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Monday, December 3, 2012



Today I received an email asking me a question about healing.  Here is what I wrote:

You know me well enough by now to know that I don't believe in asking questions that don't have answers.

And the people who "have the answers" really are just like the rest of us if the truth were known; they pray for terminally ill people, too, who die. But for some reason (maybe pride) they only tell the stories where healing took place (exclusionary lie). 

Over these past 47 years I, too, could tell the "healing stories" where I prayed for the sick and they were instantly and permanently healed, and make people believe that my faith is greater than most people's faith (pride).
But the real truth is that most terminally-ill people we pray for die. 

However, this does not keep me from praying for the sick. The Bible says "the prayer of faith shall save the sick" and "they shall lay hands on the sick and they shall recover". So 'ole Wes will
keep praying for people in need. 

If they die, they die; if they are healed they are healed. I'll continue moving forward and leave all the questions with my Wonderful Heavenly Father (actually, I'm not even asking any questions about healing), whom I trust completely and implicitly. I will never put on a clown act to try to make God look good . . . or to make myself look good. 

One of the greatest needs in the body of Christ is HONESTY

We would all like healing to work every time. But it doesn't!

If there was anyone on this planet who could actuallly heal the sick EVERY TIME, he would be swamped day and night with
tens of thousands of people standing in his front yard and down the street for blocks. 

The truth is: nobody is delivering the goods. Not even the big TV guys who embarrass most of us with their cavorting.

There are a lot of good talkers, but where are the people who can actually heal the sick? 

The truth is: they do not exist. And my guess is that when we get to heaven we won't even bother to ask such trivia. It will be glorious beyond imagination when we see Him face to face.

We are here for such a brief moment . . . and then we enter eternity. "It is appointed unto every man once to die, and after that the judgment." 

We might do well to concentrate more on getting people saved than on our failures as "healers".  Eternity is a long, long time. This physical body of ours begins to die at the moment of birth. 

Every type of Christian and charismatic visited our home during Primrose's nine-month fatal illness with ovarian cancer. Each one had a "special insight" and did their thing. 

But the people who really ministered to our family were the ones who loved us and wept with us. 

These are the people I will never forget, and these are the people whom I respect. They cleaned our home, did dishes, ran errands, cooked meals, loved on our children, allowed us to weep on their necks as they hugged us, and showed us how much they loved us.  They showed their love for our family by doing things . . . without any preaching.  

No . . . I do not have any questions about healing. I know that my Primrose is waiting for me in heaven and we will get to spend forever there in His presence.

These are just some of my thoughts. I hope they help you in some way.
Love and Prayers, Wes

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