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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Glory in Winona Lake

He called you into his Kingdom to share his glory!”

1 Thessalonians 2:12b (NLT)

Dear Partner, June 2008

Greetings in Jesus’ Name!

For four days over Memorial Day weekend we saw the glory of God here in Winona Lake, Indiana. People came in from Israel, China, Thailand, Haiti, Viet Nam, Kenya, Sudan and many other places to celebrate what God has done in our lives over the past years.

This was the first “reunion” Full Life Crusade ever had. And what a glorious time it was. From the very first night the tears flowed as we heard testimonies that knocked our socks off. I do not know where I have ever been inside the United States where I have felt such love, honesty, openness and Divine Presence.

The unique thing is that there was no agenda---no itinerary. We just gathered together and the meetings took off like a rocket headed for the moon. Amazing what happens when “man” is not in control.

Jesus Christ is the head of his church, and if he is given a chance to actually be the head (instead of being pushed out) he runs things and manifests his power. When God shows up in meetings it is so much better than a three-point sermon, carefully prepared and polished.

Several folks who took the microphone readily admitted that they did not have any idea what they were going to share. Some simply broke down and wept in front of everyone for the joy that was in

that room. The meetings reminded me of so many meetings overseas where people who could not sing got up and sang. People who could not preach got up and preached. People who could not testify got up and testified. People who did not know how to prophesy got up and prophesied. People who did not know how to impart power to other people got up and imparted power.

When the Holy Ghost takes over people become giants, and then they step up to the plate and hit home runs. We often quote the verse, “With God all things are possible.” Then we sit back and refuse to believe that he is able to use anyone.

There were no big-name speakers at this reunion, but there were big people in God’s eyes who are making an impact in the earth for the Kingdom of God. There were people there who believed what they heard when they were challenged so many years ago to “PICK A NATION”!

They picked one and went forth by faith. God did the rest. Some of us picked more than one nation.

We heard about provision. We heard about people getting saved. We heard about people being baptized in the Holy Spirit. We heard about miracles of healing and the casting out of evil spirits.

We heard about total dependence on God.

And we heard about God never letting anyone down.

We heard about going into an African city with the pure gospel of Jesus Christ. There was not even one church there. At the end of the meetings more than 400 people (new converts) established a church.

Today that one church has more than 1,000 satellite churches scattered throughout several nations.

We heard about sorrow. We heard about losing a spouse.

But we saw that a person can move forward because of the power of God. We learned that we do not have to build a house in the past and dwell there.

God is fresh! He is doing new things. There is nothing impossible for him.

His name is not limited by the English translation of Exodus 3:14. His real Hebrew name is: “I shall be who I shall be!”

This means that we cannot out-guess him, out-plan him, or make him do anything at all. He is in charge. We do not “release” him to do things because he has never been imprisoned.

He releases us because we are the ones who have confined ourselves to little box churches. There is not a building, a doctrine, or a ministry big enough to house him. He dwells in the heavens!

He spins our galaxy at a dizzying 490,000 miles per hour. And our galaxy is so huge that even at this speed it will take 200 million years for our galaxy to make one revolution.

And there are more than ONE BILLION GALAXIES in our universe!

And none of these huge galaxies spin out of control because of the

miracle of gravity. We are protected from chaos by his loving,

gentle keeping power. True worship is not just singing songs over and over again. Music is a part of worship, but real deep worship comes from the Hebrew word שחה “qal”, "shachah". It means to lie on one’s face, forehead to the ground in absolute silence. No whining, no requests, no noise. We lie there worshiping the majesty of Tsev-ah-oat (YHWH Tseba'oth), the mighty warrior of heaven (the LORD of heaven's armies).

There is no power like true worship. Because when the KING is worshiped he responds in ways that defy any thoughts that we may have. Our minds cannot contain his true intentions. In fact, God’s thoughts are completely different from ours. His ways are far beyond anything we can imagine.

Our job is to find out what he is doing and do it with him, not to ask him to bless us while we do our own thing. Very often our plans are contrary to his plans.

