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Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Governor Spitzer had it all---Money, Fame, Power, a Wonderful Wife, and three daughters.

But it wasn't enough for him. The hunger inside of him drove him to do some very bizarre things.

Strange. Very STRANGE!

He had all the things that most Americans are trying to get.

And yet . . . there was a deep black empty hole within Governor Spitzer, ---THE BOTTOMLESS PIT OF DESIRE. This lust relentlessly drove him to the point of being willing to risk it all --- to risk it all---his reputation, his wife, his children, and perhaps imprisonment.

Many men and women can easily identify with ex-Governor Spitzer!

Trying to fill that dark empty hole inside of his soul, he repeatedly debauched himself by committing adultery with whores. And he was even foolish enough to pay almost $5,000.00 for each tryst.

What was Governor Spitzer looking for? What was he thinking? How did his mind and emotions work?

Is there a Shrink out there somewhere who is able to explain this?

If almost every American in our nation is spending a lifetime attempting to get what the Governor had,---and if what he had does not satisfy the deepest longing of the human heart---then people everywhere are wasting their time, talents, and efforts. It is a lifetime of futility, chasing the wind.

Look at the Hollywood and Sports stars---one wife after another, one affair after another, more dope, more booze, more parties, more fame, more money, more attention. It's always more and it's never enough.

And yet most Americans emulate the "stars" and dream about having a similar life-style. The "stars" are heroes, almost gods. This is obviously modern idol worship. One of the most popular shows on television is aptly named, "American Idol". You are a nerd if you don't know the "in" names and the latest tabloid gossip about them.

My thesis is this: Only Jesus has the ability to give us what we desire. Only Jesus has the power to fill the deepest longing of the human heart. And He does this by baptizing us with the Holy Spirit.

Anything less than the Baptism of the Holy Spirit leaves us empty.

We can get to the "TOP", but at the "top" there is often greater emptiness and an even deeper, blacker hole.

And folks, I'm not talking about church, religion, or what is loosely called "Christianity" here in America. We all know that these same lusts have spilled over into the American church: private jets, big cars, bulging bank accounts, egos larger than Goliath, and the glamor of success-preaching.

I'm talking about a real God, the One who raised Jesus Christ from the dead by the power of the Holy Spirit.

If your life is empty I dare you to pray this prayer: "Jesus, please baptize me with the Holy Spirit!"

If you don't really mean it, then saying the "prayer" will do you no good.

If you do mean it, He will fill the deepest desires of your heart.

Jesus will give you what Governor Spitzer did not find. Hopefully, through this nightmare the ex-Governor will find the Living God.

Gold, Glory, and Girls! He had it all, but he came up empty.

Plus, on top of everything else, he will live in disgrace for the rest of his life. People will not remember his accomplishments. They will only remember that he spent time with very expensive prostitutes in his quest to find fulfillment.

Let's all make a commitment to pray for ex-Governor Spitzer, his precious wife, and children.

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