed to death by a rampaging Muslim.
9/15/2009 Somalia Merca 1 0 A 69-year-old Christian is executed by al-Shabaab militants after they find him carrying Bibles through their checkpoint.
9/14/2009 Pakistan Sialkot 1 0 A young Christian is beaten to death after being arrested for blasphemy.
9/13/2009 Bangladesh Dhaka 1 0 A Christian evangelist dies from injuries suffered from severe torture at the hands of a Muslim gang.
9/12/2009 Bangladesh Dhaka 1 0 A group of Muslims brutally torture and murder a young Christian student.
9/11/2009 Ethiopia Senbete 0 3 A Muslim mob ransacks two Christian churches and seriously injures three Christian worshippers.
8/29/2009 Sudan Wernyol 43 62 An Islamic-backed militia targets Christian villagers, hacking or shooting at least 43 to death including a senior church leader.
8/28/2009 Pakistan Quetta 6 7 Six Christians are gunned down after refusing a 'convert or die' offer from Islamists.
8/19/2009 Iraq Kirkuk 0 0 Islamic militants kidnap and murder a Christian doctor.
8/18/2009 Somalia Bulahawa 1 0 A 41-year-old Christian is hunted down and shot to death for leaving Islam.
8/15/2009 Egypt Cairo 1 0 A 22-year-old Christian conscript is murdered in his barracks after suffering horrible abuse over his religion.
8/3/2009 Pakistan Gorja 1 0 A Christian man succumbs to injuries suffered by a Muslim mob attack.
8/1/2009 Pakistan Gojra 8 18 Eight Christians are burned alive by a mob angered over a rumor of Qur'an desecration.
7/30/2009 Pakistan Gojra City 7 19 Seven people, including women and children (the youngest of whom was 4), are burned alive when a Muslim mob rampages through a Christian community over rumors of a Qur'an desecration.
7/28/2009 Nigeria Maiduguri 3 0 Three Christian pastors are kidnapped by Boko Harem Islamists and then beheaded after they refuse to accept Islam.
7/28/2009 Nigeria Maiduguri 1 0 Islamists pull a Christian man from his home and slit his throat.
7/27/2009 Nigeria Maiduguri 1 0 A Christian pastor and father of seven is hacked to death by radical Muslims, who then burn down his church.
7/27/2009 Somalia Merca 4 0 Four Christian orphanage workers are beheaded by Islamists after declining the offer to return to Islam.
7/26/2009 Iraq Ninewa 1 0 A Christian worker is murdered at a Pepsi plant by Islamic gunmen.
7/23/2009 Eritrea Mitire 1 0 A 43-year-old man dies from torture after refusing to renounce his Christian faith.
7/20/2009 Turkey Istanbul 1 0 A Christian is stabbed shortly after leaving a church by a Muslim who said he just 'wanted to kill a Christian.'
7/20/2009 Somalia Mahadday Weyne 1 0 A father of two is shot to death by Muslims for leaving Islam and becoming a Christian.
7/12/2009 Iraq Kirkuk 1 0 A Christian man is pulled from his car and murdered in front of his daughter.
7/12/2009 Iraq Baghdad 4 33 Four people are killed when Islamists place bombs at four Christian churches.
7/10/2009 Somalia Baidoa 7 0 al-Shabaab Islamists stage the public beheading of seven people for "being Christian."
7/7/2009 Pakistan Lahore 0 1 A Christian man is crippled by a Muslim, who shoots him eight times in the legs for refusing to pay Jizya.
7/7/2009 Philippines Jolo 2 27 Abu Sayyaf militants detonate a bomb outside a second Christian church, killing two innocents.
7/5/2009 Philippines Cotabato 6 44 A Religion of Peace nail bomb outside a Christian church leaves at least six innocents dead.
7/3/2009 Ethiopia Dessie 2 0 Two Christians are shot to death by Muslim gunmen while working on a church.
7/1/2009 Pakistan Faisalabad 0 1 A young Christian is brutally tortured by a Muslim mob on charges of desecrating a Qur'an.
7/1/2009 Pakistan Lahore 0 15 Fifteen Christian women and children are burned when a Muslim mob throws acid on them.
7/1/2009 Pakistan Ghaziabad 1 0 A 16-year-old Christian boy is tortured to death in a police station.
6/22/2009 Philippines Maguindanao 1 4 Moro Islamists storm a village and shoot a 15-year-old Christian boy dead.
6/21/2009 Egypt El-Fashn 0 22 A Muslim mob assaults a Christian church, smashing and slashing until at least twenty-two worshippers lay injured.
6/19/2009 Pakistan Ittanwali 0 3 A Christian woman's family is beaten, including two young children, after she refuses to embrace Islam.
6/18/2009 Iraq Mosul 1 0 A Christian is gunned down by Muslim gunmen in the process of kidnapping another Christian.
6/15/2009 Yemen Sanaa 9 0 Women and children are among nine foreign missionaries kidnapped and executed by Shiite fundamentalists.
6/13/2009 Pakistan Bahawalpur 0 10 Ten Christians are injured by a Muslim package bomb.
6/8/2009 Bangladesh Boalia 0 3 Three Christians, including a pastor, are pulled from their church and tortured for their faith with burning cigarettes and wooden clubs.
6/8/2009 Pakistan Tiasar 1 0 An 11-year-old boy is shot in the head when the Taliban attack his church.
5/18/2009 Philippines Basilan 1 0 The beheaded body of a 61-year-old Christian farmer is found following his abduction by Islamic militants.
5/15/2009 Pakistan Punjab 1 0 A Christian man is raped and murdered for refusing to convert to Islam.
5/15/2009 Iraq Mosul 1 0 A Christian is kidnapped and beheaded.
5/11/2009 Iraq Mosul 1 0 Muslim kidnappers murder a 5-year-old Christian boy.
5/9/2009 Pakistan Machharkay 1 0 A Christian man is beaten to death with pipes by Muslims angry that he drank tea at a 'Muslim-only' establishment.
4/26/2009 Iraq Kirkuk 2 0 Islamists slit the throats of a Christian woman and her daughter-in-law.
4/26/2009 Iraq Kirkuk 1 2 A Christian man is gunned down by Mujahid.
4/25/2009 Iraq Tal Keef 1 0 A Christian woman is abducted and beheaded by Islamic radicals.
4/21/2009 Pakistan Taseer 3 0 A mob of Islamic hardliners invade a Christian neighborhood and terrorize the residents. Two Christians are killed as they attempt to defend women from rape. An 11-year-old boy dies a few days later.
4/19/2009 Iraq Baghdad 3 0 Three Christian jewelers are brutally murdered in their shop by Muslim gunmen.
4/13/2009 Philippines Basilan 1 0 Abu Sayyaf terrorists behead a kidnapped Christian.
4/10/2009 Philippines Basilan 1 8 Muslim terrorists attack a Christian village, killing one and kidnapping several young children.
4/4/2009 Iraq Mosul 1 0 A Christian repairman is shot to death by Muslim gunmen in front of his workshop.
4/3/2009 Philippines Basilan 2 8 A woman is among two people killed when Islamic militants bomb a fast food shop near a Catholic cathedral.
4/2/2009 Iraq Baghdad 2 0 Two older Christian sisters are murdered by Mujahideen gunmen.
4/1/2009 Iraq Mashtal 1 0 A Christian man is gunned down in front of his restaurant by Islamic terrorists.
3/31/2009 Iraq Kirkuk 1 0 A 71-year-old Christian man is killed in his own home by Muslim intruders.
3/31/2009 Iraq Kirkuk 1 0 An elderly Christian is gunned down by Muslim radicals.
3/15/2009 UK London 0 1 A Christian minister critical of Islam is brutally beaten by local Muslims.
