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Saturday, May 22, 2010


Our nation is being drained of resources by the huge number of illegals living among us. The eyes of our elected leaders seem completely blind as they continue to leave our border open for literally millions of people to "sneak" into our country. These illegals are killing, raping, robbing, and sucking up our tax dollars to the tune of 100 billion dollars each year!

A moron would know that our 1,969 mile-long border with Mexico should be closed.

But not our elected officials.

Recently Robert Krentz, an innocent farmer in Arizona, was butchered by these drug runners and killers. How do you think his widow and family feel? ***

But even this did not open the blind eyes in Washington D.C.

The waters of Falcon Lake normally beckon boaters with waterskiing and world-record bass fishing. But this holiday weekend, fishermen on the waters that straddle the U.S.-Mexico border are on the lookout for something more sinister: pirates.

Twice in recent weeks, fishermen have been robbed at gunpoint by marauders that the local sheriff says are "spillover" from fighting between rival Mexican drug gangs.

Boaters are concerned about their safety, and the president of the local Chamber of Commerce is trying to assure people that everything's fine on the U.S. side of the lake.

At the fishing camp his family has owned for 50 years, Jack Cox now sleeps with a loaded shotgun at his feet and a handgun within reach.

In the American waters, Cox said, "you're safer, but you're not safe." Mexican commercial fishermen regularly cross to set their nets illegally, why wouldn't gunmen do the same? he asked.

Two weeks ago, the Texas Department of Public Safety warned boaters to avoid the international boundary that zig-zags through the lake, which is 25 miles long and 3 miles across at its widest point. Authorities also urged anyone on the water to notify relatives of their boating plans to aid law enforcement in case of trouble

Fact: It would only take 50,000 men stationed 100 feet apart to permanently close the border and keep illegals from entering our country. These men could easily be replaced with fresh troops EVERY WEEK on a volunteer basis. And believe me, there would be more than enough volunteers!

The border is 1,969 miles long. There are 5,280 feet to the mile. When you multiply the feet times the miles you get 10,396,320, i.e. a little over ten million feet. Do the rest of the math yourself.

The United States has 163,000 troops in Iraq and Afghanistan; but we don't seem to be able to place 50,000 troops on our Southern Border?

There is a very simple solution to the problem of illegal immigration. But the real issue is that the people we elected DO NOT WANT THE BORDER CLOSED, otherwise they would do something about it. Talk is cheap.

The solution: As a nation we must repent or it will get much, much worse. Without national repentance, from the top down, I predict that in the near future there will be total anarchy in the Southwest. And there could be outbreaks in other parts of the United States.

You will see illegals taking up arms as an organized army within the borders of our nation. And the blind leaders in Washington, D.C. will not allow our military to take action against them, until it is way, way too late. This will be just one way God will use "FOREIGNERS" to punish us for our sins.

The only real solution is national repentance. And God lays the blame for our pathetic spiritual condition at the doorstep of the church. Look at the recent exposure of Mark Souder's infidelity and betrayal. Here is another good "Christian" who had to resign, not because he repented, but because he got caught "doing" Tracy Jackson, a staffer, who worked for him.

And it was not a case where he fell into adultery one time. He carried on his affair for almost six years!

This gives those who like to throw stones at Christianity another big rock to hurl our way. And another "Christian" bites the dust and drags the name of Jesus through the gutter. God help us!

This is one reason we pray every Sunday night on our knees and on our faces, pleading with God to send us a real revival. Without an old fashioned revival our nation is doomed.

God told Deborah in the Old Testament: "WAKE UP! WAKE UP! WAKE UP! WAKE UP!"

She woke up and saved her nation!

The Bible makes it very clear regarding how we are to treat foreigners living among us. If you really want to know, then read these references: Ex. 23:9; Lev. 19:34; Dt. 10:19; Psalm 146:9

And if you want to know one of the ways God punishes nations for blatant sins like adultery, homosexuality, injustice, greed, killing babies, etc., etc.

Then look up these verses: Is. 1:7; Ez. 11:9; Ez. 28: 7 & 10; Ez. 30:12.

"But if you fail to drive out the people who live in the land, those who remain will be like splinters in your eyes and thorns in your sides. They will harass you in the land where you live. And I will do to you what I had planned to do to them." Numbers 33:55-56

A recent letter from Florida:

Dear Wes:
We will certainly heed the warning. So far, mosquitoes have not been too bad. We don't go out much at night though. Went to a different church today...same ole thing...3 verses of scripture and the guy spending the rest of the time trying to be funny instead of delivering a message from God. So sick and tired of this attitude....our nation is going to "hell in a hand-basket" and all they care about is numbers...being funny and making money....I have not found anyone here yet, who is taking our nations problems seriously...and the attitude is "oil? What oil?" Not that they haven't heard...they are all in denial! Everything is fine...what is your problem? It saddens me greatly...I do mean greatly...please pray for us as we endure this attitude and cry out to God for these people (and on some days, I don't even feel like praying for them). Thank you for your prayers and If I may ask, to pray for encouragement...


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