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Monday, February 11, 2008

Why Is Our Border Open?

Alianiss Nunez Morales drove through a stop sign and hit a school bus at 3:25 p.m., Tuesday, February 19.

She killed four young students who were on their way home.

Of course, just by her name you can guess the TRUTH: Yes, she is an illegal Mexican who sneaked across our border. And she did not even have a driver's license!

And, of course, she has been using a fake name!

She killed Hunter Javens, aged 9; Jesse Javens, aged 12; Emilee Olson, aged 9; and Reed Stevens, aged 12.

A Memorial Fund has been established: United South West Bank, P.O. Box 288, Cottonwood, Minnesota 56229.

The website for Cottonwood, MN reveals that there are about 1,150 people living there, but it has "a growing population". Guess who is making it "grow"? The illegals. They also diminished its growth on February 19 by killing four innocent American citizens.

Mexican "spokespersons" everywhere are concerned about outrage from the American people. Pablo Ruiz Jauregui recently said, "Don't focus on the FACT that Morales (the one who killed the children) is an illegal immigrant." He said he was "sorry" for the victims, but he seems to be more "sorry" that Americans will be angry about what happened February 19.

Oh, yes. We Americans must make sure that we do not focus on the FACTS or get angry!

Once again, we are being told to feel sorry for criminals and not be very concerned about innocent Americans.

Pablo fears backlash. I fear that there will not be enough BACKLASH!

I have had the privilege of traveling out of the country (and back home) about 130 times in the past 44 years. When I re-enter the United States I usually have to wait in line at customs for quite a while. Sometimes I have stood in line for an hour and a half.

Whether it is Miami, New York, Chicago, Atlanta, or some other city, it is all the same. The custom agents check us carefully to make sure that we have the legal documentation to enter the United States of America.

This is normal procedure for entering any country in the world! A seasoned traveler expects to stand in line and wait before he is allowed to enter a foreign country. We even expect to wait in line before entering our own country. This is just the way it is for crossing borders.

So I find it exceedingly strange that our border is pretty much "open" to the Mexicans. And we all know that it is not just Mexicans who are taking advantage of this opportunity. There are plenty of other nationalities who are crossing our southern border to get in on all the perks that our ignorant and blind government in Washington D.C. is giving away.

There are so many other people heading north besides Mexicans that the Border Control has a name for them: "OTMs"--Other Than Mexicans! (See my full article "When Silence Is NOT Golden":

So why do we have to wait for an hour and a half to get into our own country, when illegals can enter our country without a wait? Millions of them. Strange!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Real Americans see through this hypocrisy. Yes, we do. More is happening here than meets the eye. And we know that the big shots in Washington are behind it.

Some of our elected officials actually want millions of illegals to pour into our nation with their diseases, escalating crime, overcrowding, strewn garbage, intentions for terrorism and a free ride from our tax dollars.

To make it really, really simple. You and I pay for these people to come into our country and get free food, housing, hospitalization, etc., etc. - - - things we never get for free. American citizens actually get to pay for these benefits---with the money we EARN!

Try getting some of these benefits yourself and see what happens.

But wait! The intelligent men in Washington, D.C. have come up with a brilliant plan: They are going to erect a 28-mile fence to keep the illegals out of our country. But do they not know that our border with Mexico is approximately 1,969 miles long?

Name one other nation in the world where this is taking place.

I feel so sorry for the men and women working as Border Patrol agents. The fat cats in Washington have tied their hands with realistic threats.

A case in point: Two border guards shot a Mexican drug runner in the derriere after he had fired his weapon at them. The two border guards are now in prison and being beaten by fellow inmates. Yes, our government placed them in prisons full of illegal immigrants who somehow (we still believe in miracles!) ended up in jail themselves.

Oh, by the way . . . the drug-runner has now sued the United States of America for his "injuries" and will most likely collect FIVE MILLION DOLLARS.

This is a pretty good incentive for other low-lifes to head north. I mean, just think about all the perks!

Every city and town in America where the illegals gather, crime increases, garbage is strewn all over the place, and it is not safe for normal Americans to walk around. How do you like not being able to freely walk some places in your town because illegals will most likely harrass you, rob you, or even harm you. I have heard the derogatory term "GRINGO" as I have passed by too many times to enjoy it.

In our small town in Indiana a Mexican illegal just murdered a man in cold blood at a local gas station. He did not even rob him. Of course, the killer just disappeared and the law enforcement authorities have absolutely no idea where he is.

And then there are the many, many cases of illegals driving "ILLEGALLY" (what a sad joke), and killing an American citizen. Seldom, if ever, is the illegal person prosecuted. For some strange reason an illegal can commit a crime and the police leave him alone.

If you committed a similar crime you would be in jail faster than you could blink your eyes.

And then there are places like Hamtramck, Michigan where the MUSLIMS have taken over the entire city. You know I'm talking about those "PEACEFUL MUSLIMS", the likes of which blew up the Twin Towers in New York City. In Hamtramck they broadcast their "call to prayer"on a public address system that EVERYONE has to listen to . . . five times a day.

Try doing this with the gospel of Jesus Christ in an American city and see how far you get!

I've stated the issue clearly. Enough said.

What is the solution? And why is this happening to our great nation?

The solution is very simple. As a nation we need to turn back to the God who made our nation great. We must have a national repentance. Anything short of this will not work.

God is behind the blindness of our elected officials.

Many places in the Bible we are told that when a nation turns its back on God he will punish that nation by sending people from foreign countries to destroy them. To save space I'll only mention one place. You can look up the rest on your own.

Psalm 106:41 declares, "You will be handed over to pagan nations."

The two main pagan nations that are taking over our country are the Muslims and the Mexicans. The Border Guards refer to them as "M&Ms".

Why is God causing this to happen to our country?

We have told Him (God) to hit the road and leave us alone.

We have chosen to kill millions of our own precious citizens while they are still in the womb.

We have bowed down in front of the homosexual crowd.

Adultery is rampant.

Justice is turned upside down.

Hypocrisy is the message of the church.

And we are embracing demonic religions!

Outside of these few things we are really a pretty good country.

Here is the solution: Start a prayer meeting in your house. God has promised that if His people humble themselves, pray, and turn from their wicked ways---then he will heal our land. Why have the meeting in your house? Because many pastors will not allow a "lay person" to start a real prayer meeting in the church building he attends and supports!

Wrong to pray in church???? My God, what have we come to in this nation?

Prayer is the only solution.

You have the power to make a decision to save our country! Do it today. Call your neighbors and friends.

It is not too late. But if we do not do something NOW our grandchildren will be wearing burkas and will be forced to recite abominable phrases . . . like this one from the Koran: "God forbid that He (God) should have a Son!"

"And if I announce that I will build up and plant a certain nation (The United States), making it strong and great, but then that nation turns to evil and refuses to obey me, I will not bless that nation as I said I would" (Jeremiah 18:9-10).

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