3/5/2009 Egypt Qalubiya 2 0 Muslims set a young Christian on fire and also stab his 60-year-old father to death.
3/2/2009 Pakistan Songo 1 28 Muslim radicals open fire on a Presbyterian church, then enter the building and beat a 45 woman to death.
2/21/2009 Nigeria Bauchi 11 38 A Muslim mob goes on a rampage, burning churches and killing Christians.
2/21/2009 Somalia Yonday 2 0 Two young Christian boys (ages 11 and 12) are beheaded by Religion of Peace extremists.
2/19/2009 Iraq Mosul 1 0 A Christian businessman is gunned down in his shop.
2/17/2009 Iraq Mosul 1 1 A Christian is gunned down by suspected Islamists.
2/9/2009 Afghanistan Kabul 1 0 An Indian Christian, who worked for a food chain, is reported dead four months after being abducted by Sunni extremists.
2/8/2009 Afghanistan Kabul 1 0 The Taliban release a video showing the beheading of a kidnapped Polish Christian who declined the offer to save his life by converting to Islam.
2/1/2009 Pakistan Shajwal Chak 1 0 A Christian man begging for wages owed is murdered by Muslim employers as they deride his faith.
1/16/2009 Iraq Mosul 1 0 The local Christian owner of a car repair shop is brutally murdered by Islamic terrorists.
1/16/2009 Eritrea Mitire 1 0 A 42-year-old man dies after being tortured iin prison for his Christian faith.
1/10/2009 Pakistan Chak 0 1 Six Muslim men gang-rape a 14-year-old girl in front of her parents because they are Christian.
1/5/2009 Eritrea Mitire 1 0 A 37-year-old man dies from torture after refusing to recant his Christian faith.
12/30/2008 Egypt Cairo 0 1 A woman who embraced Christianity is arrested, raped and tortuted by police, who promise to release her if she will return to Islam.
12/30/2008 Philippines Esperanza 1 0 A 17-year-old Christian taxi driver is killed by a bomb planted by Muslim radicals.
12/18/2008 Philippines Iligan 3 47 Islamists detonate nail-packed bombs at two shopping malls in Christian areas, killing at least three people.
11/28/2008 Nigeria Jos 2 0 Two Christians are macheted to death after a cleric inspires his followers to 'kill unbelievers."
11/28/2008 Nigeria Jos 6 0 Six Christian pastors are among hundreds killed when Muslim rioter stage a deadly church-burning rampage.
11/12/2008 Iraq Mosul 2 0 Two Christian sisters are shot to death inside their home by Muslim militants.
10/22/2008 Iraq Mosul 2 0 Two Christians, a father and son, are shot to death by Islamic radicals.
10/20/2008 Afghanistan Kabul 1 0 A female aid worker is shot to death by Sunni extremists over fears that she was sharing her Christian faith.
10/14/2008 Philippines North Cotabato 1 0 Moro Islamists attack a Christian village, killing one civilian and driving many families from their homes.
10/12/2008 Iraq Mosul 1 1 A Christian business owner is gunned down in his music store by Islamic fundamentalists.
10/11/2008 Philippines Sultan Kudarat 5 5 Moro Islamists attack a Christian village, killing five innocents and kidnapping two others for use as human shields.
10/11/2008 Iraq Mosul 3 0 The bodies of three Christians are discovered following their abduction by Islamic radicals.
10/10/2008 Iraq Mosul 2 0 Two Christians are shot to death by Islamists at a roadblock after being forced to identify themselves.
10/8/2008 Iraq Mosul 2 0 Two more Christians are murdered by Muslim extremists in separate attacks.
10/7/2008 Iraq Mosul 2 0 A Christian man and his elderly father are shot to death at their workplace by Religion of Peace radicals.
10/7/2008 Iraq Mosul 1 0 Islamic extremists enter a Christian pharmacy and kill the owner.
10/6/2008 Iraq Mosul 1 0 A disabled Christian is abducted from his shop by Islamists and then shot to death.
10/5/2008 Egypt al-Tayeba 1 3 A 19-year-old Christian is shot to death by a Muslim mob.
10/4/2008 Iraq Tahrir 1 0 A 15-year-old Christian boy is shot to death by Mujahideen while standing outside his home.
10/4/2008 Iraq Mosul 4 0 Islamists enter a Christian store and murder the owner. Three tortured and executed kidnap victims are found elsewhere.
9/28/2008 Somalia Tayeglow 0 2 Two Christians are seriously injured when a Muslim mob invades their church with spears and machetes.
9/23/2008 Somalia Manyafulka 1 0 A Christian is beheaded for leaving Islam by men who read the Qur'an aloud before decapitating him.
9/20/2008 Ethiopia Addis Ababa 0 1 A 35-year-old Christian leaders is nearly beaten to death by Religion of Peace advocates.
9/14/2008 Somalia Afgoye 1 0 A 22-year-old Christian is casually shot to death at a wedding after being accused of apostasy.
9/14/2008 Kenya Garissa 0 10 A Muslim mob storms a church during a service, pelting worshippers with stones and injuring ten.
9/10/2008 Iraq Mosul 1 0 A Christian man is shot to death by Muslim fundamentalists.
9/2/2008 Iraq Mosul 1 0 Islamic fundamentalists abduct and murder a 65-year-old Christian doctor.
8/31/2008 Iraq Mosul 1 0 A Christian man is kidnapped and murdered by Islamic fundamentalists.
8/30/2008 Angola Andulo 1 40 A young girl is decapitated by Muslims rampaging through a Christian community on a church-burning spree. (Reported)
8/18/2008 Philippines Mindanao 49 50 Forty-nine Christian villagers are shot or hacked to death by Moro Islamists rampaging through three towns.
8/13/2008 Saudi Arabia Riyadh 1 0 A Christian girl has her tongue cut out and is then burned alive by her father for leaving Islam.
8/12/2008 Philippines Basilan 4 0 At least four Catholic civilians are killed when Moro Islamists strafe their homes with gunfire.
8/10/2008 Saudi Arabia Riyadh 1 0 A 26-year-old woman has her tongue cut out, then is set on fire by her father (a moral policeman) for converting to Christianity.
7/29/2008 Philippines Mindanao 4 1 Four Christian passengers are pulled from a bus and murdered by Islamic terrorists.
7/26/2008 Indonesia Jakarata 0 265 Over two-hundred people are injured when a Muslim mob storms a Christian school.
7/25/2008 Pal. Auth. Gaza 1 3 A bomb set outside a Christian cafe kills one person.
7/19/2008 Ethiopia Jijiga 0 2 Two former Muslims who converted to Christianity are attacked by a stone-throwing mob of Muslims.
7/16/2008 Somalia Anjel 1 0 A Muslim gang murders a Christian man.
7/16/2008 Pakistan Lahore 1 0 A teenaged Christian boy is kidnapped, tortured for two days, then killed by Muslims for dating a Muslim girl.
7/10/2008 Somalia Afgyoye 1 0 Islamists with automatic weapons shoot a Christian man to death for not praying toward Mecca.
7/1/2008 Philippines Aleosan 1 0 A Christian man is shot to death after refusing to give up his property to Moro Islamic Front raiders.
6/18/2008 Iraq Nineveh 12 0 A report surfaces of a dozen Christian children kidnapped and crucified by Muslim extremists over the course of five years.
6/3/2008 Indonesia Jakarta 0 12 Radical Muslims with machetes attack a group of Christians at a religious tolerance rally, shouting 'Repent or die!'
5/4/2008 Pakistan Hafizabad 1 0 A 19-year-old Christian is tortured and killed for having a relationship with a Muslim woman.
5/2/2008 Indonesia Horale 3 0 A Muslim mob rampages through a Christian village, killing three people and setting fire to churches and homes.
4/5/2008 Iraq Karradah 1 0 A Christian priest is shot to death by Muslim fanatics.
