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Friday, August 23, 2013


An 88-year-old WHITE  World War II vet in Spokane, Washington was minding his own business.  Suddenly several black kids began pounding him mercilessly.  AN 88-YEAR-OLD MAN!
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               And they kept beating him until he was dead.

                   Laughing . . . they finally sauntered away.

Isn't it amazing that our President would speak out about the Zimmerman/Martin case and say absolutely nothing about Delbert Belton's savage murder!

There are many, many things to say about a tragedy like this.

The man that they beat to death fought and was wounded in Okinawa for their freedom!

                    What makes black males so angry?

Well . . . for starters, they don't have fathers . . . AT LEAST 73% OF THEM!


A child growing up knowing he is a bastard has a myriad of social, emotional, mental, and spiritual problems.

There is a huge empty hole inside of every child raised without a father . . . no matter how good the mother may be.

Just for starters . . . he does not even have a name.

He does not even have an identity.

This automatically gives him an inferiority complex.  He feels that he is worth nothing.

Does he take his mother's name?  His grandfather's name?  His absent father's name?

What if he does not even know his father's name? 

In many instances so many men have had sex with the mother that only a blood test could identify the father.  Do you think he would show up for a blood test?  Duh!  He's long-gone, humping the next black woman who is readily available.

Imagine growing up with such confusion churning within your soul.

Anger?  You bet your life.

A desire to strike back?  At who?  At what?

Black men commit murder at 10 times the rate of Whites and Latinos combined!!

Our prisons (6 times the national average) are full of angry black men who never had a father.  Who never had a name.  Who never had a life.

Giving food, clothing, housing, health care, and other perks away to poor black people in the inner-cities does not even come close to solving this major problem in our nation. 

In reality . . . it contributes to the problem.  Getting free hand-outs makes people lazy, it further destroys their self-worth, and it gives them "extra" time to fornicate, drink, shoot drugs, and commit crimes.

And it will get worse . . . much worse.

"The wicked shall be turned into hell, and all the nations that forget God" (Psalm 9:17).

Our nation must turn back to God and his moral principles.

God did not say that a society should refrain from adultery and fornication for no reason.  These two sins eventually destroy a nation.

The only solution is for our country to repent of its sins and turn back to the God of the Bible!
                  Christopher Lane

And don't forget Christopher Lane who was out jogging:

And some people are so dumb that they wonder why we white folks like to carry guns!!!!!!!!

And what kind of a "news story" would this have been if Delbert or Christopher would have pulled out a pistol and blown these guys away like Zimmerman did? 

News media deletes this news:
Richard Daughenbaugh joins a growing list of victims of recent black mob violence, some lethal.
In August, two black people were charged with the murder of 88-year old Delbert Berton in Spokane.
A few days before, two black people were charged with the murder of Chris Lane, an Australian student living in Oklahoma.
A few days before that, a car full of black people were charged with killing David Santucci, a 27-year old Memphis nurse.
A few days before that, Ray Widstrand was walking through a black section of St. Paul when a mob of 100 black people beat him into a coma and permanent brain damage … if he lives.
Last week, three black gunmen killed Greig Placette in a Denny’s restaurant in Houston. Placette died trying to shield several children from the gunfire.
Also last week, Clearwater, Fla., police arrested a black man in the murder of Jason Taylor Paul. The man told police he was having a “hard day” and he “wanted to kill the first person he saw.”
Last week, a Brunswick, Ga., jury convicted a black man for shooting an 18-month-old baby in the face during a robbery. He said the mother did it.


Oh, yeah!  Big trouble in River City.

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