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Wednesday, February 9, 2011


“The Lord will make himself known to the Egyptians!” Is. 19:21

Dear Partner, February 2011

Greetings in Jesus’ Name!

We are living in tumultuous times, and Israel continues to be the focal point of the entire world.

U.S. money has had an Egyptian dictator in place for 30 years, to the tune of almost two billion dollars per year! Among other things, we have used Mubarak’s regime to do our “dirty work”. Normally, America does not torture our captives in order to get them to talk. However, it has not been above us to send terrorists to Egypt in order to retrieve information from them. Every terrorist eagerly tells all he knows within just a few days . . . sometimes within hours.

The Muslim Brotherhood will soon control Egypt and begin to force every nation that surrounds Israel to resume suicide bombings, and any other terror tactics available. As unsettling as this may sound, this will hasten the end-time scenario recorded in the Bible.

This is good news to those of us who are believers! For we know that the nations of the earth are mere pawns in the hands of God. Imagine a chess game between God and Satan. The various countries are the pieces on the chess board. Satan was checkmated at the cross, and the defeat will soon be manifested for all to see.

“I have decided to gather the kingdoms of the earth” (Zephaniah 3:8b).

“Yom-a-hu” appears 16 times in chapters 12-14 of the book of Zechariah. Yom-a-hu means “on that day”.

There is a DAY approaching that will fulfill many, many Bible prophecies. One of these prophecies is that “Israel will burn up all the neighboring nations right and left, while the people living in Jerusalem remain secure” (Zech. 12:6b).

“On that day, His feet will stand on the Mt. of Olives and it will split apart” (Zech. 14:3).

On that day “the Lord will be king over all the earth” (Zech. 14:9).

On that day “there will be one Lord---his name alone will be worshiped” (Zech. 14:9b).

There won’t be an Allah who will compete for the worship of Jesus. Only the Lord (Yahweh) will reign supreme. “The Lord my God (Yahweh tseba’oth) shall come, and all his holy ones with him” (14:5b). Yahweh tseba’oth means “Lord of Heaven’s Armies!

Jesus predicted BIRTH PAINS. One of these “pains” is the shaking of the earth. In our generation earthquakes are becoming much more frequent and much more powerful. He also predicted famines, like the one sweeping Africa at this hour.

Last month (January) food prices world-wide soared to a new record high! Two billion people struggle to survive on $2 per day.

Those “in the know” are very concermed and perplexed . . . another fulfillment of Scripture. . . earthquakes, tsunamis, unusual weather patterns, famines, and economic distress.

As believers we can bury our heads in the sand like so many folks are doing . . . , or we can PREPARE.

I would encourage you to do a little preparing. One of the best investments you can make at this hour is to have plenty of food and water. I found a place for purchasing long-lasting food, and it only costs about 91 cents per meal:

Of course, the best way is to prepare spiritually. When the world is exploding around us, the safety of having eternal life is without price. Make sure that your family members all know the Lord and have placed their faith in Jesus as the Son of God and returning King.

As this thing in Egypt continues to erupt and grow, you will have the confidence that your feet are planted firmly on the Eternal Word of God. Jesus said, “Heaven and earth will pass away, but my words will never pass away” (Mark 13:31).

We plan to continue to proclaim this truth as long as God gives us strength. There are many people who need to get saved before that great and terrible day of the Lord, especially the Muslims! Pray for us as we take the gospel to the nations of the earth by every means possible.

May God bless you once again for your faithful and generous help to Full Life Crusade.

In His Service,

Wesley Smith

Full Life Crusade, P.O. Box 398, Winona Lake, IN 46590

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