3/13/2008 Iraq Mosul 1 0 A Christian archbishop is killed while in the captivity of Muslim militants.
2/29/2008 Iraq Mosul 3 0 Three Christians are killed trying to unsuccessfully protect their archbishop from an abduction.
2/28/2008 Germany Odenwald 3 0 Muslims ask three innocent Christians to identify their religion, then brutally execute them.
2/5/2008 Bangladesh Rangpur 1 0 A convert to Christianity dies from burns suffered when a Muslim mob set fire to her house four weeks earlier.
2/1/2008 Bangladesh Cinatuly 1 0 An elderly Christian woman dies from burn suffered when a Muslim mob set fire to her home for converting her family members.
1/29/2008 Pakistan Punjab 1 0 A 16-year-old Christian is kidnapped and sold for organ harvesting.
1/17/2008 Pakistan Peshawar 1 0 A Christian man (and father of an infant daughter) is brutally gunned down by masked men.
1/15/2008 Philippines Mindanao 1 0 A priest resists a kidnapping attempt by Abu Sayyaf terrorists and is shot to death in his chapel.
1/11/2008 Pakistan Sheikhupura 1 0 A 13-year-old Christian boy is targeted and killed by Muslim gunmen.
12/16/2007 Turkey Barakli 0 1 A 65-year-old priest is stabbed during mass by a young Muslim angered over Christian "proselytizing."
12/12/2007 Lebanon Baabda 2 10 Muslims militants assassinate a military general with a bomb blast in a Christian neighborhood.
12/11/2007 Iraq Basra 2 0 Islamic radicals kill a Christian brother and sister, then dump their bodies at a garbage site.
12/9/2007 Iraq Mosul 1 0 A Christian girl is shot to death at a marketplace by Islamists.
10/23/2007 UK Leeds 1 0 A 19-year-old Catholic girl is stabbed to death by a Muslim who said she was too 'sexually provocative.'
10/13/2007 Nigeria Gamji Gate 2 0 Two young Christians are murdered by Muslim radicals in separate attacks. One is beaten to death and the other hacked with a sword.
10/13/2007 Nigeria Bauchi 10 0 Ten Christians are killed by a Muslim mob rampaging through a village. Three churches are burned down as well.
10/7/2007 Pal. Auth. Gaza 1 0 A Christian bookseller is abducted and stabbed to death by Islamic fundamentalists.
9/29/2007 Nigeria Kano 10 61 Ten Christians, including a Catholic priest, are murdered over a two day period by a Muslim mob, angered over a cartoon written by one of their own. Churches are burned as well.
9/28/2007 Iraq Qaraqush 1 0 A Christian college student is shot nine times by Islamic terrorists.
9/19/2007 Lebanon Beirut 9 30 Muslim bombers assassinate an anti-Syrian political leader and eight others in a Christian neighborhood.
9/9/2007 India Kolkata 1 0 A Muslim is murdered for his intention to convert to Hinduism.
8/29/2007 Pakistan Islamabad 2 0 A Christian pastor had his wife are brutally murdered in their home by Muslim gunmen.
8/3/2007 Philippines Koronadal 1 12 A Christian pastor is killed in a bus bombing by a group linked to the Moro Islamic terror group.
7/31/2007 Afghanistan Kabul 1 0 The Taliban murder a 29-year-old Christian man taken hostage.
7/30/2007 Pakistan Punjab 1 0 A Christian man is shot to death by two Muslims.
7/25/2007 Afghanistan Kandahar 1 0 The Taliban shoot a Christian man to death.
7/22/2007 Lebanon Tanbourit 1 4 Shiites shoot Christian villagers who complained of harassment.
7/18/2007 Philippines Lamitan 1 0 A Sunni missionary is dismembered by Abu Sayyaf militants on suspicion of spying.
7/16/2007 Ingushetia Ordzhonikidzevskaya 3 7 A Christian woman and her two children are murdered in their home by Islamic gunmen. Seven mourners are injured when their funeral is bombed two days later.
7/10/2007 Philippines Basilan 14 9 Abu Sayyaf militants kill 14 members of a search party looking for a kidnapped priest. At least ten are beheaded.
6/27/2007 Iraq Mosul 2 0 Two Christians are murdered by Sunni radicals.
6/26/2007 Bangladesh Nilphamari 0 10 Ten Christian converts from Islam are savagely beaten by a Muslim mob.
6/12/2007 Iraq Razaliyah 1 0 A Christian father of two young children is kidnapped and killed when he refuses to accept Islam.
6/8/2007 Indonesia Pekanbaru 1 0 A Christian schoolteacher is shot to death in front of his 9-year-old son by Muslim extremists.
6/7/2007 Lebanon Beirut 1 0 Muslim bombers take out one Christian civilian and injure four others.
6/3/2007 Iraq Mosul 4 0 Islamists shoot a Catholic priest and three other Christians to death as they are leaving a church.
5/20/2007 Lebanon Beirut 1 10 A 63-year-old woman is killed in a bomb attack on a Christian neighborhood.
5/11/2007 Egypt Behma 0 10 Ten Christians are injured as a Muslim mob rampages through their neighborhood, enraged over the construction of a church.
4/30/2007 Ethiopia Jijiga 2 3 Two Christians are killed when Muslims bomb a tent gathering.
4/27/2007 Sudan Gnaya 4 5 Four Christians, including a boy, are shot to death by radical Muslims after showing a 'Jesus' film in a village.
4/19/2007 Philippines Parang 7 0 Seven Christian laborers are kidnapped and beheaded by Moro Islamists.
4/18/2007 Turkey Malatya 3 3 Three Christians working at a Bible distribution company are brutally tortured and murdered by local Islamists. All three had their throats cut.
4/15/2007 India Pulwama 1 0 A Christian church worker is kidnapped, brutally tortured and then beheaded by the Mujahideen.
3/26/2007 Iraq Kirkuk 2 0 Two elderly nuns, aged 79 and 85, are stabbed to death in their home.
3/21/2007 Nigeria Gombe 1 0 A female Christian teacher is attacked and killed by her students, who accused her of 'desecrating' the Qur'an.
2/20/2007 USA Nashville, TN 0 1 A Muslim cab driver runs over a Christian after arguing about religion. The young man's ankle and hip are broken by the vehicle.
2/14/2007 Iraq Baghdad 4 10 Four Christians are killed in an Islamic car bombing of their hospital.
2/13/2007 Lebanon Bikfaya 3 19 Following threats by Islamic groups, two coordinated bomb blasts rip through a Christian town, killing at least three persons.
1/5/2007 Ethiopia Kofele 1 0 A Christian is beaten to death by Muslims with a metal bar.
12/14/2006 India Mamoosa 1 0 A convert to Christianity, and father of four, is gunned down in broad daylight by Islamic radicals.
12/3/2006 Iraq Mosul 1 0 A 69-year-old Christian church leader is kidnapped and murdered by Islamic extremists.
11/21/2006 India Mamoosa 1 0 A 50-year-old Christian convert is gunned down by members of his former religion.
11/21/2006 Lebanon Beirut 1 0 A Christian leader is gunned down by Muslim terrorists supported by Syria.
10/31/2006 Pakistan Azad Kashmir 1 0 A Christian missionary is shot to death by Islamic radicals.
10/21/2006 Iraq Baqubah 1 0 A 14-year-old Christian boy is abducted and beheaded by Muslim extremists.
10/17/2006 Eritrea Adi-Quala 2 0 Two Christians are arrested and tortured to death for hosting a church meeting.
10/16/2006 Indonesia Sulawesi 1 0 A Christian priest is murdered by Muslim gunmen in front of his wife.
10/14/2006 Ethiopia Beshasha 6 15 A mob of 300 Muslims attack a group of unarmed Christians worshipping at a church, murdering at least six of them - including two priests.
