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Wednesday, January 2, 2013


Starting off the New Year right!


Dear Partner,                                                                     January 2013

Greetings in Jesus’ Name!

I was so blessed to have my two grandchildren (Travis and Katelyn) with me when I spoke at a United Methodist Church, my first meeting in 2013 in New York.  Among other things, they are both wonderful Holy Spirit singers.

Why do I say “Holy Spirit singers”?

Because so much of what we hear in church comes from the flesh.  The singers are self-conscious, instead of God-conscious.  They are often on the stage to perform and show off their gifts, clothing, and hair-doo.  It is easy to discern how much these kind of people love being on center-stage getting all the attention, and proving to the rest of us how “cool” they are.

Not so with Travis and Katelyn.  They usually sing with their eyes closed, and from the first note they are “lost in the Spirit”.  It is not uncommon to see many in the audience weeping within the first thirty seconds after they begin singing.

What a way to begin my first meeting of this New Year, having my grandchildren with me in the service!

By the time I got up to teach the Scripture I could easily see that people were crying.  God’s Spirit had touched them in deep ways.  It is so easy to preach when a receptive atmosphere has been created.

After the service one man wept uncontrollably, saying over and over again, “I wish my grandchildren were like Travis and Katelyn!”


I told the people that day that if I did not have a dime to my name, or even have a home to live in, that I’d be a very wealthy man.  Seeing the third generation of my family following Jesus is one of the greatest gifts that I could ever have.

I asked Travis and Katelyn to share a testimony about a trip they had taken to Virginia, and how the Lord had taken care of them.  They had been asked to sing at a funeral twelve hours from their home.  Since both of them are college students, they don’t have any extra money.

They left their house by faith, knowing that they did not have enough money for gas or food.  They trusted Jehovah-jireh (The Provider) to take care of them.

Here are just two examples of how God provided for his two precious lambs:

During the trip they were getting pretty hungry, so they decided to stop at McDonald’s (the cheapest fast-food place).  They were hoping to use an ATM card, not even knowing if they had enough in the account to cover the cost of the meal.

They placed their order at the drive-thru and drove on up to the pay window, wondering if their card would be refused.  Much to their amazement, the person at the window told them, “Our computers are down right now.”  Handing them their food, she continued, “The meal is on us today!

That was the first way God took care of them.

On the long drive home they were hungry again, so they decided to try to buy two tacos at Taco Bell.  But just before they pulled into Taco Bell they spied a Chinese restaurant and at the last moment decided to “go Chinese”.

They went into the restaurant, ordered their food, and were served.  Of course, they both bowed their heads to pray and thank Jesus for the meal.

While they were eating, they noticed that a lady and her husband a few tables away were watching them.  When the couple got up to leave, the lady took Travis by the hand without saying a word, and placed a twenty dollar bill in his hand!

By this time Travis and Katelyn were both crying and praising God, once again, for his tender-loving care and provision.

These two testimonies brought back so many memories of 47 years ago when Primrose and I had first launched out by faith to preach the gospel in the streets of Flint, Michigan and Jeremie, Haiti.  In the natural, we should not have survived.

But God is supernatural, and true to his Word. 

He has never failed us or forsaken us in almost 50 years of carrying his wonderful message to nations all over the world.  He is THE PROVIDER!

And one of the ways he has provided for our mission outreaches this month is through your generous gift to Full Life Crusade.  Thank you so much!

May He give you a wonderful year in 2013 and show all of us how much He loves us.  He will never leave us or forsake us . . . even when we do not deserve it. 

Just think . . . one of these days our Wonderful Redeemer will split the skies apart and we will see him face to face.  What a day that will be!

Between now and then we plan to keep carrying the torch of his fire throughout the world, telling people the marvelous good news about Jesus.

In His Service,

 Wesley Smith

 Full Life Crusade, P.O. Box 398, Winona Lake, IN 46590  Website:  Email:  Telephone: 574.267.7546


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