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Monday, May 5, 2014


When God is not limited by man's foolish doctrines and ideas . . . He is awesome!

Greetings in Jesus’ name!

Four years ago I almost died in Haiti. Our family 

and I had gone there to bring some relief to the 

suffering victims a few days after the huge 

earthquake that took the lives of 300,000 people.  The night 
before we were scheduled to return to the United States I was rushed to the over-crowded hospital where dozens and dozens of people were lying on the floor waiting for treatment.  I was placed on the floor, too, in a hallway.  With a fever of 105.7 I was in and out of consciousness.  Really . . . I barely knew what was happening.

Somehow . . . by the grace of God, the help of my 

precious daughter, volunteer American doctors, the U.S. military, and most of all the prayers of those who love me around the world, my life was spared.  I spent one night in the Haitian hospital.  The next day a military helicopter air-lifted me to  the USNS Comfort hospital ship anchored in the bay of Port-au-Prince.  I spent five days there . . . in and out of consciousness.  Then the U.S. Air Force flew me to Tampa, Florida.  After a total of five days in the Tampa hospital I had had enough.  I checked myself out of the hospital with the warning from the doctors that I could die at any moment.

They did not have to tell me that!  I felt weaker 

than I have ever felt in my entire life.  And after 

all of the tests, poking, blood draws, x-rays, etc., etc. the medical folks could not find out what was wrong with me, or what they could do to bring me back to health.

When I finally arrived at my home in Indiana I 

was so weak that I could barely walk.  But I knew that if I did not try . . . really try . . . my life would slowly come to an end.  And I wanted to go out with a “bang”, not a whimper.

So I started walking.

The first few weeks I was only able to walk the 

length of my small yard, and back to my house. But . . . little by little I got stronger.  I could feel my strength returning.  This gave me great hope.

But the emotional impact inside of me cannot possibly be put into words.  For almost all of my adult life I have traveled the world preaching the gospel:  sixty trips to China, forty-five trips to Haiti, thirty trips to the Philippines.  I also tramped through jungles in India, Nepal, and Africa.
For all of this to be shut down in a moment of time was overwhelming.  I felt so worthless!  I wanted to keep preaching the gospel and experiencing the mighty move of the Holy Spirit.  It was my life.  It was my love.  People often ask me what my “hobby” is.  Each time I have to answer, “I just want to teach the Bible to hungry people.”

But all this was over.  Yes, it made a huge 

emotional impact in my life.  But there were still two things that I could do.  I was able to pray and study the Bible!

One of my main prayers was, “God, please heal 

me.  Please give me my strength back.”

There was also a lot of introspection.  How could I have been a better person?  If God heals me will I use the years I have left to obey His voice?   Have my motives been pure?  How can I improve?

In my entire life I never spent so much time in 

God’s Word and in prayer.  As I look back, I 

know it was good for me, but it was not especially something I enjoyed.

God is so merciful!

I discovered in a new way that my family loves 

me.  Friends love me.  The body of Christ world-

wide loves me.  And these truths got down deep 

inside my emotions.  The outpouring of love from 

so many people caused me to cry, really cry, from 

deep within.  It was a time of wonderful inner cleansing that purged me to my deepest core.

And I discovered, in a new way, that God loves 

me in spite of all of my imperfections.  This is a great joy!

Months went by, and slowly, very slowly, my 

strength began to return.  Of course, I still do not 

feel like I did when I was 20 years-old and ran a 4 

minute 28 second mile.  But I am able to walk two 

miles each day and do a light work-out on a 

machine.  I call this my “prayer-walk”.

During this forty-minute walk God speaks 

wonderful things into my life. 

One of the things He showed me was that my life 
was not over, and that I still had the strength to teach God’s Word.  And . . . it was during this time that He opened up the most far-reaching ministry of my entire life . . . through the internet.

Today our website and writings on my blog are 

reaching 80 nations and more than 250,000 

people!  And my children and grandchildren are 

going places with the gospel of Jesus Christ where 

Primrose and I have never gone.  This brings me 

great, great pleasure.

Someone said, “When the people you have 

trained outrun you, then you have done a good 


By His grace I have lived to see this day.

So why am I writing a letter such as this?  If, for some reason you are down in the dumps.  Never give up.  Through consistent Bible study and prayer all things are possible.  I just met an 83-year-old woman who is accomplishing more now than ever in her life.  She has 35 women sewing beautiful dresses for the people in Haiti, and our teams are taking them there.

God is opening up great things in these last days!

Find out what He is doing, and then do it with 

Him, and . . . then try to stay out of his way!

Thank you so much for helping the outreaches of 

Full Life Crusade.  And may you flow in His 

exciting will for your life.

In His Service,

Wesley Smith

 Full Life Crusade, P.O. Box 398,  Winona Lake, IN 46590  Tel. 574.267.7546                                                                                              

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