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Thursday, May 1, 2014


Anyone with a brain knew that OHH (Obama, Hillary, and Holder) were lying about Benghazi!

And Carey's body language really gives him away. He consistently lies and it is easy to tell that he is under a great deal of stress.

But the real reason he is so uncomfortable is because he is attempting to sound credible and still please his "HANDLERS"!  Difficult job, Carey!

They could not pay me enough money to do what he does.  Talk about pressure!  (By the way he makes a mere $270,000 per year.)  :)

That's only about five grand a week!  Who would work for such a pittance?

Now OHH's pants are so on fire that even the suck-ups to the administration are ready to turn on the White House administration, not because they love America, or have any morals, but because they want to keep their big-paying jobs and all the perks that come with them.

The cat is out of the bag about Benghazi, but the much larger story is even more important.

Now the real questions are:
Who are the "HANDLERS".
Who decided to put Obama in the White House?
Who picked him?
Who decided that a homosexual needed to have a "wife and kids" in order to get elected and be acceptable to the American people?
Whose money paid to hide O's history?  He is the only president  . . . ever, whose past is a secret.
And who figured out that a black man would be perfect for the job because he could never be put out of office . . . Holder and Obama can always play the race card . . . and in America, that always works.
Any sin is acceptable today: child molestation, homosexuality, adultery, murder, lying.  The list goes on and on.
But accusing a black President of ANYTHING is the biggest sin of all.  It is racism!
 . . . even if the President consistently lies to the American people!
Folks . . . it is not about race . . . it is about the fact that he does not have character.  He is a sham . . . whether he is black, white, or blue is not the issue.
The person who finds out who Obama's handlers are, and makes it public, will not only become an instant millionaire, but he/she will go down in history as the best investigative reporter on the planet.  Obama did not "just emerge out of the blue" and become the President of the United States of America!
This was planned by a group of big money people for the express purpose of destroying our nation.
" . . . be sure your sins will find you out!"  Numbers 32:23
And the word in the street is that Mrs. O will divorce O as soon as his term ends.  What other couple takes separate vacations?

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