And so . . . PRAYER!

There is nothing that will empty out a church faster than a prayer meeting. I’m talking about the old-fashioned kind: on your knees, praying out of our hearts, out of our guts, tears flowing, joy coming down, and glory, glory, glory.

Modern-day Christians will not pray because they have learned that there is nobody listening and that prayer does not do any good.

They have learned this in church. We have done everything else in

church except pray. We have preached, sung, organized, committeed ourselves to death, and exerted so much effort we have burned ourselves out. All to no avail.

The world we are supposedly trying to reach does not even know that we exist!

And yet the words of Jesus ring clear: “My burden is light. Without me you can do nothing.”

Ask any American pastor if his burden is light.

Our burden was very light over Memorial Day weekend! Nobody was in charge, so nobody was up tight. For once we allowed Jesus Christ to be in charge of his church. He should be; after all he purchased the church with his own blood. It is his church, not ours.

So the glory came down. Our MC, Jim Miller, was so overcome by the presence of God that he could barely function. He was in the middle of his second 40-day fast.

Did it matter? Not one bit. People went to the microphone as they were prompted by the Holy Spirit. Some sang, some testified, some just stood there and wept.

Everyone who entered the room felt the divine Shekinah glory of God.

During one of the meetings within about 10 seconds about sixty people were on the floor, face down, worshiping God.

Then there was impartation! People laid hands on one another. There was not one big shot doing the praying. It was everyone, men and women, even young children cried, laughed, and prayed.

Lloyd Smoker looked at me and said something about “The Davidic Anointing” and a power hit my chest so hard that I fell flat on my back. No one touched me. Nobody pushed against my forehead. His presence was among us bringing untold depths of encouragement.

And so the Full Life Crusade Memorial Day reunion came to a close. But we will never forget what we experienced during those four, short days. It will always burn in our hearts. And we now know that we tasted a bit of heaven; we touched the hem of his garment; we laid our heads on Jesus breast and feasted with Him.

Unbeknown to me, Wendell Martin videotaped part of my testimony and placed it on his website. The title is “A Bible, Notebook, and Pen”. You are welcome to go there to watch and listen. It was in that meeting when the glory fell and impartations took place.|1&embed=1&t=8901

Perhaps some of the glory will spill over onto your life.

Don’t forget that I have a new blog. Just go to and

click on Wes Smith’s new blog. Within the last few months I have posted some very exciting articles about the end time---pictures, too!

Even Martha flew in from Jerusalem to be with us. So all of my daughters, Lisa, Konda, Martha, Heidi, and April were all there.

Heidi and April just graduated from nursing school last month. How proud we all are of them. They did a lot of studying.

And my precious daughters presented me with a very thick album. In it are letters, pictures, and articles from the past 44 years. It is, without doubt, the most precious gift I have ever received. Many thanks to everyone who took time to write a note or send a picture.

If you have not sent in a note or pictures it is not too late. The album is organized in such a way that late entries can be added.

Many thanks to Konda for taking about 50 hours to put the album together. And at the same time she somehow managed to take care of her five children.

If you are thirsty, read Isaiah 55. Take your choice, wine or milk; it’s all free. God will tell you where to get food that is good for the soul.

The life of your soul is at stake!

He will give you all the mercies and unfailing love that He promised to David.

Seek the Lord while you can find him. Call on him while he is near.

Our God will abundantly pardon!

My word always accomplishes everything that I want it to. It will prosper everywhere I send it.

This miracle will bring great honor to the Lord’s name!

A closing thought from Jeremiah 3:19: “I looked forward to your calling me Father!”

God is waiting. He does want to share his glory with you. This is one of the reasons He has called you into his Kingdom.

Thank you once again for your help for the outreaches of Full Life Crusade. What a privilege it has been to serve Him during these past 44 years.

In His Service,

Wesley Smith

Full Life Crusade, P.O. Box 398, Winona Lake, IN 46590 Tel. (574) 267-7546

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