10/11/2006 Iraq Baghdad 1 0 A Christian priest is abducted and decapitated by Muslim extremists. The head is not found with the body.
10/4/2006 Iraq Baghdad 16 87 Jihadis bomb a Christian district, killing sixteen innocents and injuring many dozens more.
10/1/2006 Ethiopia Jimma 10 12 Ten people are killed, more than a dozen injured, and at least two churches burned down as Muslims attempt to ban a Christian ceremony.
10/1/2006 Indonesia Poso 0 1 A Christian man is pulled off a bus and stabbed by a Muslim mob.
9/30/2006 Pakistan Bahawlnagar 1 0 A Christian is killed by authorities who arrest and imprison him for 'blaspheming' Islam.
9/24/2006 Iraq Baghdad 2 17 Radical Muslims place bombs outside a Christian cathedral, intending to kill worshippers. Two people, including a child, are killed.
9/17/2006 Somalia Mogadishu 2 0 A 70-year-old nun working at a children's' hospital is shot to death by radical Muslims, along with a guard.
9/16/2006 Iraq Baghdad 1 0 Muslims stab a Christian to death in a marketplace in retaliation for the pope's remarks.
9/15/2006 Iraq Baghdad 1 0 A Christian is killed when radical Muslims attack a Catholic church.
9/9/2006 Indonesia Poso 1 0 A young Christian woman is killed when Islamic radicals throw a bomb at her house.
9/7/2006 Somalia Mogadishu 1 0 A young college student is murdered after converting from Islam to Christianity.
9/6/2006 Indonesia Tangkuran 1 0 A Christian is killed in a bombing attack by militant Muslims.
9/5/2006 Lebanon Rmeileh 4 4 Four members of a detail investigating a Christian's death are themselves killed in a bombing by Muslim radicals.
9/1/2006 Pakistan Neelum Valley 2 3 Two Christian children of missionaries are brutally murdered. The girl had her breast cut off and was raped.
8/19/2006 Egypt Cairo 1 0 A Christian cobbler is stabbed to death by an angry Muslim.
7/5/2006 Nigeria Kumutu 3 30 Nigerian 'Taliban' attacks Christian villagers, killing at least three.
6/30/2006 Pakistan Gadi Wind 1 0 A group of Muslim bulldoze a Christian family's house, killing an infant.
6/8/2006 Philippines Patikul 1 2 Islamists attack Christians at a carnival, killing one and injuring two more.
5/25/2006 Philippines Jolo 1 0 A 32-year-old cigarette vendor is gunned down by Abu Sayyaf near a Catholic church.
5/12/2006 Kenya Nairobi 1 2 A Christian radio station airing the testimony of Muslim apostates is targeted in a bombing attack. One guard is shot to death by the radicals.
5/11/2006 Kosovo Kosovska Mitrovica 0 2 Two Christian youth are seriously injured when Muslims open up on them with automatic weapons.
4/16/2006 Ethiopia Jijiga 3 23 Islamists bomb a two bars and a church, killing three people and injuring two dozen.
4/14/2006 Egypt Alexandria 1 3 Knife-wielding Islamists attack Christians gathered outside a church, stabbing four of them. A 78-year-old man dies.
4/10/2006 Afghanistan Badghis 5 0 Five Afghan humanitarian workers working for a Christian aid agency are slaughtered by Muslim extremists at their clinic.
3/22/2006 Ethiopia Arisi Negellie 1 0 Muslims gun down a father of seven in front of a Lutheran church. The victim was a convert from Islam.
3/14/2006 Indonesia Ambon 1 0 In a suspected Muslim attack, a 33-year-old Catholic nun is stabbed to death by an intruder.
3/11/2006 Iraq Baghdad 1 0 A 'Christian Peacemaker' pacifist is kidnapped by Islamic radicals, held for three months, tortured and then shot to death.
2/24/2006 Nigeria Potiskum 4 12 At least four Christians are clubbed to death by a Muslim mob, and five churches burned.
2/24/2006 Nigeria Kontagora 9 27 Machete-wielding Muslims hack nine Christians apart and set fire to four churches.
2/21/2006 Nigeria Bauchi 25 100 Muslims mobs take out their rage on Christians in yet a third Nigerian state, killing at least twenty-five and injuring over one-hundred in a two-day spree.
2/20/2006 Nigeria Maiduguri 30 95 An additional thirty bodies are counted from the Muslim rioting against Christians over the weekend.
2/19/2006 Nigeria Borno 7 24 Muslim mobs target Nigerian Christians in a protest against Danish cartoons. More churches are burned and seven more are killed.
2/18/2006 Nigeria Maiduguri 21 112 Angry Muslim mobs burn churches and beat Christians to death. At least sixteen people are killed in the violence.
2/5/2006 Turkey Trabzon 1 0 A Catholic priest is murdered by an assailant who shouts 'Allah Akbar!' after he fires the gun.
2/3/2006 Philippines Patikul 6 5 Islamists massacre a family of Christians after confirming their religious identity. The victims included an infant and other young children.
1/29/2006 Philippines Pulunoling 2 0 Muslims shoot a Christian couple to death as they are riding a motorcycle on their way home.
1/29/2006 Iraq Kirkuk 3 11 Muslims target Christian churches with six car bombs, killing at least three people and injuring eleven.
1/19/2006 Egypt Udaysaat 2 14 Muslims go on a rampage against Christians, angered by the construction of a church. Two, including a 13-year-old boy, are killed.
12/31/2005 Indonesia Sulawesi 8 56 Eight Christians are killed when Islamists bomb a market selling pork at a time when it is packed with shoppers. The bomb was packed with nails.
12/31/2005 Pakistan Rawalpindi 2 0 Islamic fundamentalists kill a 23-year-old Christian and his Muslim girlfriend because their relationship was against Sharia.
12/12/2005 Lebanon Mkalles 4 30 Christian reporter is assassinated by a car bombing that kills three other people. Thirty innocents are injured in the blast.
12/4/2005 Egypt Cairo 1 0 Christian pastor killed following threats.
11/29/2005 Iraq Mosul 2 1 Two Christians are gunned down by Muslim militants as they are hanging campaign posters.
11/22/2005 Iran Gonbad-e-Kavus 1 0 A Muslim convert to Christianity is stabbed to death by radical Islamists after being abducted from his home.
11/21/2005 Iraq Baghdad 4 0 Four Christian women are killed when gunmen storm their home in the middle of the night.
11/19/2005 Indonesia Palu 0 2 Christian couple shot by radical Muslims while on their way to church.
11/8/2005 Indonesia Poso 1 1 Two Christian 17-year-old girls are shot in the head in a brutal attack only a few days after three others were beheaded.
10/31/2005 Nigeria Niger Province 3 13 Three Christians are killed by Muslims in unrest following the carrying out of a Sharia sentence of amputation against a Christian.
10/29/2005 Indonesia Bukit Bambu 3 1 Three Christian 16-year-old girls on their way to school are attacked and beheaded by six Muslim gentlemen, who leave the headless bodies in the street and carry the heads to a different location.
10/23/2005 England Birmingham 1 1 Pakistanis stab a 24-year-old Christian man senselessly to death in what is either a racial or religious attack.
10/18/2005 Bangladesh Narsingdi 1 0 A Hindu priest is kidnapped and murdered by Islamic extremists.
10/12/2005 Egypt Alexandria 0 2 A nun and one other person are stabbed in front of their church by a Muslim demonstrator.
10/3/2005 Indonesia Pantangolemba 1 0 A 53-year-old Christian is shot to death.
9/29/2005 Indonesia Landangan 1 0 A 43-year-old Christian is shot to death.
9/23/2005 Iraq Baghdad 4 0 Four Assyrian Christians are killed in a Muslim bomb attack on a Christian minister.
