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Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Under the guise of "bringing humanitarian aid" to Gaza, Palestinian-backed gunmen aboard a ship opened fire on Israeli soldiers and threw stun grenades.

Oooops! What were armed men doing aboard the humanitarian ship? This was more about hating Israel than loving the Palestinians.

The soldiers who boarded the vessels did not carry arms openly, but were met with a violent ambush. Two soldiers were shot, one was stabbed and others were injured as they were set upon with clubs, knives, axes and heavy objects. They were in mortal danger and had to act accordingly in self-defense.

Of course, the IDF (Israeli Defense Force) answered with force. And now, of course, the world is condemning Israel for the deaths of ten of the terrorists.

The IDF searched the ships bringing "humanitarian aid" and found a cache of bulletproof vests and night-vision goggles, as well as gas masks and stun grenades. How can anyone in his right mind think that these articles are humanitarian aid? At least 50 of the activists have ties to terrorists groups. Are we surprised?

It seems that only Israel and the U.S., out of all the nations on earth, are not allowed to defend their own borders.

Turkey, which has been the only Muslim country to befriend Israel, has now warned that the Israelis will "suffer the dire consequences of its actions". Rumors have it that the next flotilla of "humanitarian aid" will be accompanied by armed Turkish war ships.

And, yes, you map-readers: Turkey is directly north of Israel!

Does this mean war? Does this mean more suicide bombers? Does this mean more katusha rockets, in addition to the 6,000 plus rockets that have already been fired into Israel since Gaza was given to the Palestinians in 2005?

Never mind the thousands of innocent civilian Jewish people who have been permanently maimed since the "LAND FOR PEACE" deal. That does not count. The attitude of world opinion is only concerned when terrorists are killed or injured, despite the fact that Jewish people suffer daily at the hands of these Palestinian cowards.

No matter what Israel does to defend itself, the U.N.and the E.U. will continue to say that she does not have the right to protect herself.

Meanwhile, Israel is restricting access to part of Jerusalem's Old City.

Israeli police said Friday only men over the age of 40 would be allowed to attend prayer services at the al-Aqsa mosque. Officials also said additional police officers would be deployed across the city.

All of this fits in perfectly with what Jesus predicted during these last days. Clearly, Jewish people will continue to be hated just because they are Jews and because they finally have a homeland of their own. What took place May 14, 1948, when Israel became a nation, is nothing short of a miracle.

And the fact that Israel still exists after sixty-two years is pretty remarkable, too. Consider the fact that only seven million Jewish people are surrounded by more than 200 million blood-thirsty angry Muslims who want to drive them into the sea and bring about the second holocaust.

God has other plans! The Jews are his chosen people, and even though world-opinion turns against them, they will be victorious. Right now in Syria and Lebanon there are 125,000 missiles pointed at the heart of the Holy Land. It looks very grim for the Jewish people, except for the fact that God will never forget his covenant with them.

For those who do not know, Russia has a nuclear naval base in Tartus, Syria. You can actually look it up on Google Earth and see the facility. So the "Bear from the North" has come down, just as the Bible predicted. For those who have their eyes open, these days are very exciting.

All this opposition originates in the spiritual realm, where the Adversary presses for Israel's destruction to stop or delay the return of Jesus.

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