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Thursday, May 30, 2013


“. . . consistently and totally evil.” Ge. 6:5

                   If we have ever needed to pray for our nation it is now!

Lurking within the borders of our nation are thousands of people like the Boston Tsarnaev brothers, who, among others, blew to smithereens Martin Richard, an innocent eight-year-old child.  I warned America about this Islam threat eight years ago in a brochure entitled “When Silence is not Golden”.

Finally . . . a few people are beginning to wake up.

And then we have Kermit Gosnell, the “doctor” in Philadelphia who murdered 6,000 children.  If you have not seen the Fox News video entitled, “See No Evil: The Kermit Gosnell Case”, you must see it.  Do not only see it for yourself, but purchase it and show it in your community like we are doing.

If we do not do something about these 682 Horror Houses operating in the U.S., then God will bring great judgment to our land.  One prominent leader has pointed out that when we shed innocent blood God will dole out an equal amount of blood.  So far we have slaughtered 55 million innocent children!  My two friends, Adoniram Yoder and Bob Hdorek did the math for me.  These numbers equal the total population of America’s 82 largest cities!

A society can be judged by how well it protects the helpless.”

A mother’s womb is supposed to be a safe home for a baby!

How is it possible for it to be moral to kill a child inside the womb, but immoral to kill him outside the womb? 

Is there really any difference?

Is it moral to murder someone inside his house, but immoral to murder him when he is outside in his yard? 

But the liberals refer to a baby as a “fetus”, not a real human being.  God’s Word tells us that a human being exists from the moment of conception (Psalm 22:10; Is. 44:2, 24; Jer.1:5)!
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Almost fifty years ago Primrose and I made a covenant with the people in Haiti that we would help the mission that was started by her father.  By God’s grace, Full Life Crusade has continued to support the pastors and the 14 churches there.

Last month Lisa and Bryan (my daughter and son-in-law) led another team to our mission headquarters in Haiti.  As you know, each team carries clothing, medicine, and other needed items to the Haitians.

Full Life Crusade has also provided 6,480 nourishing meals this month for the orphan children in Haiti.  These precious children are so grateful and thankful for the food.  We hear many stories about parents who cannot feed their children every day.  There just isn’t enough food to go around in Haiti.

Some people eat once every three days!

Almost fifty years ago we promised God that if he provided the finances, we would send them on to the mission fields of the world.  He has kept his end of the bargain . . . and we at Full Life Crusade have kept ours.

We have been amazed all these years to see tens of thousands of Bibles printed in China, and the gospel going out to more than fifty nations of the world.

This past year FLC placed a thousand Audio Bibles in China and a thousand more in various countries.  Yes, the ministry has expanded way beyond our imagination.

A close friend of mine, Marty Friend, donated a website ( about 20 years ago.  This has become the most far-reaching ministry of anything we have ever done.  Anyone in the world with a computer can listen (free) to our teachings on this website, both audio and video.  Through the internet the gospel is going into countries that are “closed” to missionaries!

Here is a list of the fifty-nine nations that are currently hearing the gospel through our ministry:

 Australia, Austria, Brazil, Bulgaria, Burma, Canada, Chile, China, Costa Rica, Czech Republic, Denmark, Dominican Republic, Egypt, France, Finland, Georgia, Germany, Guatemala, Haiti, Hungary, Kazakhstan, India,  Indonesia, Israel, Ireland, Jamaica, Kenya, Latvia, Malaysia, Malawi, Mexico, Namibia, Nepal, Netherlands, Nigeria, North Korea,  Pakistan, Portugal, Philippines, Poland, Romania, Russia, Saint Lucia, Saudi Arabia, South Africa,  South Korea, Spain, St. Martin, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, Ukraine, United Arab Emirates,  United Kingdom, United States, Venezuela, and Vietnam.

 In some of these countries FLC is also feeding people, helping with medical needs, and holding gospel crusades.  I have personally visited many of these nations myself.  And now my children and grandchildren are continuing the outreaches.

A few weeks ago my daughter, Heidi, visited Pastor Pradhan in India.  Primrose and I met him 38 years ago, way back in 1975, when we were in Darjeeling.  At that time he had six churches under his care.  God touched our hearts in such a deep way that we committed to helping him financially.  Currently, God has raised up more than 100 congregations through this man!

My two sons-in-law, Bryan Bartow and Bryan Koorey, made a trip to India a few years ago to preach in Pastor Pradhan’s churches and encourage him.  They were powerfully impacted by this modern Apostle of the Lord Jesus Christ.  It is impossible not to be changed after spending time with this meek and humble man who is reaching thousands with the gospel.

By supporting indigenous pastors in nations around the world many, many barriers are eliminated, and huge costs are eradicated.  They know the language and the culture.  They can eat the food and drink the water.  And they know the terrain.  In other words, they know their own people better than any missionary could ever know them.  And men like Pastor Pradhan can be supported at a fraction of the cost of sending an American abroad.  The price of sending an American missionary is $50,000.00 a year!  And no matter how good he is . . . he will always be an “outsider”.

A few days ago Kenny Chivington called me and we made an appointment to have breakfast together.  He is a missionary to Africa.  I love it when missionaries stop by to update me face-to-face.  I cannot tell you all of the stories he told me in this four-page newsletter.  But I will share one very, very exciting bit of information.

We sent audio Bibles to an African city just a few months ago.  Three years ago this city was 90% Muslim.  Today it is 90% Christian!

This was God’s power working in the hearts of the people.  Here are the details:

The Muslims had two wells.  Water is at a premium there, so the Muslims sold the water by the bucket to those needing water.  The Christians drilled a well on their property and gave the water away to their neighbors.  Some of the folks were so thankful for the free water that they began attending the Christian church and . . . of course they ended up getting saved.  Then the Muslims got mad at the Christians and started doing bad things to them . . . really bad things.  Pretty soon one of the Muslims’ wells dried up and so they were only making half as many $$$ selling their water.  But they continued doing bad things to the Christians.  Well . . . pretty soon the second Muslim well dried up . . . and the Muslims were making Zero dollars selling water, because they had no water to sell. But they still needed water, so they started going to the only well in the city . . . the Christian well.  And even though they had done bad things to the Christians, the Christians gave the Muslims free water.  This made a huge impact on the Muslim people.  Well . . . pretty soon the Christian church had so many people that they needed more land so they could expand.  Because the Christians showed so much love to the Muslims (instead of hatred), the Muslims ended up giving four acres of land to the Christians so they could build a bigger church building . . . right next to the mosque!  Then the “Imam” in the Muslim mosque got saved.  So he now teaches in the Mosque on Friday . . . and then teaches in the Christian church on Saturday and Sunday.  And thousands of people are listening to our audio Bibles.  This week Kenny is picking up another box of audio Bibles to take to Africa. Mungu Akumbariki (God Bless You).

We give God praise for all of this.  It is only by his grace that we have been able to take the  good news about Jesus Christ to all these hungry people.

When I think back to 50 years ago when I was a high school teacher in Flint, Michigan, it absolutely amazes me.  I am so thankful that the Lord placed the seed in my heart to seek him with all my heart and try to discover his will for my life.

Your financial gifts play a key role in the ministry of Full Life Crusade.  And I thank you very, very much.  We carefully and prayerfully place each dollar where God guides us to place it.  The fruit of this ministry speaks for itself.  Tens of thousands of people are being impacted with the power of the Holy Spirit, and finding Jesus as their Savior!   God’s Word never comes back empty.

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May God richly bless you and reward you for your generosity.  We pray for you. Please remember to pray for us, too.  Free audio and video teachings are on our website!

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