9/16/2005 Lebanon Beirut 1 22 A bomb placed in a Christian neighborhood kills one man and injures twenty-two other people.
9/13/2005 Iraq Mosul 1 0 A 21-year-old Christian woman is assaulted by Muslim radicals for wearing jeans. She is beaten and stabbed to death.
8/27/2005 Kosovo Urosevac-Skopje 2 2 Two Christians are killed and two wounded when Muslim gunmen attack their car.
8/27/2005 Iraq Mosul 1 0 A Christian is gunned down by Muslim militants.
8/25/2005 Indonesia Ambon 0 7 A bomb set by Muslim radicals in a Christian sector of town injures seven people.
8/15/2005 Iraq Dura 1 0 'Holy Warriors' kidnap a Christian woman and then cut off her head.
8/11/2005 Pakistan Lahore 1 0 Islamic radicals kidnap, torture and kill a Catholic layman.
8/9/2005 Pakistan Lahore 1 0 A Catholic layman is abducted and strangled to death by Islamic fundamentalists.
8/4/2005 Indonesia Poso 2 0 Two witnesses who testified against the Islamic bombers behind a massacre of Christians at a market are themselves assassinated.
7/29/2005 Bangladesh Boalmari 2 0 Two Christian charity workers are hacked to death inside their home by hard-line Islamic militants, who chained the doors shut to prevent their escape or rescue.
7/23/2005 Lebanon Beirut 0 12 Twelve people are injured by a car bomb placed in a Christian neighborhood.
7/20/2005 India Srinagar 6 17 Hizbul Mujahideen suicide bomber targets a missionary children's school in the Indian capital, killing at least six and injuring more than a dozen.
7/19/2005 Ethiopia Jigjiga 1 0 Islamic militants stop a bus and force the Christians on it to repeat a Muslim creed and pray to Mecca. The one who refuses to do so is shot to death.
7/12/2005 Lebanon Beyrouth 1 12 Muslim terrorists target a Christian politician with a bomb, but kill a civilian instead.
6/2/2005 Lebanon Beirut 1 1 Car bombing in a Christian area of the city takes the life of a journalist who opposed Syrian hegemony.
6/2/2005 Iraq Mosul 5 0 Thinking that they were a Christian family, Jihad gunmen spray the inside of a car with weapons fire, killing two parents and their three young children.
5/28/2005 Indonesia Sulawesi 24 54 A priest and an infant are among the nearly two dozen Christians killed when Islamic militants detonate two bombs in the center of a village. At least sixty others are injured.
5/16/2005 Indonesia Maluku 6 0 Five policemen and a civilian are killed by Islamic militants in Indonesia, as they were sleeping. The militants accused them of protecting a Christian village.
5/7/2005 Lebanon Jounieh 2 28 Two people are killed by a bomb set in a commercial district of a Christian town.
5/6/2005 Iraq Baghdad 14 0 Assyrian Christians are thought to be among the fourteen, bound corpses of torture victims found in a city garbage dump.
4/24/2005 Indonesia Sulawesi 6 0 At least six Christian villagers are killed by their Muslim neighbors after refusing to 'return to Islam.'
4/10/2005 Nigeria Benue 14 4 Fourteen Christians are killed in an attack on their villages by Muslim militants in the large African nation.
4/7/2005 Pakistan Peshawar 2 0 A priest and his Christian driver are detained then stabbed to death by Muslim extremists, who also cut off the hands, noses and ears of the victims.
4/1/2005 Lebanon Broummana 0 12 Bomb placed outside a shopping center in a Christian resort village by Syrian-backed terrorists injures a dozen.
3/27/2005 Pakistan Khambay 1 6 Four Islamic militants open fire on an church Easter service, killing at least one Christian and injuring six other worshippers.
3/26/2005 Lebanon Beirut 0 5 Bomb in a predominately Christian suburb injures five.
3/24/2005 Iraq Basra 2 0 A female Christian college student is kidnapped and beaten to death by Shiite radicals. A man coming to her rescue is murdered as well.
3/23/2005 Lebanon Jounieh 3 3 Three people are killed when Muslim terrorists detonate an 80kg bomb in a shopping center in a Christian area north of Beirut.
3/19/2005 Lebanon Beirut 2 11 Syrian-backed terrorists set off a car bomb in a Christian neighborhood, killing two innocents.
3/17/2005 Nigeria Benue 1 0 Two Muslim men rape a Christian girl and then poison her.
3/8/2005 Bangladesh Jalalpur 1 0 Christian pastor attacked and beheaded by Muslim extremists as he is returning home from work.
2/28/2005 Iraq Hilla 135 141 A Fedayeen suicide car bomber blows his way to paradise by driving into a crowd of unemployed Iraqis, taking the lives of more than one-hundred souls, most of whom were Christian.
2/18/2005 Lebanon al-Shuwayfat 2 0 Islamists bomb a Christian-owned gas station, killing two people.
2/17/2005 Iraq Zakho 1 0 Christian taxi driver gunned down after refusing to convert back to Islam.
2/4/2005 Nigeria Demsa 36 0 Militant Muslims attack a Christian village in Nigeria, killing at least three dozen and displacing some three thousand others.
1/27/2005 Nigeria Numan 1 0 A Christian woman is shot to death by Muslim troops in the troubled African province.
12/19/2004 Iraq Baghdad 2 0 Two Christians are kidnapped and then murdered by Jihadists.
12/12/2004 Indonesia Sulawesi 0 3 Muslims open fire on churches in Indonesia, injuring three Christians.
12/8/2004 Iraq Ramadi 1 0 Islamic terrorists kill a Christian doctor as he is attending to (Muslim) patients in a hospital.
12/8/2004 Nigeria Bauchi 1 0 Muslim students at an African university abduct and kill a Christian student.
12/2/2004 Iraq Mosul 1 0 Islamic terrorists kidnap and decapitate a 29-year-old Christian man.
11/30/2004 Thailand Yala 1 2 Two separate shooting attacks by Muslim missionaries from the back of a motorcycle leave a teacher dead and two other civilians injured.
11/23/2004 Nigeria Jigawa 2 10 Muslim extremists attack a group of Christian evangelists. Two people are beaten to death and at least ten others injured.
11/17/2004 Philippines Zamboanga 0 1 24-year-old Christian man is attacked by Muslim activists, badly beaten and left for dead.
11/8/2004 Iraq Baghdad 3 45 Muslim extremists bomb two Christian churches, killing three and injuring over forty, including women and children.
11/4/2004 Indonesia Poso 1 0 The Mujahideen kidnap and decapitate the Christian leader of an Indonesian village.
11/2/2004 Iraq Baghdad 2 2 A Christian family is ambushed in their car by Muslim gunmen, who manage to kill the father and his 10-year-old son.
10/27/2004 Pakistan Karachi 6 2 A vicious killing by Islamists, who barge into a Christian charity office, tie up six men, then execute six by shooting them in the back of the head.
10/25/2004 Iraq Mosul 1 0 An Assyrian Christian woman, mother of three children, is murdered in her home by Jihad warriors.
10/21/2004 Indonesia Poso 1 0 Muslim gunmen kill the security guard at a Catholic church.
10/16/2004 Syria Hasaka 2 0 An Assyrian Christian is beaten and killed by Muslim attackers, who then mutilate his body and dump it in the Christian quarter of town. A friend coming to help is shot and killed.
10/14/2004 Iraq Baghdad 1 0 Small Christian girl kidnapped and killed by Muslims who had demanded ransom from her family.
10/13/2004 Indonesia Jono Oge 2 0 Sword-wielding Muslim mob kills two Christians on a busy street in an Indonesian province. One dies at the scene, another at the hospital.
