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Saturday, March 1, 2014


No wonder 45 million Ukrainian people are terrified!!!!

''The situation is changed. Tensions are much higher now. You have to go. You can't film here.''- Russian soldier to media

Location of  Ukraine  (green)in Europe  (dark grey)  –  [Legend]

Just to show you how ruthless the Russians can be . . .

The Soviet government was hostile to  Ukrainian language and Ukrainian culture. There were mass repressions of Ukrainian poets, historians and linguists. Then there was a genocide of Ukrainians: millions of people starved to death in 1932 and 1933 in the Holodomor (Extermination by starvation). 

Ten million Ukrainians starved to death!

Copy and paste:  But . . . beware.  These images will forever stick in your mind.

It is a very serious moment in history.  We have a president who has no idea what to do.  Putin laughs and smirks any time Obama attempts to threaten him.

And a week ago Russia docked a spyship, Viktor Leonov CCB-175, in Cuba . . . only 90 miles from Key West, Florida!
The Ruskies are ready . . . just in case.
A Russian spy ship Viktor Leonov SSV-175

"Then I saw a second beast, and it looked like a bear. It was rearing up on one side, and it had three ribs in its mouth between its teeth. And I heard a voice saying to it, “Get up! Devour the flesh of many people!” Daniel 7:5

Could you imagine just the two of them (P. & O.) in a private room duking it out?  It would all be over in less than thirty seconds.  And you know who would be lying on the floor with his neck broken.

"When I bring an army against a country, the people of that land choose one of their own to be a watchman.  When the watchman sees the enemy coming, he sounds the alarm to warn the people.  Then if those who hear the alarm refuse to take action, it is their own fault if they die.   They heard the alarm but ignored it, so the responsibility is theirs.  If they had listened to the warning, they could have saved their lives.  But if the watchman sees the enemy coming and doesn't sound the alarm to warn the people, he is responsible for their captivity. They will die in their sins, but I will hold the watchman responsible for their deaths" (Ez. 33:2-6).

From Ezekiel 38:
"Gog, I am your enemy!  I will turn you around and put hooks in your jaws . . ."

" . . . as everyone watches, my holiness will be displayed by what happens to you."

"When Gog invades the land of Israel, my fury will boil over."

Here is what the Russians are already doing to the Ukrainian people:
A wounded pro-Ukraine demonstrator wipes his bloodied head after clashing with pro-Russia activists in the Ukrainian city of Kharkiv Saturday. President Vladimir Putin got permission from Russia's parliament to use military force in Ukraine.

A U. S. Navy Destroyer, The Truxton, is heading toward the Black Sea!!!

The Black Sea is HUGE . . . 1,000 miles long and about 500 miles wide!!!!

But the news media assures us that it is just a "ROUTINE MISSION".


What would it be like in the United States if someone brought a suitcase full of Bibles to church?

And what would happen when the suitcase was opened?

               We know what would happen!

Everyone would merely sit there and stare at the person who brought the suitcase.  There would be no response!

I have personally seen Chinese receiving Bibles during my 60 trips to the People's Republic of China.

So often Christians have asked me, "Why do you want to go way over there?  We have enough needs here in the United States."

Here is the answer, just copy and paste this link:

You can personally get involved:
Full Life Crusade, P.O. Box 398, Winona Lake, IN 46590

The Menorah

The Menorah
Ready for the Third Temple. 92 pounds of gold ($17 million) 6 1/2 Feet High

Dome of the Rock

Dome of the Rock
The abomination of desolation




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