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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Israel and Gaza

Do you remember seeing Jewish people torn from their homes in Gaza in 2005?

This took place because the Israeli government decided to GIVE Gaza to the Arabs. The Israelis assumed that if they gave up some of their land, then the Arabs would be "appeased" and they would stop firing rockets into Israel. Never mind that "land for peace" has never worked.

Do you remember that Katrina formed in the Atlantic at the same time the Jews were forced to leave Gaza in August of 2005? Katrina was a result of the U.S. placing pressure on Israel to give Gaza away.

So the "Palestinians" took over Gaza! For thousands of years this area was called Canaan. In 130 A.D. the Romans named it "Syria-Palestina". And the term "Palestinian" was never used before World War I, and did not become common terminology until after the 1967 Six Day War.

The "Philistines" are ancient Israel's chief enemies.

Well . . . the first thing that happened is that homes were smashed, orchards destroyed, synagogues defiled, etc., etc. Not much of a glorious takeover.

So much for Arabs ruling!

Then, to show their appreciation for having been given all of Gaza, Hamas began firing rockets into Israel, targeting schools and school children, hospitals, and innocent Israeli citizens.

From 2005 until 2009 Israel suffered hundreds and hundreds of rocket attacks from the peaceful "Palestinians" in Gaza. Actually, so many rockets were fired into Israel from Gaza that everyone lost count--- somewhere over 6,400!

For almost five years Israel did not retaliate in any massive strike. It was almost unbelievable that any country would allow such a thing. But Israel kept hoping, hope upon hope, that the rulers of Gaza would police their own people and bring a stop to the rockets.

Instead of stopping, the rocket attacks increased, killing and targeting innocent Jewish people! Of course, everyone with a brain knows that both Hamas and Hezbollah are proxy organizations of Iran, Syria, and Russia.

During these five years the United Nation's Security Counsel remained silent. Not one time did it call for a cease fire. Not one time did it demand that Hamas cease the rocket attacks.

It seemed as though the National Security Counsel had died, or that it did not even exist any more.

But suddenly, as soon as Israel began to defend itself from the attacks by Hamas, the Security Counsel resurrected and demanded that Israel stop the violence!

What a sham the U. N. has become. And our tax dollars, to the tune of more than 3 billion dollars a year is freely "given" to this rotten-to-the-core organization.

The U.N. has condemned Israel 370 times for defending herself; but it has never condemned any of the Arab nations who have attacked her!

And our tax dollars pick up the billions and billions of dollars tab these jerks waste on outlandish salaries and under-the-table payoffs. If we really want change, how about telling the U. N. to hit the road and set up shop elsewhere. Why not let China, Russia, or Saudi Arabia finance the U.N. instead of us? We have to foot the bill; but the U.N. consistently votes for policies that are detrimental to our nation. Obviously, the United Nations despises our success and way of life. Why should Third-World nations make decisions that affect our way of life when their governments don't even provide running water for their people, who still have to carry water on their heads?

Too bad we don't have any politicians with guts any more. To think that the people in Washington represent us is a fantasy wish ---a pipe dream. Our elected officials no more represent us than the man in the moon.

Arab rioters in many nations are telling the major news networks that Israel is to blame for everything. According to Islam, all Jews should be dead. Israel should not exist.

Have you noticed that when Muslims aren't killing Jews or Christians they then kill each other? We all know that Islam is a "peaceful" religion. But suicide bombings all over the world are caused by Muslims. Hmmmmm!

Now the politically-correct-gurus tell us that if all of us would just say "Allah" instead of "God" riots would cease all over the world. Using the term "God" is offensive to Muslims. All we have to do is appease these angry people and their anger will diminish.

Gaza is a very clear example of how well appeasement works!

Gaza is mentioned 19 times in the Bible. Samson killed more than three thousand of the Philistines when he pulled down the pillars of their temple in Gaza. The modern-day "Palestinians" are the same as the Bible's Philistines!

"I will send down fire on the walls of Gaza, and all its fortresses will be destroyed."

The prophecy in Amos 1:7 is literally being fulfilled as I write this article.

Referring specifically to Jerusalem, Zechariah 2:8b declares: "Anyone who harms you harms my most precious possession."

Mexico is not firing rockets into the U.S., but the illegals who are entering our country will eventually prove to be worse than rockets. Mark my word!

Oh, yes, those smuggling tunnels in Gaza/Egypt: Israeli scientists have developed a system that will put an end to the tunnels. Called BOTDR (Brillouin optical time-domain reflectometry) technology. Check it out on Google!

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