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Friday, March 1, 2013


American Muslims stone Christians in Dearborn, Michigan:

We all know that the media is "owned" by the liberals, but we did not know that broadcasters are also living in fear of mentioning the wrong thing on national television.

Faleh Almaleki
These poor people!  Their Islamic religion does not make them happy.  Isn't it amazing how angry they all look?  This man murdered his own daughter.

Genesis 16:12  "This son of yours will be a wild ass of a man.  He will raise his fist against everyone, and everyone will be against him.  Yes, he will live in open hostility against all his relatives."

God's Word is so specifically accurate!

angry muslim photo: angry muslim arabriot.jpg

newsweek muslim cover

In the "olden days" if someone was murdered it was not politically incorrect for the news media to mention it.  Back in my day the newscasters helped the police by giving a description of the felon, and showing his picture on the nightly news. 

Now there are living among us a certain group of people who do not have to keep our laws, but we are required to keep theirs.

How's that for "justice"?

Recently, here in the state of Indiana, (and this is supposed to be cow-town where nothing interesting ever happens) a man was murdered.  The Muslims called it an "HONOR KILLING".

Since when is any killing in the United States an "honor"?

Why was it an honor killing?

The Muslim victim was interested in accepting Jesus Christ as his personal Savior, and his peers found him reading gospel literature.

So they murdered him.

Yes, this is bad.

Do you know what is worse?

The news media has not mentioned one word about it.  And this happened three weeks ago!

And the churches?

The Coward Christians will continue to hide in their expensive buildings, sucking their thumbs in the pew, pretending to care about the world.  Believe me, they will never mention it either. Many of them want to be known as "loving everyone", which is a cop-out for their non-involvement.

Yes, some of them are bigger sissies than the media moguls.

If no one ever stands up, speaks up, or shouts out, pretty soon we will all find ourselves under Sharia Law.

If you think this is bad now, wait until these "Peaceful Muslims" are in the majority.

Is there no one out there who cares about our children and grandchildren?  A person has to be totally blind not to see what is coming down the pike in the near future.

We are like the proverbial bird who has his head buried in the sand as the tide comes in.

There is an answer to this madness.  But in our money-making, money-grabbing culture, there are few who want to know the solution to this stark reality.  And fewer still who have the courage to act.

"Oh, no, Wes, this is not true!"

Then I dare you . . . I dare you . . . go to Saudi Arabia (or any other Muslim country) and attempt to start a church or even have a Bible study in your home.

Or . . . go to a Muslim neighborhood nearby and start witnessing for Jesus.  The "Peaceful Muslims" will rip you apart right in the city street.

Hey . . . don't get mad, get saved!

If I told you that Michael Jackson was a personal friend of mine and that he did not actually die in 2009, what would you think?

And what would you think if I told you he rode his horse to the moon?

You would think I was crazy.

But if I told you that Muhammad rode his horse Burak (sound familiar?) to the moon would you still think I was crazy?

So how is it possible that almost a billion people on earth actually believe that Muhammad rode a horse that flew off of our planet?

Jesus said that Satan is the "father of lies" (John 8:44).  It does seem that if you tell a "whopper" often enough, even intelligent people will believe you.
Why is it so easy for people to believe that a man got on a horse and gallopped off into the sky?

Witnessing to a Muslim:

And why is it so difficult for them to believe that Jesus is God, that he loves them, died on the cross for them, and will forgive all of their sins if they simply believe in him?

Obama will NOT address the Knesset when he visits Israel this month.

Hamas has warned Obama not to visit The Temple Mount when he goes to Jerusalem:

The Menorah

The Menorah
Ready for the Third Temple. 92 pounds of gold ($17 million) 6 1/2 Feet High

Dome of the Rock

Dome of the Rock
The abomination of desolation




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