10/13/2004 Indonesia Sulawesi 1 2 Laskar Jihad gunmen kill a Hindu woman and injure two Christian men by opening fire on their houses.
10/5/2004 Iraq Mosul 1 0 Jihadists kidnap and then behead a 15-year-old Christian boy. They then burn his body.
9/18/2004 Bangladesh Jamalpur 1 0 A Christian convert from Islam has his throat slashed by Muslim fundamentalists.
9/15/2004 Iraq Al Dijail 3 0 The headless bodies of three people, two of who were Assyrian Christians, are found in a field with Qur'anic inscriptions carved into them.
9/14/2004 Iraq Baghdad 2 0 Two Canadian (Arab) Christians are chased by a mob of Muslims and beaten to death.
9/2/2004 Iraq al-Mayasa 2 0 Islamic terrorists gun down two Christian brothers, known for advocating the rights of minorities.
9/1/2004 Iraq Baghdad 1 0 A 43-year-old Christian man is killed by Jihadists just after leaving a hospital where he was treated for injuries following an earlier attack.
8/31/2004 Iraq Bartella 3 0 Three young Christian women are slaughtered by Islamic extremists in a small Iraqi village.
8/26/2004 Iraq Mosul 1 0 A Christian man is murdered by Muslim terrorists.
8/19/2004 Pakistan Lahore 1 0 Muslim mob takes 26-year-old Christian from his home then tortures him to death.
8/7/2004 Afghanistan Awdand 1 0 Islamic radicals murder a 40-year-old 'well-educated' man for converting to Christianity.
8/1/2004 Iraq Baghdad 11 61 Islamic radicals bomb five Catholic churches, murdering nearly a dozen Christians and injuring close to one-hundred people.
7/28/2004 Afghanistan Kabul 1 0 A married father is stabbed to death after being discovered associating with other Christians.
7/23/2004 Afghanistan Kabul 1 0 A Christian is stabbed to death by the Taliban over praying in the name of Jesus.
7/19/2004 Indonesia Palu 2 3 Islamic gunmen enter a church and kill the female pastor and a 17-year-old girl. Three other teenage worshipers were also shot.
7/19/2004 Iraq Mosul 1 1 Islamists kill the Christian owner of a restaurant selling food to Americans. They also blind and cut off both hands of his Muslim business partner.
7/18/2004 Indonesia Palu 1 4 Radical Muslims fire into a church service, killing a female pastor and injuring four Christian worshippers.
7/15/2004 Afghanistan Kabul 1 0 A Christian is beaten to death for studying the Bible.
7/11/2004 Iraq Baghdad 2 0 In a particularly senseless attack, Islamic fundamentalists enter the home of a Christian family and stab two girls (ages 16 and 6) to death.
6/30/2004 Afghanistan Ghazni 1 0 A convert to Christianity (and father of four daughters) is dragged out of his home by the Taliban, who then slit his thoat.
6/23/2004 Iraq Basra 2 0 As their father waited at home for their return, two Christian sisters are gunned down by Muslim extremists in a particularly heinous and senseless murder.
6/10/2004 Iraq Baghdad 1 0 A Christian man is attack and murdered by Islamists in his home.
6/9/2004 UK Brixton 1 0 A 21-year-old man is stabbed to death by Muslim gang members for refusing to convert to Islam.
6/7/2004 Iraq Baghdad 4 3 Islamic terrorists target Christian workers in a morning shooting attack that leaves four dead and several wounded.
6/7/2004 Iraq Baghdad 4 0 In the same Christian neighborhood as the morning drive-by, Islamic extremists murder four, including three women returning from work.
6/6/2004 Kosovo Gracanica 1 0 17-year-old Christian teenager is shot to death in a restaurant by Muslim terrorists.
5/29/2004 Indonesia Palu 1 0 A Christian prosecutor, working to keep three Bali bombers in jail, is assassinated by Jemaah Islamiah extremists in his car.
5/29/2004 Saudi Arabia Khobar 22 45 "Are you Christian or Muslim," ask al-Qaeda militants as they shoot twenty-two infidels to death, including a 10-year-old boy, and take over forty-five hostages in an attack on an office complex.
5/28/2004 Pakistan Lahore 1 0 Pakistani Christian who was attacked with a hammer by a policeman for violating the State's blasphemy laws dies of his injuries. The killer claimed he wanted to "earn a spot in Paradise."
5/28/2004 Sudan Tabit 20 17 Sudanese warplanes bomb a Christian village, killing at least twenty.
5/28/2004 Nigeria Langtang 3 0 Assault by armed Muslims leaves three Christians dead and several hundred homeless after their village is burned.
5/27/2004 Uzbekistan Isfara 1 0 A Baptist pastor gunned down by members of the Islamist group, Bayrat.
5/25/2004 Indonesia Ambon 1 13 Bomb blast in the Christian sector of the city kills one and injures thirteen. A second bomb is found near a church and defused.
5/21/2004 Nigeria Saminaka 7 0 In the latest of a series of attacks on Christian villagers, seven more are killed by Nigerian Jihadists as they sought refuge in their homes.
5/21/2004 Nigeria Jiram 15 0 Fifteen Christian villagers are massacred by Jihadists.
5/19/2004 Nigeria Sabo Gida 10 0 Ten Christian villagers are killed by armed Muslims. An unknown number are injured by the attackers, who also burned churches and houses.
5/19/2004 Nigeria Bakin Ciyawa 24 0 Jihadists kill twenty-four Christian villagers.
5/18/2004 Nigeria Gidan Sabo 18 0 Muslim Nigerians kill eighteen Christian villagers - mostly farmers, women and children.
5/18/2004 Pakistan Karachi 4 0 Four members of Pakistan's Christian minority are targeted and killed by Islamists. One was a kidnapped youth and two others were on their way to a picnic.
5/16/2004 Iraq Baghdad 3 1 Muslim radical opens fire on a minibus carrying Christian women, forcing them to the side of the road. He then tosses an explosive in the vehicle, killing three, including the driver.
5/12/2004 Philippines Jolo 1 14 Abu Sayyaf terrorists kill a fifteen-year-old Catholic girl with a grenade - fourteen others are also injured in the attack.
5/12/2004 Nigeria Kano 30 44 Muslim rampage against Christians continues in Kano with at least another thirty people losing their lives.
5/11/2004 Nigeria Kano 11 0 At least eleven Christians are burned to death by a Muslim mob that also sets two churches on fire.
5/7/2004 Pakistan Toba Tek Singh 1 0 Catholic student abducted by Muslim school refuses to convert to Islam and is tortured to death.
5/5/2004 Egypt Taha al-Aamida 3 0 Muslim police take three Christians, including a priest, into custody as they are repairing a church wall. All three are then murdered.
5/5/2004 Indonesia Maluku 2 3 Muslim gunmen in a speedboat kill a Christian man and an 11-month-old baby. Three others are also shot, but manage to survive.
4/25/2004 Indonesia Ambon 38 24 Islamic radicals go on a rampage against Christians, killing more than thirty (some in sniper attacks) and then setting a UN building on fire.
4/11/2004 Nigeria Rwang Doka and Jenkur 3 0 Muslim militia attacks two Christian villages and kills three people, in addition to burning homes.
4/11/2004 Indonesia Sulawesi 0 7 Islamic gunmen open fire on an Easter church service, wounding seven worshippers.
4/10/2004 Indonesia Poso 0 7 Radical Muslims fire on a group of Christians gathered for Easter service.
4/2/2004 Pakistan Lahore 1 0 Christian pastor is gunned down by Muslim extremists in front of his wife and four children.
3/30/2004 Indonesia Tomura 1 1 A Christian pastor is fatally wounded by Muslim gunmen in front of his wife at his church. One other person is also injured in the attack.
