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Saturday, October 18, 2008


The God Blamers

We all remember where we were September 11, 2001.

And a whole lot of folks will always remember where they were when the stock market dropped from 14,000 points to around 8,100 points. Many of these dear people saw life savings go up in smoke in almost one day.

Suicides across the nation have dramatically increased, as fortunes were lost in a matter of hours. One man was extremely depressed because he lost millions of dollars. Before he committed suicide, he killed his wife and children, rather than face a life of poverty.

I clearly remember where I was when the Muslims from Saudi Arabia flew suicide planes into New York’s Twin Towers and murdered more than 3,000 of our countrymen.

I remember praying a lot that week. I guess a lot of Americans felt like praying that week. The churches filled to overflowing for about two weeks. Then it was back to same-old, same-old.

I felt that the Holy Spirit spoke to me shortly after 9/11. Here is what I heard:

“This was a knock on the door. If the people do not turn from their sins and turn to me, next time the door will be kicked off its hinges.

If this does not get their attention, then the house is coming down!”

I believe that the economic collapse of October 2008 is the door being uhinged.

If this second attention-getter does not work I believe that the house will come down!

Some people who do not read their Bibles tell me, “I don’t believe in a God like this. I don’t believe in a God who would destroy the Twin Towers, cause an economic collapse, or bring down our house.

Folks, don’t blame God for any of this. We have brought it on ourselves.

We have kicked the Bible and prayer out of our public schools. We have forbidden Godly judges from posting the Ten Commandments. And we have butchered more than 50 million of our children, sticking scissors into their brains as they are being born. This is beyond wicked.

Of course, we have softened and hidden the real truth by using terms like "Partial Birth Abortion" and even the word "Abortion" itself. Murdering a baby while it is being born would be much more honest. How many people would vote for someone who openly professed to be in favor of murdering babies? This is Obama's platform!

Even animals don't do things like this.

And if this were not enough we have bent down in front of the homosexual crowd, too.

Our pride, greed, and continual pleasure seeking is to blame, not God. His Word clearly tells us that there are severe consequences for living a lifestyle of sin. So far, very few people have paid any attention.

Now that many of the former millionaires are destitute, they are doing a lot of thinking. If all of your hope is in your wealth, then this is a perfect time to be depressed. But if your hope is in eternal things, and in God’s Son, then these are wonderful times. It gives us an opportunity to tell people the good news and give them hope in a hopeless world.

We have several very real enemies: Iran, North Korea, China, Russia, and Muslim extremists. Each of them has the capability of bringing down our house. Only God’s protection and kindness has kept us safe thus far.

Imagine this scenario: We all know that there are a number of Shahab-3 missiles floating around. All it takes is money and the right connections and you can own one. A freighter off the California or East Coast could easily come close enough to the United States to launch a nuclear-armed missile like this.

If it exploded 300 miles ABOVE any of our major cities (and let’s assume that our enemies only launched ONE such missile), it would create an electromagnetic pulse.

Perhaps you have never heard of an EMP, as it is referred to by those in the “know”. An EMP scatter gamma rays in what is called the Compton effect. These pulses can disable automobiles, consumer electronics, and, most importantly, the hundreds of large transformers that distribute power throughout America.

All of our television sets, radios, refrigerators, furnaces, electric lights, pumps for our wells, and a lot of other modern conveniences that we are so used to having at our fingertips would instantly be gone . . . INSTANTLY!

Probably millions of us would die from lack of water, food, and other necessities like heat for our homes. There would be mass social breakdown and there would not be enough law enforcement available to keep order.

I’m not a doomsday kind of person. But I also am not the kind of a person who sticks his head in the sand (five hours of TV each day) and pretends that nothing can go wrong.

Folks, if there has ever been a time to pray it is now.

We not only need to pray for our nation, but we need to pray that God will give us wisdom during these last days. Preparing ahead of time is vital.

The Bible does not say that Abraham was rich. The Bible says that he was VERY RICH. There is a big difference!

But you don’t have to be very rich to have some good common sense.

Abraham had three things: cattle (food), silver, and gold. If you aren’t bright enough to get something out of this last sentence I wrote, then you are probably not even reading this article. Of course, the best thing Abraham had was faith in God!

My suggestion: Pray like you’ve never prayed before. Even call in your neighbors. Call in your entire town or city. Ask God to have mercy on us. And ask Him to grant us wisdom during these last days. And then do what He tells you to do.

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