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Tuesday, March 8, 2011


What Does the Future Hold?

Many people are confused and feel very concerned about the future.

Some even feel hopeless!

U.S. Border Guards are being murdered by illegal Mexicans.

Some people feel as though our nation is slowly being destroyed.

Rioting, even in our own country, is increasing. Violence and bloodshed almost seems “normal” now.

Radical Muslims are attempting to force Sharia Law upon us.

Earthquakes are increasing in intensity and frequency.

And now we are being told by FEMA that there will soon be a food shortage of such magnitude that it will even affect America. Food prices are already skyrocketing.  Why did FEMA just order ONE BILLION $ worth of dehydrated food?  (

And what about our children and grandchildren?

Worry! Worry! Worry!

This is the exact opposite of what Jesus told us to do during these last days. He told us not to worry! He said, “Don’t let your hearts be troubled.”

He told us there would be “Birth Pains” just before he returns.

He even told us what these birth pains would be (Mt. 24).

Every one of these “pains” is upon us!

Israel is surrounded by enemies.

Even Russia is joining in and has a huge nuclear naval base on the Mediterrean---in Tartous, Syria. And last month Iran sent two of its war ships to its new port in Syria.

So “The Bear” is in place, less than 150 miles from Israel’s border---just like the Bible predicted.

Many Americans do not even know that Syria is located on the Med Sea.

Look at a map and get clued in.

Go to Google Earth and look at the Russian port.

O.K., so now that we have this established, what’s next?

America is placing demands on the Israelis to stop building homes in the West Bank.

Try to imagine what we would do if another country told us we could not build any more homes in California or Arizona.

The United Nations is against Israel and it is exerting tremendous pressure to make Israel even smaller.
Do you realize that at one point Israel is only eight miles wide?

But most of the world wants Israel to become even smaller.

Actually, the world, just like Hitler, wants the Jews to cease to exist!

But this is not going to happen. The Jewish people just happen to be God’s chosen people. This is why the Devil is raging with such jealousy throughout the Arab states.

He wants to destroy every Jewish person on this planet.

No matter how gloomy it might appear, there is not a chance in hell this will happen. God will soon step from the clouds and destroy every one of Israel’s enemies with his unlimited power.

Personally, I can’t wait!

Egypt, Lybia, Syria, . . .

God says, “I will gather all nations against Jerusalem to battle” (Zech. 14:1-2).

Israel will have no option but to use nuclear weapons when the 20 Muslim nations attack. Ezekiel predict 29:10-12 that Egypt will not be inhabited for 40 years after it is laid waste (probably by a nuclear attack).

Isaiah 19:15 tells of a time when there will be no work for the Egyptians. Even now the average Egyptian only makes $100 per month. And food is so scarce and high-priced that it takes $60 a month for the average family to eat!

Eighty million people live in Egypt, and most of the country is desert, with only a half inch of rainfall per year. So most of the inhabitants live within two miles of the Nile River.

In light of the fact that the Muslim Brotherhood will most likely rule Egypt, Israel has closed its embassy in Cairo. Jews will no longer be safe there.

This portends a time when the Egyptians will once again sponsor suicide bombers and cooperate with Syria, Jordan, and Lebanon in attacking the Israelis. Israel is an embarrassment to every Muslim nation as she dwells and prospers in their midst.

Did you know that the Egyptians are the descendants of Esau? And I’m sure that you know that Jacob and Esau were far from friends. At one time Esau was so jealous of Jacob that he planned to kill him (Ge. 26:34; 27:41).

This jealousy has come down through the blood line!

Our president is so clueless that he has appointed Rashad Hussain as Special Envoy of the White House. This man is a “hafiz”, which means that he has memorized the Koran!

More Muslims are in the White House during Barrack Hussein Obama’s presidency than at any time in history. Have you ever wondered why he refuses to attend the annual National Day of Prayer of the Christians, but always is very eager to remove his shoes, kneel on a prayer carpet, and worship with the worshipers of Allah?

A Christian recently told me that when Jesus returns he will come hand-in-hand with Allah. One minor problem with this concept: Allah does not even exist!  This shows how confused even many of the Christians are!

Will we ever have anyone in Washington who will stop all funding for the United Nations?

Our tax dollars, to the tune of $3 billion each year, goes to this fraudulent organization.

In foreign countries where I often travel, the local people call the United Nation workers “UN”, or, to make it more clear, “UHN”.

I asked the people why they call the U.N. “The UHN” and they said because they don’t do anything.

But each U.N. worker receives a minimum of $60,000 per year. That’s not a bad salary, plus room, board, and transportation. They do nothing besides ride around in one hundred thousand dollar vehicles.

God says that he will bring the nations of the world against tiny Israel. This is what he is doing at this present time.

Then he (YHWH tseba’oth, Lord of Heaven’s Armies) will go out and personally fight against those nations.

If this makes you eager to learn more, go to my website, . There you will find an extensive study on this subject.

Yes, Jesus is coming soon, and the stage is being set by God himself.

The nations of the world are like pieces on a chess board. God is positioning them and he is about to checkmate Satan.

We will all see this take place!

It will be glorious!

And all the nations of the earth will know the Lord.

In order to fully understand these passages, you must know something about Bozrah and Petra.

Isaiah 63:1-6; Habakkuk 3:1-18; Isaiah 34:5-6; and Song of Songs chapter 3.

After you study these passages you will understand the significance of Rev. 14:20. It is 180 miles from Haifa to Petra!

Megiddo gave its name to the area where the armies opposing God’s people will assemble.

Megiddo literally means “place of crowds”. It is said that more blood has been shed in this area than any other spot on earth.

This valley (from Haifa to the Jordan River, and then south to Petra) will be the site of an epic battle foretold in Scripture.

It will be very “crowded” when God brings the armies of the world there.

Thutmose III said, “Megiddo is worth a thousand cities.”

Today Megiddo is a vast plain about 15 miles wide. There is even a McDonalds there. Mt. Megiddo is actually a small hill. It is easy to imagine the sign: “Billions Sold”.

Bozrah is modern Busaira, Jordan.

Petra is nearby, but it is only large enough to hold about 1,000 people. Some Bible scholars think the Jews will flee to both Petra and Busaira.

I have a Jewish friend living in Jerusalem who actually believes that God has called him to lead his people (the Jews) to Petra. He leads tourists to Petra and has already been there more than 300 times on “practice runs” in preparation for the “Big One.”

However, as all these details play out, three things are for sure: 1. Jesus will return. 2. He will take over planet earth. 3. He will reign as King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

Each of us needs to make sure we are on his team.

Signs are everywhere and The Day is fast approaching. The main thing is that we should be ready for his coming. And we should also be about our Father’s business!

We are now receiving telephone calls and emails from all over the world from folks who are reading my writings on the internet. Never have we lived in a time when we are able to influence so many people with such ease.

We are literally “Reaching Out to the World”. This has been the theme of Full Life Crusade for more than 46 years.

Thank you so much for your generous support, both spiritually and financially. I cannot thank you enough for believing in what we are doing and standing with us.

Printing Bibles in China, visiting orphans and widows, helping the poor, supporting indigenous pastors, and preaching the gospel to the nations . . . these are all ways we are reaching our generation.

May God richly bless you for helping us to tell the wonderful news about Jesus.

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