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Friday, October 10, 2008

Economic Collapse

From its all-time high of 14,164, the DOW has lost more than 40%! For those who don't know much about economics (like me) this represents trillions of dollars - - - GONE! The DOW stands at 7,552. Almost incredible to believe.

It is not a coincidence that when the DOW dropped 777 points in one day that it took place on the eve of Rosh Hashana (the Jewish New Year). The U.S., under the Bush administration, has been putting more and more pressure on Israel to give up more land so the "Palestinians" can have their own state.

Consider the Biblical significance of the number "7" in the Bible. And consider that God promises to judge any nation that divides THE LAND. The Twin Towers, Katrina, and now this economic collapse should ring bells in someone's head: Don't mess with Israel!

Some of the people who have watched their portfolios dwindle away to nothing are devastated. Some have already turned to suicide. One millionaire was so distraught that he murdered his whole family before taking his own life. He figured that they would all be better off dead than to face the future without money and everything it can purchase.

For more than thirty years I have warned people that the only way our nation would turn back to God is if there would be an economic collapse. Now we have entered the point of no return. This is only the tip of the iceberg. The economy will not get fixed by the same people who caused it to collapse.

If someone ran your business into the ground, would you hire the same person to attempt to fix it? This is how blind the leaders in Washington have become.

But the question remains. Will people really repent of their sins and turn to the Lord?

Right after 9/11 the Holy Spirit spoke a very clear message to me: "The Twin Towers coming down was a knock on the door. If this does not work the door will be kicked off its hinges. If that does not work, then the house will come down."

Until now I have only shared this with a few close friends. I truly believe that this economic collapse is the "door" being kicked off its hinges.

After this, if Americans don't turn from their sins and turn to God, then we can only face fierce judgment.

Some would ask, "Why would God treat us this way?"

How about asking the question: "Why have we treated God like we have?"

Do you really believe that He has not noticed that we have butchered more than 50 million innocent children on the altar of sexual gratification---modern Baal worship.

There is so much violence in our nation. And if you recall, it was the corruption and violence factors that motivated God to move in judgment with the flood (Genesis 6:11).

"God saw that all their thoughts were consistently and totally evil " (Ge. 6:5).

Is there still hope for our nation and the world? Of course there is. God is an exceedingly merciful God. The solution is to confess our wickedness to him, turn from our wicked ways, and return to him. Then he will bring healing.

But remember, Jeremiah was told by God at a certain point in Judah's history - - -"Do not pray for these people any longer" (Jer. 11:14).

This is a historic moment!

My suggestion is that you open your home for regular prayer meetings and call in your neighbors.

We meet in Warsaw, Indiana every Sunday evening at the Comfort Inn, 6:00 p.m. Primarily we are praying for national revival.

You don't need a large group. God did not say if 50,000 people repent and pray that he would hear and heal.

He said "if my people" (2 Chron. 7:14).

It starts with you. It starts with me.

Do we love our nation enough to get on our knees and pray?

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