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Monday, August 18, 2014

DUH . . . to all da fokes in Ferguson

The liberal news media thinks that cops go around shooting people six times just for fun.

You know . . . just random pot shots at ANYONE.  :)

We know that cops are "trained" to just walk up to someone and pop them six times.

Oh  . . . shucks!  A random video shows something quite different.  It was filmed on the scene and just surfaced to show that da big black man actually attacked the cop.  And the cop shot him in self defense.

The cop almost lost one of his eyes before he began shooting.  The only reason he waited so long was fear of the liberal press!


Too bad, liberal news media, that the TRUTH emerged.

Now what will your story be?

Almost a repeat of "poor little baby innocent 12-year-old Trayvon" again.

At this point in time the rest of America knows that the liberal press consistently lies.

And here's a suggestion for all you black men out there. Stop impregnating women and then forsaking them like cowards.

(Yes . . . it is true . . . 73% of black babies are born out of wedlock!)  Federal data confirms that 73 percent of African-American births are out of wedlock.

The bastard child you leave behind will be permanently damaged because he is FATHERLESS.
He will either end up in jail, dead, or repeat what you have done.

And you black women.  Why do you feel as though you must spread your legs for every low life who walks into your home?  Don't you know that this will only bring you and your child misery and heartache?

Whether men or women . . . Jesus is the answer to the deepest need of your heart, not drugs, sex, and booze.  He knocks on the heart's door of every person.  And He wants to come in and change your life.

How does this happen?  Very simple!  Ask Him to forgive your sins.
Ask Him to come into your life and take over.  Truly repent of your sins.  Get a Bible.  Start reading.

If you cannot read . . . go to my website: and listen FREE to more than 100 hours of good Bible teaching.  It will completely change your life.

How do I know this?  Because it has happened to me.

When you are finished with my 100 hours . . . go to and Mark Biltz has another 500 hours of wonderful Bible teaching . . . ALL FREE!

              You are without excuse!

Too bad the TRUTH emerged:

Get a load of this:

Ferguson Riots: The Death Rattle of a Great Nation Marching into the Dark Night of Racial Wars?
Don Boys, Ph.D.

Michael Brown was a black thug, no better or worse than a white or Hispanic thug. As I reflect on this I think of a similar incident in Florida. If Michael Brown had a brother, he would look like Travon Martin. In both cases, non-thinking, bigoted Whites and Blacks jumped to the wrong conclusion. They praised the villains (Martin and Brown) and persecuted the victims (Zimmerman and Wilson). I will remind my readers that both Zimmerman and Wilson had blood running from their head wounds. They shot their assailant as any sane person would do.
Obama felt a need to jump into this affair as he did in the Martin case. Obama reproached the Ferguson cops saying, “There’s also no excuse for police to use excessive force against peaceful protests or to throw protesters in jail for lawfully exercising their First Amendment rights.” That is correct; but there is no reason to assume, and for sure no proof, that excessive force was used and there is never a right to rob, resist, rampage, and riot. Obama should call for an unbiased investigation.
The U.S. Attorney General, himself an outspoken black racist, is in Ferguson with a cadre of Department of Justice workers who are investigating the incident. No, they are laying a foundation for a predetermined verdict! Holder has not been reticent to speak out on the matter of race. He called America a “nation of cowards” on racial issues in 2009. Holder has sent a signal that he wants the “correct outcome.” Because of his and Obama’s missionary zeal to “get” the white guy, it sends a signal to irresponsible Blacks to “do their thing.” Holder should do his duty for a change and investigate the Blacks who make a game of cold-cocking Whites. After all, that is a “hate” crime if any crime is.
The spineless governor, Jay Nixon, made an incredibly irresponsible and stupid statement when he declared, “a vigorous prosecution [of the shooting] must now be pursued” thereby absolving the thug and accusing the cop! What an idiot! I think he is a Democrat. Had he done his duty he would have demanded an unbiased, thorough investigation but fearful of a greater racial explosion, he took the cowardly way out. 

The mother of Travon Martin, another black thug, has jumped into the fray with her two cents and it really wasn’t worth that. She tried to paint the two dead teens as victims of gun violence without admitting their complicity in crime. In a letter to Michael Brown’s parents she declared, “If they refuse to hear us, we will make them feel us.” Sounds like an ominous threat.
Travon’s mother along with Brown’s mother seems to have the same motivation–to get a pound of flesh and a pot of money when they deserved nothing but scorn for turning a tragedy of a son’s death and the destruction of an innocent man into a farce. Both families are an example of what a broken home and the absence of a strong father with biblical convictions can do.
Protesters have demanded justice for Brown, but they want justification for their own violence. To them all white cops are brutal beasts with a vendetta against all sweet, innocent, unarmed, college-bound blacks. Isn’t it strange that most of these black thugs who get themselves killed are always “innocent,” “a real nice guy,” “wonderful son,” etc.!
If a cop commits a crime, then he should pay the price. Everyone agrees with that but too many Blacks and almost all liberals would not agree that Blacks must be held to the same degree of accountably as everyone else. Special racial treatment for anyone is a perfect definition of racism.
The media is not interested in justice, only a good, on-going story. Most of them are gutless wonders who are lazy, incompetent, or are committed zealots to social engineering. That includes race hustlers like Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, and the NAACP. Of course, the Black Panthers are thugs that should be behind bars. None of the above seem to be concerned with the twelve people who were shot and killed in Chicago over the Fourth of July weekend! But then that was black on black killings.
I suggest that the police announce that there will be no protesting except during daylight and all protestors who refuse to disperse on the first order will be arrested and jailed.
Moreover, I suggest that the NAACP and similar black groups stop pandering to the haters and spend time and money helping black families stay together, kids stay in school, promote a work mentality, and preach Bible morality to everyone. The answer to hating, robbing, looting, shooting, racism, and violence is Christ. When men trust Christ, there is a change in their morals, mores, manners, and motives. Many of the protesters seem to have problems with all of them.
We’ve come a long way baby–in the wrong direction. The noise of the protestors (cursing, fighting, and chanting) is the death rattle of a once-great nation marching into a dark night of racial wars.

Welcome to a new brave world where right is wrong; up is down; in is out; and bad is good and justice is demanded–if you are black. 

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