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Saturday, May 31, 2014


        “The Lord is the One who reveals His thoughts to mankind” (Amos 4:13).

Dear Partner,                                                       
Greetings in Jesus’ Name!

A call came “out of the blue” from an 83-year-old woman a few months ago.  I mentioned this in last month’s newsletter, but I want to give you an update on this story.
She has 35 women sewing dresses for the little girls in Haiti.  When she called me she asked if we could use the dresses for our ministry in Jeremie, Haiti.  Of course I said a resounding “YES”!  
So . . . within a few weeks she brought about 700 dresses to my home.
So there I was with all these dresses piled up in my living room.  At first I was a little overwhelmed, but then I was reminded by a friend that this was “God’s business” and not mine.  He told me, “Just talk to Jesus about it and see what happens.”
Believe it or not . . . within a few days all the dresses were on their way to Haiti.  Two different groups, (one from North Dakota and one from New York) actually came to my home and picked up all the dresses.  I found out from the manager of a clothing store that each dress was worth approximately $25.00.

So . . . out of the blue Jesus provided about $17,000.00 worth of brand new dresses for the little girls at our mission in Jeremie.  We can’t wait to see the pictures of the Haitian children wearing them!

Well . . . these are exciting times!  And God is doing amazing things.  There is so much to learn about Him, His Word, and the ways He works.  Someone said, “Find out what God is doing, and then try to stay out of His way.”

So often church folks attempt to do it backwards.  They get a “do-gooder idea” that is going to cost a lot of money.  Then, because they don’t have the money for the project, they do all kinds of things to raise the money for something God never told them to do in the first place.

The carnal man will not pray.  The carnal man cannot hear the voice of God.  And he knows nothing about flowing in the Holy Spirit of God.  And the carnal man does very little serious Bible study.  

So much in American Christianity is done without God being involved in it at all.

Our heart’s cry during these last days should be, “Here I am, Lord.  I’m available to you. Please let me hear your voice and I will obey.”

Martha Hoffman, the 83-year-old woman, prayed this way.  The result?  Seven hundred dresses will soon be arriving at our mission in Jeremie, Haiti!  God is awesome and He is just like his name, Jehovah Jireh, THE PROVIDER.
These are the days when we can LEARN, LEARN, and LEARN! 

It seems that the Holy Spirit is revealing things in these last days like never before.  I recently discovered that the first five books of the Bible (Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy) in Hebrew had different names from what we have in English.
And this is thrilling!  Here are the Hebrew names and their meanings:
Beresheet: “In the beginning.
Shemot: “These are the names.”
Vayikra: “The Lord called out
Bamidbar: “In the wilderness
Devarim: “These are the words
Put it all together and here is what you have:  “In the beginning these are the names the Lord called out in the wilderness, and this is what He said!”

Another amazing bit of TRUTH:  
Nahshon is a man who is mentioned nine times in the Bible.  According to the Jewish Midrash (stories by Jewish Rabbis), this man, Nahshon, was the first man who walked into the Red Sea before it split. And, according to Jewish tradition, he was neck-deep before the waters parted!  Of course, it is just “tradition”, but he got his name in the Bible nine times for some reason!  And . . . he was appointed "Captain of the children of Judah" (Numbers 2:3) for some reason. Yes, he was a great an of faith.

One more:  Our vast galaxy is spinning at the incredible speed of 490,000 miles per hour.  But, even at this breakneck speed our galaxy still needs 200 million years to make one rotation!  And there are more than 200 billion galaxies similar to ours in the universe.

He counts the stars and calls them all by name” (Psalm 147:4).  “Seek Him who makes the stars” (Amos 5:8).

My prayer for you this month is that as you seek this Mighty God of ours (The Star Maker) He will show you great and mighty things.  May He reward you for your gift to Full Life Crusade by giving you special blessings.  Thank you so much for your generosity and helping us take the gospel to the nations.

In His Service,

Wesley Smith
Full Life Crusade, P.O. Box 398, Winona  Lake, IN 46590   Telephone: 574.267.7546

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