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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Coming Soon To a Bookstore Near You

A Simple Witness . . .
by wesley smith

“A story of triumphs and joy, trials and deep sorrows ... I was moved to tears.”
Filmmaker Heinz Fussle

From a simple witness ...

Foreword by filmmaker Heinz Fussle:

Wesley Smith is a man who was miraculously

rescued from the very depths of the pit, and by God’s grace, his whole life was turned around and became an exciting adventure he had never dreamed possible. After receiving the baptism of the Holy Spirit, there was no stopping. God was finally able to use Wes as a mighty vessel and instrument.

Once Wes was able to “let go,”
God and the Holy Spirit had room to take over. With Paul he could say that it is: “no longer me, but Christ
who lives in me and who lives HIS life through me.”

Wes, the author of
A Simple Witness tells us in first hand narrative the amazing story of his life. This story had to be put in written form. It is the story of his ministry and that of his wife Primrose, who shared in his life and ministry for twenty-eight years. They were
blessed with five daughters, who also had an active part in their ministry.

Wes and Primrose had countless one-on-one encounters with people in more than forty-

five Nations of the world. Whether one-on-one or in a stadium of 50,000, the message was
always the same: “God Loves YOU and can make you into an instrument of blessing no matter
how far you have fallen into the snares of sin and debauchery.”

Wes and Primrose have been at the very center of the greatest revival ever recorded in

China. They led the very first team to enter Communist China with one ton of Bibles. During
more than 60 trips they have taken more than a thousand people to China, carrying God’s Word
to searching and open hearts. Today it is believed that some ten percent of the entire
population of China has come to place their trust in Jesus Christ. That is approximately 100 million Chinese, now serving the only true and
living God.

Speaking Engagement Contact:

Wes has never charged for a speaking engagment in almost 50 years. However, it is common courtesy to cover a speaker's expenses.

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