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Thursday, March 20, 2014


American Christianity has sunk to such a low that the majority of the nation has lost respect for the church.

Almost all of it is money, money, money, Gimme the money!

What a far cry from the early believers who went out all over the world with the fire of the Holy Spirit burning in their hearts.  And . . . everywhere they went they turned the world upside down.

Thousands were saved, healed, delivered from evil spirits, and baptized in the Holy Spirit.

This was the way THE CHURCH was birthed!

Yes, what a far cry from "missions" today.

In the modern era, if someone who is deeply troubled comes to the church, he is immediately turned over to a shrink, because the modern church is powerless to help.  And furthermore, seminary grads have no idea what to do for their tormented flocks.  They have absolutely NO PRACTICAL ANSWERS.

And some church leaders are so tormented themselves that they sneak away to a distant city for counseling from non-believers! 

I've heard many a "missionary" return home and give his report about his travels, the lavish meals he ate, and what a great trip he had.  But few of them return home with a report like the ones given in the book of Acts.

Show me one place in the New Testament where the believers felt that they had to "raise money" before they went out to preach.

It's not there.

You won't find it.

But the apostles did tell the man in Acts 8:20 who tried to give them money: "Your money perish with you."

And Timothy wrote in 6:10, "The love of money is the root of all evil."


In Exodus 4:27 God spoke to Aaron.


You mean we have a speaking God?

What a thought!

Many folks who are out "doing God's work" have never heard a peep out of God.

In other words, they never really got "THE CALL".  I suppose they just decided that it would be a good idea to be a preacher or missionary.  But they failed to realize that whatever is born of the flesh is flesh.  And it remains flesh.  Flesh NEVER produces SPIRIT.

This is why very few returned missionaries tell about the thousands that have been saved, healed, delivered, and baptized in the Holy Spirit.  Only the Spirit of God can do these things.

Do you ever recall Jesus "RAISING MONEY"?

But Aaron received such a clear call from God (Exodus 4:27) that he risked everything.  Slaves were not supposed to run away from their Egyptian slave masters.  Penalty?  Torture and death.  Or, if they can't find you, they find your wife and children, and do terrible things to them.  Ever read about the Maroons in our own country during the 17 and 18 hundreds?

Aaron did not have a cell phone or email.  Remember: Aaron was a slave.  And he was an 83-year-old slave.  He had to sneak away.  He had to walk about 400 miles on foot to "The Mountain of God".  See map and picture below in modern Saudi Arabia.

He had not seen his brother, Moses, for 40 years!  They had no way to communicate.  But God knew where both of them were!

After risking everything and making the longest journey of his life (up to this moment) . . . sure enough Moses was there.  The Bible says that they hugged.  You better believe that they hugged.

What was accomplished by Aaron's obedience and faith?

He and Moses rescued about 3 million people.  Not a bad accomplishment for someone who A. Heard from God, B. Did what God asked him to do, and C. All this without raising any money.


Oh, some folks (the ones who thought Sinai was in Israel) forgot to read Galations 4:25 that tells us plainly "Mount Sinai in Arabia".

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