3/27/2004 Indonesia Poso 1 0 A 27-year-old Christian is gunned down by Muslim terrorists. (2004)
3/25/2004 Iraq Mosul 1 0 Sunni gunmen kill a Christian Assyrian police officer.
3/22/2004 Iraq Baghdad 2 0 Islamists bind and cut the throats of an Assyrian (Christian) couple in their home. (2004)
3/18/2004 Iraq Baghdad 4 1 Muslims barge into a Christian home and kill the two children they find there. There mother is also killed, as well as their grandfather.
3/15/2004 Iraq Mosul 4 1 Four Christian missionaries working on a humanitarian clean water project for Iraqis are gunned down by Fedayeen terrorists while riding in their vehicle.
3/11/2004 Indonesia Maranatha 1 5 Brutal machete attack on a Christian village leaves a mother of two dead and five others injured.
3/6/2004 Sudan al-Kureinik 15 0 Government-supported militia group raids a refugee camp and kills fifteen Christian civilians, including a child.
2/25/2004 Nigeria Yelwa 49 0 Forty-nine members of a farming community are slaughtered by Muslim Fulanis after taking refuge in a local church. Most of the Christians were brutally hacked to death. The number of injured is unknown.
2/19/2004 Philippines Jolo 1 1 Abu Sayyaf gunmen abduct a 7-year old girl at a Roman Catholic school after killing her driver.
2/15/2004 Iraq Baghdad 1 4 A Christian pastor is killed, and four others are injured when a vehicle pulls alongside their car and fires into the cabin.
2/9/2004 Iraq Mosul 2 0 Two Christian family members murdered by radical Jihadists.
1/21/2004 Iraq Fallujah 4 1 Four Christian Iraqi women, who were laundry workers for the coalition, are attacked and killed while riding in a minivan. The male driver was injured.
1/21/2004 Indonesia Maranatha 1 0 The 56-year-old head of a local Christian community is killed by Muslim villagers. (2004)
1/15/2004 Pakistan Karachi 0 12 At least a dozen people are injured when a car bomb explodes outside the local headquarters of the Christian Bible Society.
1/10/2004 Indonesia Palopo 4 2 Four people are killed, and at least two injured by a bomb blast at a karaoke cafe. Islamist terrorist attacks killed nearly a dozen Christians there in November.
1/5/2004 Egypt Patmos Center 1 2 One Christian is killed, and two others injured when elements of the Egyptian army burn down a church.
1/5/2004 Pakistan Khanewal 1 0 Christian priest shot dead by Islamic terrorists as he was boarding a train.
1/4/2004 Philippines Parang 22 81 Twenty-two people at a political rally for a Christian mayor in a predominately Muslim region are killed by a bomb blast. More than eighty are injured. Two Muslims later identified and charged..
11/16/2003 Indonesia Sulawesi 1 0 A Christian man is dragged from his motorcycle and beaten to death by a Muslim mob.
11/15/2003 Indonesia Sulawesi 2 0 A church official and his nephew are shot to death by radical Muslims.
11/4/2003 Iraq Mosul 2 0 Christian judge is assassinated in shooting attack. This occurs a day after another judge is kidnapped and murdered in Najaf
10/28/2003 Philippines Cotabato 0 5 Five people are injured when suspected Jemaah Islamiah members bomb a Catholic church.
10/27/2003 Indonesia Sulawesi 1 0 Christian farmer killed by Jemmah Islamiah terrorists while working his field.
10/12/2003 Iraq Fallujah 2 0 Two Iraqi Christians murdered by Holy Warriors.
10/11/2003 Indonesia Sulawesi 8 24 Muslim gunmen attack Christian villagers, killing eight, injuring dozens more and burning at least one church.
10/9/2003 Indonesia Poso 2 0 Armed Muslims kill at least two Christian villagers and burn homes.
10/5/2003 Somalia Borama 1 0 60-year old Italian medical missionary, a woman honored by the U.N. for her work with refugees, is shot twice in the head while leaving a hospital.
10/1/2003 Indonesia Pandiri 1 0 A 44-year-old man murdered for leaving Islam and embracing Christianity.
8/22/2003 Philippines Barangay Matarling 1 4 Abu Sayyaf gunmen attack the house of a 37-year old Christian woman. They kill her and injure four members of her family.
7/29/2003 Pal. Auth. West Bank 1 0 Muslim extremists abduct a Christian convert, butcher him and then return his body to his children in pieces.
7/10/2003 Indonesia Kawua 0 5 A Christian-owned restaurant is bombed. Five people suffer injuries including a child.
7/10/2003 Indonesia Sulawesi 1 0 Muslims attack and shoot a Christian to death as he was working his farm.
7/5/2003 Pakistan Ranala Kot 1 0 Catholic priest, who received death threats from fundamentalist Muslims, is shot and killed in his home.
6/8/2003 Nigeria Numan 1 0 Female Christian pastor stabbed to death by a radical Muslim as she was returning home from work (2003).
6/2/2003 Indonesia Kapompa 1 1 Muslim attack on a Christian village leaves one dead and at least one other injured.
5/29/2003 Indonesia Marowo 1 1 Muslim terrorists gun down a man for traveling with his Christian brother-in-law.
5/29/2003 Philippines Cotabato 5 0 Moro Islamic fighters raid three Christian villages, killing five civilians.
5/22/2003 Sudan Longochok 59 0 Islamic troops attack a Christian village, burning homes and killing at least fifty-nine villagers. They also take captive several women and children (some of whom are killed later).
5/21/2003 India Anantnag 1 1 Muslim grenade attack on a Christian convent kills one female teacher and injures another.
5/14/2003 Yemen Jibla 0 4 Terrorist bomb thrown into a courthouse where al-Qaeda militant was sentenced to death for killing three U.S. missionaries.
5/7/2003 Lebanon Tripoli 1 0 Bomb left at the front door of a Christian missionary couple explodes, killing one person.
5/4/2003 Philippines Siocon 27 23 Muslim separatists attack a Christian village, firing on houses and a hospital. At least twenty-seven are killed and about two dozen wounded. Fifteen residents are taken hostage.
4/22/2003 Nigeria Kano 7 0 Muslims set fire to a house, killing a Christian pastor and six other members of his family, including his wife and three children.
4/4/2003 Indonesia Wamena 15 0 Indonesian military raids Christian town, burning Bibles and churches, killing two Baptist pastors along with at least thirteen others. Other Christians were tortured.
4/4/2003 Nigeria Fobur 1 4 Armed Muslims attack a village, kill a woman and burn down the houses of Christians.
3/26/2003 Philippines M'lang 7 5 Muslims blast Christian village with RPGs, killing seven, including a six-year-old child and injuring five others.
3/25/2003 Philippines Carmen 2 0 Islamists stop a cargo truck, tie up the Christian driver and his helper then shoot them to death.
3/18/2003 Philippines Cotabato 0 5 Rebel bomb attack on a Roman Catholic church during mass injures five worshippers.
3/18/2003 Nigeria Kadarko 22 44 Armed Muslims shouting "we are going to finish off the infidels" attack a Christian village and kill at least 22 villagers. More than forty-four others were injured or missing.
3/7/2003 Philippines Mindanao 1 2 Two Moro Islamic Liberation Front bomb attacks kill one and injure two at a Catholic school.
3/4/2003 Philippines Davao 21 150 Muslim rebels plant a bomb at a civilian airport. Twenty-one are killed in the blast and about 150 others are injured. Among the dead is an American missionary and several children.
2/28/2003 Philippines Bukidnon 1 0 Muslim rebels burn ten homes in a Christian village, killing at least one person.
2/19/2003 Philippines Tubud 14 8 Muslims attack a Christian village, burning and murdering at least fourteen civilians.
2/11/2003 Israel Bethlehem 1 0 Palestinian sniper guns down Israeli soldier in front of the Church of the Nativity.
