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Standing on the Shoulders of Giants

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Tuesday, April 1, 2014




Huge catastrophes have created devastation beyond measure: Missing airliner and all souls lost, Tsunamis, Radiation, Earthquakes, Tornadoes, Mud Slides, etc., etc.

I know two pastors who are still attempting to meet some of the needs of the Japanese people during this horrible time by doing relief work there.  Full Life Crusade has sent funds to these faithful men of God who, in spite of the dangers of radiation, are pouring out their lives for the Japanese people.
Men’s hearts are failing them for fear of what is coming next.
Even America has pretty much turned its back on Israel, telling the Jews that they cannot build houses in their own country. Muslim suicide bombings have resumed in the streets, businesses, and bus stations of Jerusalem.  The Gaza Strip and Syria are being used once again as a launching pad for rockets.
Every nation surrounding Israel is on fire.  When the Arabs are not killing non-Muslims, then they are killing each other.  I guess that they just like to kill!  Women are being searched and raped indiscriminately.  Snipers, just for the fun of it, are doing target practice, using live human beings as the targets.
How blessed we are to be living in America!
As the world turns against the Jews, (“God’s chosen”), more and more we will hear leaders discussing openly what to do about “the solution to the Jewish problem”.
Does that phrase sound vaguely familiar to you?
It should, because those were the exact words Hitler used.  He wanted to find a solution for the “Jewish problem”, too.
We are all acquainted with the word, “Nazi”.  According to Hitler, he considered the Nazis to be the superior race above all others. But did you know that “Nazi” has its roots in the Bible?
One of the descendants of Japheth was a man named “Askenaz”.  His family was referred to as “Askenazis”.   Most people have overlooked this obscure verse found in Genesis 10:3.  But Hitler named his movement “Nazis” after this man who was Gomer’s son.  These are the people who will invade Israel during the last days (Ez. 38:6).
Back then these people were not Muslims.  Mohammed was not born until 570 A.D., so Islam was not dreamed up until thousands of years later.  But the same blood ran in his veins then that runs in the veins of modern terrorists. 
The evil spirits in these people are killers.  If they are not attempting to kill you and me, then they kill each other.  No wonder the book of Revelation describes this spirit as THE BEAST.  Of course, Jesus told us that the Devil has come to steal, kill, and destroy.
One of the times I was in Israel I asked an Arab why his people were not able to annihilate the Jews, since there were more than 200 million of them and only about 7 million Jews living in Israel.
I will never forget his response!
He said, “We hate each other more.”
In 1962 I was a teacher in a public school in Flint, Michigan.  That year Bible-reading and prayer were banned and judged “unconstitutional” by the Supreme Court of the United States.
At that time our educational system was ranked #1 in the world.  Today we are #26.  We are “graduating” students who do not know how to read or write.
Is this the kind of country our ancestors fought for in 1865 when Black men and women were liberated?  During the Civil War 260 thousand Confederate soldiers died; 360 thousand  Union soldiers died.
Did those 620 thousand brave men die so our nation would produce modern-day inner cities?  A recent headline on the front page of USA Today: BLACKS MOVING OUT OF AMERICAN CITIES.
Look up some pictures to see what is left of Detroit, a city where less than 50% of the inhabitants know how to read.
Yes!  We are living in dire times.
Jesus said that it would get so bad on planet earth that if he did not “shorten the time” all of humanity would perish (Mt. 24:22 and Mark 13:20).  There would not be one person left on our globe.
But he told us: “Let not your heart be troubled.”
He told us: “When you see all these things taking place, look up, lift up your heads, your redemption draweth nigh.”
In which direction are you looking these days?
He also told us to “WATCH”.  We believers should be the most alert and informed people on the planet.  We certainly need to pay attention to what is taking place, especially in Israel and the Middle East.
These are the last days!
Some still sarcastically remark, “Oh, people have been saying this for centuries.”
Two days ago I was studying Matthew 24 and verse 33 leaped out at me: YOU CAN KNOW”.  Jesus was not talking about the day or the hour in this passage.  He was talking about knowing the season.  SUMMER IS NEAR.  This is a fact.  It is beyond faith.
At this time of the year when buds begin to come out on trees, we do not need “faith” to believe that summer is just around the corner.  We know it is Spring, and we all know that Summer follows Spring.  We don’t have faith that Summer is coming soon.  We know it!
Jesus promised us that we can have this kind of assurance.

When I read that verse I stopped and prayed, “Lord, please put this kind of assurance in my heart about your near return.” 


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