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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

When Silence Is Not Golden

In the last few years more than 7,000 bomb attacks have ripped apart human bodies and buildings. Islamic extremists have perpetrated all of these horrendous acts. They are intent on sending their message of terror deep into the hearts of everyone.
Have you ever wondered why the peaceful Muslims do not speak out about this? Consider: What if Jewish extremists had blown up tens of thousands of innocent people? Or what if Christian extremists had done the same thing? Wouldnt there be an angry outcry from the Jews and Christians against these madmen? Wouldnt rabbis and pastors be on national television denouncing the terrorists? Wouldnt the pastors and rabbis be explaining to everyone that this behavior is not representative of Judaism and Christianity?
But we do not hear one imam or one Muslim leader crying out about the despicable acts that have killed and wounded tens of thousands of innocent human beings. Not one of them has publicly apologized for the murders of children, women, the elderly, and private citizens.
Does this not strike you as very strange? It sure does me!
And it makes me wonder about the silence of Islam's leaders. Why are they so silent? Why did we not hear an outcry from the Muslims in America after 9/11?
Someone has said, Remaining silent means that you agree with what is being done.
Either Muslim leaders do not care, or they are in favor of what the terrorists are doing.
Or is there another reason for this silence? Yes, there is. The Peaceful Muslims do not speak out because they are afraid for their lives and for the lives of their families. They know that if they say anything then these vicious killers will target them.
A recent example of this is an Arab man right here in the United States who spoke out against the terrorists. Other members of his mosque immediately became extremely violent and warned him not to say what he was saying. He barely made it out of the meeting without being beaten, if not killed.
The Muslims threatened him and his family with torture and death. This is merely one example of why there is not one Arab who speaks out against terrorism. They all know better! They have learned from experience and from watching what happens to any Arab who voices his opinion.
Now non-Muslims are catching on, too. Many of our political leaders in Washington D.C. and most of the news media are afraid to speak out and tell us the truth. They are scared to death that an Arab hit squad will come to their home and butcher them---right here in the United States.
An Arab family was recently massacred in their own home. They just happened to be a Christian family. Every member of that family had his throat slit. The sixteen-year-old daughter was brutally raped before they slashed her jugular vein.
The news media hushed up this incident, so that the rest of the nation would not find out that this barbarous act was an ordered hit from the local mosque. Almost everyone is afraid to tell the truth!
Peaceful Muslims? What do you see on the faces of the Arabs when you watch the evening news on television? Have you ever seen peace and love on the faces of these people? When you see them firing their rifles into the air, tearing the American flag to bits with their teeth, and then burning it, do they look peaceful and loving to you? And when you find out that they have slowly sawn a kidnap victim's head off, does that send a message of peace to you?
Of course not!
Political leaders and the news media are talking out of both sides of their mouths. They are showing us pictures of smoke, fire, violence, and torture. Then they are telling us that Islam is a peaceful religion.
It does not add up, does it?
Near Hancock, New York is a 100-acre plot of ground with a huge sign out front that says, ISLAMBURG.
The neighbors who live nearby are normal hard working Americans. They are terrified. They know that these 100 acres are being used as a terrorist training compound.
They hear gunshots all day every day!
And there is nothing anyone can do about it. These extremists know that they can use our freedoms to destroy us. Any American citizen who owns land outside of city limits can freely shoot his weapons. This is one of our rights as citizens of the United States of America.
The Muslims are smart enough to realize that they can use our freedoms to destroy us.
And Islamburg is not the only terrorist training camp in the United States. There are many others!
Any normal thinking person knows the purpose of these camps. The Arabs can tell us as much as they want to that they are using these compounds as places of worship.
When was the last time that your congregation fired rifles and machine guns all day long and dared to call it worship?
Are we the dumbest people on Gods earth, or are we going to wise up and do something about terrorism before it is forever too late?
We all know that if we become violent, our government will arrest us first, before they will even approach the terrorists among us. Our government is more concerned with profiling or not being politically correct than protecting the non-Muslim American citizens.
This is a dilemma! A major dilemma!
This is war!
Are you concerned about your children and grandchildren? Do you want your wives and daughters wearing burkas? Do you want your offspring taught that every person on this earth who is not a Muslim should be butchered, tortured, blown to bits, raped, and killed?
I used to think that a very small number of Muslims were extremists. Then I watched the documentary film, "Obsession". I learned from Arab spokespersons that probably ten to fifteen percent of Muslims are terrorists.