1/26/2003 Lebanon Beirut 1 3 Car bomb explodes in Christian residential area killing one and injuring three.
1/13/2003 Philippines Zamboanga 3 0 Muslim gunmen kill three Christians.
12/30/2002 Yemen Jibla 3 1 Muslim gunman posing as a father carrying a child kills three American humanitarian workers at a missionary hospital and wounds one other.
12/25/2002 Pakistan Daska 3 14 Christmas grenade attack on a Christian church kills three girls and injures fourteen young women.
12/12/2002 Nigeria Rim 13 0 Muslim nomads attack a Christian village and kill thirteen people including a clergyman and his family.
11/22/2002 Nigeria Kaduna 216 521 A Muslim mob, angered by an insult to Muhammad, burns 58 Christian churches and rampages through the streets stabbing, bludgeoning and burning over two hundred people to death.
11/21/2002 Lebanon Sidon 1 0 Female missionary shot three times in the head by Muslim radicals.
10/31/2002 Nigeria Zaria 20 51 Muslims go on a rampage against Christian students at a local college, killing twenty and injuring over fifty.
10/24/2002 Nigeria Fajul 40 48 At least forty Christians are killed by a Muslim mob of several thousand, who also rape women and burn churches.
10/20/2002 Philippines Zamboanga 1 18 A Roman Catholic shrine is bombed by Muslim terrorists. One killed, eighteen injured.
9/25/2002 Pakistan Karachi 7 3 Seven persons are killed and three others injured in a terrorist attack on a Christian welfare organization's office - the Idara Amn-O-Insaaf (Institute for Peace and Justice). The victims were blind-folded, tied to chairs and shot in the head.
9/21/2002 Indonesia Kelang 2 2 Two Christians are killed and two wounded by Muslim gunmen.
9/8/2002 Indonesia Galunggung 1 0 A Christian is beaten, then burned to death by a Muslim mob.
8/15/2002 Iraq Baghdad 1 0 A 71-year-old nun is savagely attacked and stabbed to death in a monastery by Islamic extremists, who then behead her.
8/15/2002 Indonesia Manyomba 1 3 Fifty militants attack two Christian villages. They shoot three people and strangle a 3-year-old child to death.
8/11/2002 Indonesia Kayamanya 5 0 A Muslim mob attacks a bus and one other vehicle, killing five Christians, including one who was burned.
8/10/2002 Philippines Unknown 2 4 Abu Sayyaf kidnap six missionaries. Two are subsequently beheaded.
8/9/2002 Indonesia Malei 2 0 Jihad warriors attack two Christian villages and kill two people.
8/5/2002 Pakistan Jhika Gali, Murree 6 4 Six persons killed and four others injured in terrorist attack on Christian missionary school.
8/4/2002 Indonesia Matako 0 8 A Muslim mob screaming praises to Allah sweeps through a Christian village, burning homes and churches, and shooting residents.
7/22/2002 Indonesia Mayoa 0 3 Three Christian farmers survive a brutal shooting attack by Jihad warriors.
7/12/2002 Indonesia Kawua 1 4 Islamic bombers nearly crash a bus carrying Christians. Only one passenger is killed by the explosion.
7/7/2002 Philippines Unknown 2 1 Kidnapped American missionary and Philippine nurse are killed during rescue attempt.
7/7/2002 Indonesia Wayura 1 0 A Christian fisherman is shot in the head by suspected Islamists.
7/3/2002 Indonesia Landangan 1 0 Muslim gunmen murder a Christian man.
6/27/2002 Pakistan Kachi Abadi 1 2 15-year old Christian tortured to death by police for blasphemy. In the same country a 17-year old Christian girl was blinded from having acid thrown in her face and another girl was raped (occurring on different days).
6/15/2002 Pakistan Faisalabad 0 1 A 16-year-old Christian girl is doused with acid for refusing to convert to Islam.
6/9/2002 Indonesia Kayamanya 1 0 An older Christian man is beheaded by a Muslim.
6/6/2002 Nigeria Katsina 1 0 A Muslim mob clubs a Christian police officer to death after a cleric makes false charges that he trampled a Qur'an.
6/5/2002 India Bangalore 2 0 A Christian man and his Muslim wife are captured and hacked to death by her family for marrying outside Islam. Their one-year-old baby is spared.
6/5/2002 Indonesia Tentena 4 17 A bomb planted by Muslim radicals explodes on a church bus killing four, including the pastor, and wounding seventeen.
5/25/2002 Indonesia Saparua 5 11 A Muslim boat attack kills five Christians and wounds eleven others.
5/16/2002 Indonesia Tamonjeka 2 0 Two Christian men are killed by suspected Muslim radicals.
4/28/2002 Indonesia Soya 12 6 Muslims attack a Christian village with knives and guns. They are able to slaughter twelve people and hurt six more.
4/4/2002 Indonesia Ambon 5 57 An Islamist throws a bomb into a Christian center, killing five and injuring fifty-seven other innocents.
3/17/2002 Pakistan Islamabad 5 45 Grenade attack on a Christian church kills five worshippers including American woman and her 17-year-old daughter. Forty-five others were injured.
3/7/2002 Nigeria Enugu 12 0 Muslim gunmen storm a Christian prayer meeting attempting to kill the leader. Twelve are killed, an unknown number injured.
2/27/2002 Nigeria Ilorin 3 0 Eid-el-Kabir celebrants kill three Christians.
2/24/2002 Nigeria Gombi 1 0 A young Christian woman is kidnapped by four Muslim men, who slit her throat and leave her to die.
1/16/2002 Indonesia Malei 1 0 A Christian man is gunned down by angry Muslims while collecting fruit.
1/1/2002 Indonesia Palu 1 0 Four bombs explode at Christian churches and one man dies in a hand grenade attack in Jakarta.
12/30/2001 Nigeria Vwang 5 0 Armed Muslims attack Christian community, kill five and destroy much of the town.
12/19/2001 Indonesia Kapaha 9 1 Nine Christians aboard a boat are killed by Jihad attackers.
12/7/2001 Indonesia Ewiri 2 3 Jihadists attack a Christian village, killing two and wounding three.
12/2/2001 Indonesia Sepe 6 0 Six Christians are murdered by a Muslim mob while fleeing their homes.
11/13/2001 Indonesia Ambon 2 5 A Muslim attack kills two Christians and injures five more.
11/1/2001 Indonesia Palu 4 0 Four Christians murdered by Jihad terrorists at an illegal roadblock.
11/1/2001 Indonesia Tomata 3 12 Jihad warriors attack Christian village and kill three.
11/1/2001 Indonesia Waimulang 5 2 Jihad warriors attack Christian village, killing five and wounding at least two.
10/28/2001 Pakistan Bahawalpur 18 9 A policeman and seventeen Christians, including five children, are killed and nine others injured when six gunmen opened fire on a church.
10/21/2001 Indonesia Toyado 1 0 A Christian is pulled from a car and hacked to death by Jihad warriors.
10/20/2001 Indonesia Betalemba 2 0 At least two killed in a Muslim attack on Christian village.
10/16/2001 Indonesia Madale 1 1 A Muslim mob burns Christian refugee barracks and kill one, seriously injure one other.
10/15/2001 Nigeria Kano 32 51 Scores of Christians are killed by Muslim mobs. Dozens of others are injured and at least five churches are burned down.
10/3/2001 Indonesia Peleru 10 0 Jihad warriors kill 10 Christian villagers and injure an unknown number.
10/1/2001 Indonesia Tomata 3 0 Terrorists attack a Christian church, killing three women.

The Menorah

The Menorah
Ready for the Third Temple. 92 pounds of gold ($17 million) 6 1/2 Feet High

Dome of the Rock

Dome of the Rock
The abomination of desolation




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