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Friday, February 28, 2014


No, I don't think Obama is the Antichrist, but I do believe, his agenda -along with the agenda of many of today's world leaders are helping the cause.

Sorry for the forwards, etc.  I think this is important, though.   I know Obama is part of the enemy's scheme to set up One World Gov't.   "He will be given authority to make war with the Saints and overcome them."   I do not hold the opinion that "it's God's will, we have to just let it happen..."   

I believe what Paul said in Romans 12:21, " Don't let evil conquer you, but conquer evil by doing good."  there's no timeline on that verse.   Nowhere does it say, "but when the spirit of antichrist comes upon the world, just kick back, relax, and let it happen, because it'll just be too hard to fight it."  All the Word tells us is "fear not."
I've heard the "what are we gonna do? Huh?" excuse too many times.  I was hammered by that from a lot of people during the Haiti earthquake in 2010 when I was working diligently to get down there.  I found a plane, a pilot, others to go, went, worked, fed, watered, and treated over 1500 people in the few weeks we were there, and we opened the door to a semi-permanent clinic that saw loads of doctors and nurses come to help.  In the end, I don't even know how many were helped by those small humble beginnings.  We blazed a path, and many followed.  Those people and their needs were just a drop in the ocean, but like Mother Teresa said once, "what we do is just a drop in the ocean, but if we don't do it, that drop will be gone forever."
Please do what you can.  The survey takes about 2 minutes - literally, and you don't have to donate for your number to be counted.  Don't sit on your hands and "wait to see what happens."  Make it happen!

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Dear Patriot,

Should Obama be impeached - vote nowCongress keeps turning a blind eye to Obama's abuse of our Constitution - and we're counting on you to help set the record straight.

As a member of the conservative majority in this country, we want to make sure your voice is being heard. That's why I wanted to invite you to take The Conservative Caucus's enormous new survey, which will eventually reach five million Americans.

TCC's goal is simple: to show conservatives in Congress that there is broad public support to conducting a full Inquiry into investigating whether Obama has faithfully kept his oath of office.

If the Inquiry decides he hasn't upheld his oath, Impeachment proceedings would begin, with the goal of removing Obama from office.

Our survey will be distributed to every single member of Congress, and key members of the media - so that they know exactly how much support there is to investigating Barack Obama.

Please add your voice to this 5 million-strong movement right away, by taking just a minute to take our survey right now. 

Should Obama be impeached - vote now

And as a gift for your donation, we'll even send you TCC's specially-prepared Official Impeachment Inquiry report - so you can know the details about Obama's impeachable offenses before the American public does.

And that donation to TCC will also enable us to reach 5 million Americans as fast as we can, with a nationwide campaign - before liberals have a chance to smear and distract from Obama's scandals, like they have from the past.

This survey is just the tip of the iceberg.

Over the next few months, we'll be making this case not just in Washington, but in towns and cities all across the country, in newspapers, on TV, and with direct mail letters.

We're going to make sure the entire nation knows not just that Obama might have violated his oath of office - but that, finally, there's a group like TCC that's going to stop him from violating our Constitution, once and for all.

Because The Conservative Caucus is the only grassroots group with a 40-year-long history of success. We're the only group with the means and resources needed to get to the bottom of Barack Obama's shameless, possibly impeachable scandals, just like we did with Bill Clinton in the late 1990s.

On everything from using the IRS as a political weapon, to his dangerous Benghazi cover up on September 11th, to bypassing the legislative process, Obama has shown time and time again that, despite his presidential oath, he has no intention of following the letter of the law.

And those are just the scandals we know about. A formal Congressional Inquiry would leave no stone unturned, no matter how hard the Obama White House fights. 

Should Obama be impeached - vote now

Like you, I know that the Constitution is the bedrock of our country. We've had the most prosperous, most free nation on earth for more than 200 years - and it's because every president since Washington has faithfully obeyed the Constitution.

But Barack Obama is different - and the dangers of a president actively ignoring the Constitution aren't just bad for all of us today, but set a precedent that the rule of law is meaningless now, here in America.

If you want to fight to protect the Constitution and our American values of liberty and freedom, please join our 5 million-strong movement right now, by filling out our survey.

And make sure to include your donation, so we can send you our specially-prepared Official Impeachment Inquiry report, and you can see for yourself just how deep Obama's scandals run.

Your answers in this survey are absolutely critical to making Congress listen to the American people - and your gift to TCC makes it likely that we'll be able to reach all 5 million Americans before it's too late.

Thanks for your support of TCC - and your help in taking our nation back from a president who doesn't respect the very foundation of our laws.


Peter Thomas
Peter J. Thomas, Chairman
The Conservative Caucus 

Should Obama be impeached - vote now

The Conservative Caucus
92 Main Street, Warrenton, VA 20186, 540-219-4536

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