That translates into more than the population of the United States of America---300 million!
These figures are terrifying. Absolutely terrifying.
There are more than 300 million people who have been trained in the art of warfare that are intent on the destruction of our nation. And these terrorists are not six thousand miles away in the remote deserts. Many thousands of them are right here among us.
Many of them are American citizens. They are using their American citizenship to protect themselves, while at the same time they plot the overthrow of our way of life.
Every time you fill your car with gas you help support the terrorists. It is a known fact the Saudis pay for every mosque being erected here in the United States. It is also a known fact that the terrorists living here do not lack for financial backing.
Money is pouring into the U.S. from oil-producing nations to pay for the overthrow of our country.
Would you willingly offer financial help to terrorists so they could continue to train killers, kidnappers, and rapists here in our country? Of course you wouldn't! But indirectly, we all give them money.
And now the state of Minnesota has elected a representative to Congress, Keith Ellison, and a Muslim. He refuses to swear his allegiance to our country by placing his hand on a Bible. For the first time in history we have an elected official who has declined placing his hand on a Bible to take the oath of office!
Instead, he is insisting that he place his hand on the Koran (Quran) while he is being sworn in. And what do you think the cowards in Washington will do about it? Yes, they will cave.
Did you know that Arabs all over the world have given a numerical value to their sacred book, the Koran? Do you know what that number is?
It is 666!
Go to an Arab website and discover this truth for yourself.
The best way to make sure that we lose this war is for good men to do nothing. It has often been stated by the news media that 9/11 was a wake-up call. Believe me, 9/11 was not a wake-up call. At first the news media spoke of having a National Day of Prayer. Do you remember that two days later it was changed to A National Day of Remembrance?
The day after 9/11 every person in America heard our president say, Islam is a peaceful religion. He even had several Islamic clerics on the platform to prove it.
Arab leaders all over the world responded to our president's statement with great joy. One of them said, "When I heard that I knew that the U.S. has already lost the war!"
I love our president, pray for him, and I highly respect the office of the president. But he was way off base when he made that statement. My guess is that he was attempting to keep the American citizens from massacring every Arab on our shores.
Americans were angry that day. And many of us are still angry. We did not like to watch 3,000 of our citizens being slaughtered as the Twin Towers were blown to bits. More people were killed that day than were killed during the raid on Pearl Harbor!
For two weeks after 9/11 churches filled to overflowing all over the country. Then it was back to the TV programs, pleasure, and chasing after money.
When the second large attack comes do you think that Americans will awaken? What if the attack is like the proverbial slow boiling of the frog? Do you remember that story?
A frog was thrown into a pan of boiling water. He immediately jumped out, saving his life.
Then another frog was placed in a pan of tepid water. Slowly, very slowly, the water was heated. The frog stayed right where he was until he died.
We can look the other way and choose to bury our heads in the sand, while Islamic terrorists blow people to bits all over the world. We can choose to believe that our nation is so strong that the war will not come to our shores. We can choose to believe that if we continue to spend four hours each evening watching television, that somehow we will have nothing to fear. We can choose to believe that the real world does not exist! We can choose to believe that the fantasy world of Hollywood is the real world.
How shocked many Americans will be when hooded mobs break into their homes! Unless some very serious steps are taken NOW, innocent citizens of our country will have their world turned upside down.
What can we do?
There are millions of fellow Americans who are not idling their time away any longer. They know the seriousness of the hour.
Will you be one of us?
There are legal things we can do! We can still use our freedom of speech and freedom of the press. We can awaken our people to the war that is imminent, and to the enemy that is within.
We can make sure that the men and women who occupy the seats of our city councils do not allow the enemy to take over our cities.
Have you heard what has taken place in Hamtramck, Michigan, a suburb of Detroit? In April of 2004 the city council of Hamtramck approved a request by the Muslims to broadcast the call to prayer over loud speakers.
So now Islamic imams broadcast their messages on public speakers all over the city of Hamtramck, calling the Muslims to prayer---five times a day. If you doubt that this has already happened in America, just go to Google and type in Hamtramck Muslim City. Read the entire article for yourself.
How would you like your city to become a Muslim city? Pity the many, many Arab people in our country who have fled here to escape tyranny. Believe me, they sure know what is taking place, because they have seen it once before in the country they left.
How were the Arabs able to turn a normal American city into a Muslim city? Its very simple.
Good men did nothing!
And now it is too late for that city!
Awaken your city. Awaken your synagogue or church. Awaken your neighbors. Awaken your family.
Awaken your self!

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